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  • Ever wonder just how many Service Bulletins were issued for Sportsters? The difficulty is that there was no numbering system involved to distinguish the separate models. Hence, the bulletin numbers related to all HD models skip around. A list of 'to date available' bulletins were published from time to time in the form of a Service Bulletin.
  • Below is a list of known Service Bulletins from the MoCo. More will be added when discovered. Those related to Sportsters or All Models are highlighted to be more searchable. The complete list also shows you what other issues the MoCo was dealing with at the time. 1) 2) 3)
  • The header block on the top of the bulletins includes HD branding, bulletin number and date of issue. Some bulletins have AMF branding even before the date that AMF took over the company. TSB #458 explains that older bulletins (reprints) could be requested by a dealership and gives a listing of those available at the time. This may be why there are a few pre-AMF bulletins with the AMF logo in the header block (old bulletin reprinted and branded by AMF). TSB #597 shows both headers for that bulletin as example.
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TSB 00-99

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
0065Y2-18-1918Singles and Twins Directions for Timing Harley-Davidson Motors
Notes: Explains valve lift, timing of valves, spark, breather valve, cams and generators.

TSB 100-199

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
121J 2-20-1951FL, FLH3-Brush Fan-Cooled Heavy-Duty Generator
Wiring Diagram
Notes: 1949 twins, (Model 48) Internal wiring connections
121K 2-20-1951FL, FLH2-Brush Fan-Cooled Heavy-Duty Generator
Wiring Diagram (Radio)
Notes: 1950-1951 Twins, (Model 48) internal wiring connections
121M Y 11-14-1955K, KHTwo - Brush Fan-Cooled Generator
Notes: Descriptions of wiring connections
121N Y 11-14-1955FL, FLHStandard Generator, Big Twin,
Diagram (Mode l 32E)
Notes: 1932-E1952 twins (except K & KH models}, internal wiring connections
121O Y 11-14-1955FL, FLHModel 52 Standard Generator,
Notes: Late 1952 and later twins
(except K & KH models) internal wiring connections
121P Y 10-18-19636 Volt GeneratorModel 58 and 61 6v Generator,
121Q Y 10-18-196312 Volt GeneratorModel 64 Generator,

TSB 200-299

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
225 8-15-1941EL, UL, FL FLH, KLOversize Wheel Mounting Socket Screw
for (61, 74 OHV's) & (80, 45 SV's)
Notes: Method for installing in stripped hole
260 7-1-1947FL, FLH74 OHV Engine Fitting Specs (1941-1947)
Notes: Piston, cam gear, piston pin, lower connecting rod bearing
260A 7-1-1950EL61 OHV Engine Fitting Specs (1936-1947)
Notes: Piston, oil pump drive shaft, flywheel, tappet guides
260B 7-1-1947U, UH74 & 80 Side Valve Engine Fitting Specs
(1937 and later models)
Notes: Piston, ring gap, sprocket shaft
260C 7-1-1947U, UH74 & 80 Side Valve Engine Fitting Specs
Notes: Bearing, sprocket shaft, valve tappets, piston, lower connecting rod
260D 7-1-1947WL45 Side Valve Engine Fitting Specs(1937 and Later)
Notes: Piston clearance, pinion gear shaft, sprocket shaft, tappet guides
260I 1-3-1956EL, FL1948-1952 61 c.i. & 1948-1954 74 c.i.
Engine Fitting Specs
260J Y 1-3-1956FL, FLH74 OHV Engine Fitting Specs
(1955 and Later)
Notes: Piston clearance, lower connecting rod bearing, pinion gear shaft
263 11-12-1947EL, FL, FLHService Info on Hydraulic Push Rods
(1948 OHV Engines)
Notes: Hydraulic pushrods, adjusting tappets, servicing pushrods
292A 1-3-1956S125 Model Fitting Specifications
Notes: Piston clearance, spark plug gap
295 11-1-1949SFlywheel and Connecting Rod Assembly
Tool Set for Model 125
Notes: Description of tools and procedure
295A 11-23-1955B, STAdapter Kit for Model 165
and Hummer Flywheels
Notes: Description of tools and procedures

TSB 300-349

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
301 3-1-1950AllFan-Cooled Generator
Notes: Air intake screw installation causes damage if incorrectly installed
310 10-1-1950FL, FLH, G, GAHydra-Glide Fork
Slider Bushing Tools
Notes: Tool set, removal and installation of slider bushings
AllRegulator Service Information
Notes: With this bulletin, we are sending Delco-Remy Service bulletins 1Rll5 and 1Rll6
containing service info on regulators used on Harleys from L1938 to date.
322 10-1-1951FL, FLH, G, GAFiller Can for
Re-oiling Fork
Notes: How to make and use filler cam components
323 10-1-1951EL, FL, FLHOHV Model
Foot Shift
Notes: Transmission foot shift cover assembly & disassembly
328 Y 6-4-1952AllCylinder Reboring
Piston Fitting
Notes: Standard Dimensions
330 4-18-1052FLScreen and Check Valve
Oil Passage to OH Fittings
Hydraulic Push Rods
Notes: Purpose of screen, check valve in passage, servicing
332 Y 4-23-1952K Model Fitting Specifications
Notes: Engine, transmission, frame, electrical
337 Y 12-17-1952K Model Installing Brake Linings
Notes: Brake linings used in K models beginning with later 1952 production are somewhat
longer than linings used in earlier “K” models.
345 Y 1-15-19541952-1953
Servicing Transmissions
Notes: Modified transmission gears replacement
1954 K ModelFitting Specs
Notes: Engine, transmission, frame, generator, brakes, etc
347 Y 9-29-1954KRM, KHRM Installing Lighting Equipment
(Magneto Equipped)
Notes: Wiring Diagram
348 9-27-19541954 and Earlier
Servicing Pinion Shaft Bearing
Notes: Bearing setups with part numbers
348A 9-27-1954EL, FL, FLHPinion Shaft
Roller Bearing
Notes: Drill jig for locking right crankcase bushing, instructions
349 Y 1-15-19551955 KH ModelTransmission Disassembly / Assem.
Equipped with Access Cover
Notes: Assembly and disassembly of transmission gears by removing access cover

TSB 350-399

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
352 12-1-1954B, BT, S, STTele-Glide Fork Bushing Tool Set
Notes: Instructions on removal and installation of bushings
356Y 6-1-1955KH/KHK/KHRMTransmission Gear Information
Notes: New beefier gears as a result of changes in material and heat treatment.
357 9-12-1955ST165 Spark Coil
Notes: Correction of ignition trouble due to dirty coil tower
361 Y 10-27-1955K, KHEngine Sprocket
Clutch Hub Removal Tools
Notes: Tools required for removing or installing primary drive parts
362 Y 11-11-19551956 KH, KHKRear Shock Absorber
and Spring
Notes: Improved load carrying capacity, spring tension, additional washers
363 Y 12-15-1955KH, KHK, KHRMClutch Release Rod-Oil Seal
Notes: Method of sealing clutch release rod, parts needed when re-ordering
364 Y 11-16-1955K, KHTool Set for Assembling Engine
Sprocket Shaft Bearings
Notes: Description of tools and installation,
Sprocket extensions, parts in crankcase
365 12-5-1955GServi-Car Towbar
Clamp Attachment
1955-1956 Autos
Notes: Auto chart,
clamp attachment to bumper, necessary parts
366 Y 12-19-19551932-1955
Various Models
Valve Spring
Testing Information
Notes: Info in this bulletin used as a guide in replacing intake and exhaust valve
springs which have weakened or “taken a set” due to excessive heat and extended
service. This bulletin replaces #268.
368 Y 1-3-1956AllCylinder Reboring
Piston Fitting Information
Notes: Dimensions for fitting cylinders and pistons.
369 Y 1-3-1956ST165 Model Fitting Specifications
Notes: Engine, Transmission, electrical specs.
372 1-6-1956FL, FLHTransmission Vent Screw
Notes: Drilled screw used in starter cover.
373 2-20-19561956 G, GATransmission Mainshaft Second Gear
& Shifter Clutch
Notes: New parts needed, parts discontinued.
374 Y 2-22-1956BT, K, KH, GIdler Gear Stud Spring Ring
Notes: Spring ring (25810-15) discontinued.
375 Y 6-1-1956KH, KHKProcedure for Gear Timing
Notes: Breather timing, valve timing.
376 Y 6-8-1956KH, KHK, KHRMTransmission Mainshaft
Second and Third Gears
Notes: Recommendation for installation of stronger mainshaft gears.
377 Y 9-1-1956All Batteries
Notes: Warranty and coding information.
379 11-30-1956GServi-Car Towbar Clamp
Attachment to 1957 Autos
Notes: Auto chart, necessary parts, attachment
380 Y 1-31-1957Service BulletinsNew Filing Number System
Notes: All future service bulletins will be identified according to subject matter.
381 Y 1-31-1957XL1957 Sportster (XL) Fitting Specs
Notes: Engine, transmission, frame, generator, brakes, etc.
382 Y 2-8-1957FL, FLHBig Twin Valve Guides
Notes: Steel exhaust valve guides replacing bronze guides, intake valve guides
383 Y 3-1-1957FLHValve Springs for 74 OHV Model
Notes: Stronger spring, servicing valves and valve guides
384 Y 3-8-19571955 FL and Later
with Timken Bearing
Removing and Installing Flywheels
and Sprocket Shaft Bearing in Crankcase
Notes: Tool set, for flywheel assembly into crankcase, assembly procedure, illustration
385 Y 3-15-1957FL Tool set,
part numbers, use
Notes: Removing Timken bearing from sprocket shaft
and compensating sprocket shaft extension.
386 Y 3-22-19571955-later
Lapping Arbor Guide Sleeves
Notes: Crankcase main bearing lap tool set and use.
387 Y 3-29-1957 61 & 74 OHV Ignition Circuit Breaker
Bolt Wrench
Notes: Illustration showing use, not necessary to disassemble other engine parts
388 Y 4-1-1957K, KH, XLFront Fork Slider Bushing Replacement
Notes: Tools necessary for replacement, removal and installation of bushings
389 Y 5-1-1957Sportster Carburetor Float Valve
Notes: Checking/setting float valve assembly, valve and seat
392 Y 11-27-1957XLH, XLApplying XLH Parts to XLs
Notes: Intake valve piston & rings, spark plug and tappets
393 11-29-1957G, GAServi-Car Towbar Clamp
Attachment to 1958 Autos
Notes: Auto chart, necessary parts, attachment
395 Y 12-16-1957K,KH,XL Wet Clutch Plate Kit
Notes: A new clutch plate kit is now available for servicing K, KH and XL model clutches.
397 Y 2-14-1958XL, XLH Special Cam Gear Kit
Notes: A special set of cam gears designed for maximum high speed performance is
available in kit form under part No (25500-58R).
398 Y 3-15-1958FL, FLHBrake Drums and Shoes for Duo-Glide
Notes: Brake shoes used with cast iron brake drum & pressed steel brake drum
399 Y 3-15-1958EL, FL, FLH, UL
Valve Spring Testing Information
Notes: Valve spring testing, specs table for using valve spring tester

TSB 400-449

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
400 Y 5-1-1958FL, FLH
Fan-Cooled Generator Oil Deflector
Notes: Illustration, part numbers, changes
402 12-9-1959Servi-Car Towbar Clamp Attachment
to 1959 Autos
Notes: Table of autos, parts needed, adjustments
403 Y 12-15-1958AllService Manuals
Notes: Explaining the new HD service manual program


AllSpecial Service Tools
for All Models
Notes: This Service Bulletin lists all special tools used to service Harley-Davidson products.
405 Y 4-15-1959FL, FLHDuo-Glide Rail Type
Piston Oil Ring
Notes: New oil ring, installation instructions
406 Y 4-15-1959AllWiring Connections
for A-M-1 Flasher
Notes: Wiring Directions
407 Y 5-22-1959ST, FL, FLH
Notes: Cartridge type fuse installation precautions
408 9-8-19591960 Duo-GlideSpark Control Adjustment
Notes: Adjustment of the coil control loop
409 Y 10-29-1959AllBattery Warranty /
Adjustment Policy
Notes: Placing battery in service, adjustment, battery codes
410 11-20-1959GTowbar Clamp Attachment
to 1960 Autos
Notes: Table of car makes, parts needed, adjustments
411 12-28-1959A, AUServicing Transmission
Front Drive Assembly,
Floating Flange
Slide Strips
Notes: Replacing ball slide strips
413 1-29-1960Servi-CarTowbar Clamp Information
Notes: Towbar clamp lower jaw re-designed
414 Y 2-12-1960AllSpecial Service Tools
for All Models
Notes: Flywheel adapter kit, piston pin lock ring tool sleeve, valve seating gauge
415 Y 2-15-1960AllService Manuals
Notes: 1960 manual information
416 2-1-1960Topper Transmission Lockout
Notes: New improved lockout parts
417 2-1-1960A, AUSpark Plug
Notes: Change from #5 to #4 spark plug
418 Y 4-6-19601951 FL, FLH
Conversion of 3-Brush
to 2-Brush Generator
Notes: Regulator and generator installation and wire connections
419 Y 4-22-1960B, BT, ST
Servicing HD
A-C Speedometers
Notes: Warranty and adjustment policy and how to obtain service
420 5-31-1960A, AUFlywheel Shaft Assembly
Notes: Servicing magneto shaft and trans shaft
422 8-26-1960A, AUImportant Topper Info
Notes: 1960 model year changes
423 8-26-1960A, AU1961 Topper Model Changes
Notes: Floating flange, exhaust system & wheels
424 10-6-1060A, AUInformation for
Servicing 1960 Topper
Notes: Transmission slide strips, wheel bolt kit

FL, FLHServicing Brake
Shoes & Linings
Notes: Available parts, use of hydraulic rear brake, H- D brake lining material
426 10-21-1960G Towbar Clamp Attachment
to 1961 Autos
Notes: Table of car makes, parts needed, adjustments
427 11-14-1960A, AUInformation for
Servicing 1960 Topper
Notes: Exhaust system kit
428 Y 12-15-1960FL, FLHCare of Wheels, Tires,
Chassis Assemblies
Notes: Checking for good handling, tire inflation chart, adjusting rear fork bearings
429 Y 12-16-1960FL, FLH
1961 model Regulator Information
Notes: Using the correct regulator
430 12-22-1960CBrake Preventive Maintenance
Notes: Inspecting brake linings - 2500 miles
431 12-23-1960SprintSprint Starter Modifications
Notes: Starter pedal rubber installation for a better foothold on kick starter pedal
432 1-11-1961CSprint Special Service Tools
Notes: Valve spring compressor, two jaw puller
433 1-3-1961All Procedure for Handling
Return Merchandise
Notes: Warranty claims, service repairs, new parts return
435 5-5-1961AHNew Topper 1961 Model
Notes: Model changes
436 5-10-1961A, AUComplete New Transmission
for the Topper
Notes: Transmission conversion kit for 1961 models
437 5-10-1961A, AUApplying New Topper Transmission
and Drive Lockout to 1960 Models
Notes: Transmission conversion kit
438 Y 3-28-1961FL, FLH
Signal Stat Flashers
Notes: Two different types used for turn signals & pursuit lamps
439 Y 3-29-1961FL, FLHDuo-Glide Speedometer Drive Change
Notes: Speedometer drive gear ratio change & identification
440 3-30-1961A, AUPlastic Foam Air Cleaner for Topper
Notes: Cylindrical filter for air intake
441 4-21-1960CWheel and Spoke Preventive Maintenance
Notes: Regular inspection every 2000 miles
442 Y 6-14-1961FL, FLH1960 Duo-Glide Dual Circuit Breaker /
Spark Coil Ignition System
Notes: Timing procedure, timing gauge
443 Y 5-12-1961AllSpecial Service Tools for All Models
Notes: Ignition timing gauge, hub installing tool, ball bearing puller,
needle bearing puller, brake drum turning arbor
444 6-14-1961CValve Spring Upper Collar
Notes: New valve spring collars
CSprint Special Service Tools
Notes: Clutch lock tool, fork tube tool, crank­ case assembly screw, external lock-ring pliers
447 8-25-1961CSprint Starter Modifications
Notes: No longer necessary to remove tooth from starter sector gear
448 Y 9-22-1961FL, FLHMotorcycle Tires (5.00 x 16)
Notes: Goodyear Eagle “100“ Tires original equipment
449 8-28-1961AHCarburetor Adjustment
Notes: Normal settings for idle mixture screw

TSB 450-499

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
450 9-5-1961Sprint Bosch Dry Battery
Notes: Service procedure, Warranty and Adjustment
451 11-6-1961A, AU Steering Head
Bearing Adjustment
Notes: Correct steering dampening necessary.
452 11-13-1961GTowbar Clamp Attachment
to 1962 Autos
Notes: Table of Autos, necessary parts and adjustments.
453 Y 10-13-1961XLCH, XLCHFuse Eliminated
Notes: Fuse no longer required.
454 Y 12-4-1961XLCHLubrication
Notes: Recommendations on oil tank level, dipstick and bleeding the oil system of air.
455 Y 12-6-19611962 models
Gear Ratios
and Sprockets
Notes: Sprockets and Drive Ratios.
456 Y 12-7-1961AllService Manuals
Notes: Service manual policy, part numbers.
457 12-26-1961AllRebuilt Connecting Rod
Exchange Service Discontinued
Notes: Rebuilt connecting rods no longer supplied.
458 Y 12-29-1961AllService Bulletin Index
Notes: List of available bulletins as of January l2, 1962.
459 Y 1-12-1962Duo GlideOil Return
Line Blockage
Notes: Clearing blockage in oil return line.
460 1-31-1962Sprint/Model CDry Charged Battery
Notes: Battery Replacement Requirements.
460A 4-16-1962Sprint
Model C/H
Dry Charged Battery
Replacement Requirements
Notes: Establish policy (replaced TSB 460).
461 4-16-1962Sprint
Model “H”
Dry Charged Battery
31L-4 OEM
Notes: Warranty and adjustments.

1962 Duo Glide
Drive Changes
Notes: New design with 1000 revs. mile (change from 2000 revs. mile).
464 6-6-1962AllServicing HD
S-W Speedometers
Notes: Stewart - Warner Central Distributor and Service Stations List.
465 Y 7-9-1962XLCHServicing XLCH
Notes: List of Nisonger Corporation Service Stations.
467 8-8-1962TopperTransmission & Lockout
Conversion Kit
Notes: Earlier exchange offer now terminated.
469 10-26-1962Servi-CarTowbar Clamp Attachment
to 1963 Autos
Notes: Parts and method of attaching towbar to 1963 autos.
470 Y 1-31-1963All1963 Service Manuals
Notes: List of Service Manuals and prices.
471 Y 3-15-19631963 XLH/XLCHChange in Transmission
3rd Gear Set
Notes: Beginning 1963 season, the Sportster transmission had a slightly higher 3rd gear
ratio set. Not long after production got under way, it was found advisable to
discontinue this gear set and reinstate the 1962 and earlier lower ratio gear set.
473 Y 2-28-1963AllSignal Stat Flashers
Notes: Part number changes for turn signals and pursuit lamps.
474 Y 4-26-19631962 XLCHTach Installation/Lubrication
Notes: Installation.
476 8-30-1963Servi-Car12 Volt Battery Warranty
and Adjustment Policy
Notes: Policy changes.
477 8-5-1963BT Series
(2 cycle)
Improved Starter Parts
for Single Model
Notes: Kickstarter ratchet gear & clutch sprocket change.
483 11-4-1963SprintSprint Gas Tank Valve
Notes: Valve handle maintenance to prevent leakage.
485 10-31-1963Servi-CarTowbar Clamp Attachment
to 1964 Autos
Notes: Parts and method of attaching towbar.
AllNew HD Motorcycle
and Servi-Car Battery
Warranty Adjustment policy.
Notes: Battery policy statement for inspection, testing and replacement.
Update has a list of Globe-Union plants for TSB #487.
488 Y 7-6-1964XLH/Sprint H
Late Sprint C
12v Battery Warranty / Adjustment Policy
Notes: Policy update.
489 8-14-1964M-50Stoplight Switch
for M-50 Models
Notes: A number of M-50 models left the factory without a stoplight switch installed.
490 Y 7-7-19641965 Electra Glide
Checking 1965 Model
12-Volt Systems
491 Y 7-7-19641965 Electra Glide
Checking 1965 Model 12-Volt Systems
Notes: Testing instructions of the 12-volt system.
492 8-14-1964M-50Tank Rear
Mounting Change
Notes: The solid mount was changed to a flexible strap
493 8-14-1964M-50Wheel Bearing Change
Notes: Changed to more durable balls in the loose ball cone-type bearing cups
494 Y 9-15-1964FLH/XLHShock Absorber Change
Notes: The adjusting cam used on the 1965 covered type shock absorbers have been
changed. The diameter was reduced to eliminate the step at the bottom end
preventing contact between cam and cover when the shock telescopes to
compressed position.
495 Y 9-18-1965All1965 Service Manuals
Notes: Manual listing and prices
496 Y 10-7-19641965 Servi-CarStarter Engagement
Notes: An engaging device for the Servi-Car starter has been incorporated in all Servi-Cars
starting September 29, 1964 with engine No. 65GE-1036.
497 Y 10-7-19641965 Electra GlideHose and Electrical
Cable Routing
Notes: Bulletin has a drawing of how to route hoses and cables away from the exhaust pipe.
498 10-23-1964Servi-CarTowbar Clamp Attachment
to 1965 Autos
Notes: Parts and method of attaching towbar.
499 11-20-1964M-50Fuel Mixture
Notes: The amount of oil used in the fuel mixture has been reduced from 6-1/2 oz to 5 oz
per gallon to reduce the possibility of plug fouling

TSB 500-549

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
500 Y 11-20-1964AllElectric Starter Warning
Notes: Disconnect battery positive terminal before removing the primary cover.
Recommended for all models but especially the Electra Glide.
(solenoid shift lever will close starter motor circuit and rotate pinion & clutch ring gear)
501 12-11-1964All
Notes: New Shop Service Tools
502 Y 12-11-1964Electra Glide
Starter Tests - With Sun Vat-26
Notes: Testing, troubleshooting & procedures
503 Y 12-31-1964AllGenerator Brushes - 12v. & 6v.
Notes: Don't use any 6-volt generator brushes you may have in stock on the 12-volt generator.
504 Y 1-18-1965Servi-Car1964-1965 Electric Starter Service
Notes: Some important points to remember about preventive maintenance.
506 2-18-1965M-50Spoke Information
507 Y 2-18-1965AllBrake & Clutch Lever Changes
Notes: Some E65 models have the clutch or brake control handlevers with a 15/32” dia. pivot
pin instead of the smaller 13/32“ dia. pin and corresponding holes in handlever and bracket.
508 3-19-1965FL/FXConverting Rear Siren & Signal Lamp
Notes: Converting 1964 and earlier Duo-Glide siren for use on 1965 Electra-Glide
509 Y 3-19-19651965 Electra-GlideTransmission Oil Seal
Notes: Installation instructions for the seal.
511 Y 5-14-1965M-50Transmission Gears
Notes: Starting with engine serial No. 65M-9350, the transmission mainshaft shoulder for
3rd gear has been increased in thickness. The recess in the 3rd gear has been
deepened the same amount.
512 Y 5-18-1965FL/FXUpper Shock Stud Change
Notes: Stud size increased to 1-1/2”x20 (replacing the 3/8-24 stud)
513 Y 5-18-1965AllSeat Cover - Buddy Seat
Notes: Additional seat cover clips added.
514 Y 6-11-1965M-50New Wheel Bearings
Notes: Change to retainer type bearings in both hubs.
515 Y 6-11-1965XLH/XLCHChange to No. 4 Spark Plug
Notes: Starting on April 30, 1965 (engine 65XLH 7359) the spark plug has been changed
from No. 5 to No. 4.
AllChassis Service and Handling
Notes: #516A addresses:
Tire pressure specs. Balancing. Tread wear. Loose spokes.
Rims/tire out of round. Wheel alignment. Bearing play. Steering.
Faulty fork action. Faulty steering and Front end loading.
517 7-7-1965M ModelsRemove Engine Oil
1966 M-50 Before Initial Startup
Notes: Production models were treated with a rust preventative oil prior to shipment
518 Y 9-10-19651966 SportsterCarburetor Service Information
Notes: Introducing the Tillotson Carburetor new for Sportsters.
Includes operation, adjustments, troubleshooting and servicing.
519 Y 10-5-1965FL/FXPrimary Drive Chain Care
Notes: Change to Duckworth (double row) primary chain with straight sides.
520 Y 9-27-1965AllTourist Motorcycle Warranty Procedure
Notes: Warranty will be honored by all dealers servicing motorcycles of tourists
or transient owners with a valid warranty (regardless of purchase place).
521 Y 10-11-1965Electra Glide
Generator Brush Location
Notes: On the 1966 generator (model 65A);
The positive and negative brush holders are reversed.
522 Y 9-30-1965Late 1965-1966 Servi-CarTesting Delcotron Electrical System
Notes: The alternator type (Delcotron) 12-volt charging system includes;
Instructions for using Sun VAT-26 voltage-ampere tester on
alternator, regulator; battery and associated wiring.
523 Y 10-18-1965Electra Glide
Cylinder Base Nuts
Notes: Check tightness of all base nuts on these models when received from factory.
(before motorcycle is put into operation)
524 Y 10-29-65FL/FXLubrication System
Notes: Diagnosing lubrication problems.
525 Y 11-16-1965M-50/M-50S2-Cycle Oil for Transmission
Notes: 2 cycle oil spec'd for tranny and engine.
526 12-1-1965SprintCarburetor Throttle Stop Eliminated
Notes: Throttle stop bushing eliminated
527 Y 12-1-1965Electra Glide
Two Piece Oil Control Ring
Notes: New cast iron, double edged, scraper ring with a separate expander spring.
528 Y 12-31-1965All1966 Service Manuals
Notes: Manual lists and prices
531 Y 1-15-1966AllProcedure for Handling
Return Merchandise
Notes: Policy and forms
532 Y 1-17-19661965 Electra-GlideCircuit Breaker Protection
Notes: Starting on December 5, 1965;
A circuit breaker was added between the battery and voltage regulator.
533 2-17-1966AllNew Service Tools
Notes: List of new tools.
534 Y 2-17-1966XLH/XLCH
FL/FX Servi-Car
Drive Chain - Press Fit Link
Notes: 5/8“ chains now supplied with press fit connecting link side-plate. (for improved durability)
535 Y 2-17-1966SprintSpoke Tightness
Notes: We again call your attention to;
The necessity for regular inspection of the spoke tightness.
536 Y 3-7-1966FL/FX
New Starter
Notes: Beginning in February 1966, Prestolite starter motors are being used as OEM on
Electra Glide models in place of Delco-Remy starter motors. As soon as present
stock of Delco-Remy starter motors are used up, this same starter motor will also
be used on the Servi -Car model.
537 Y 3-22-1966XLH/XLCHTransmision Countershaft Low Gear
Notes: Starting with engine No. 66XLCH 6117 on January 13, 1966;
A fillet was added at base of countershaft low gear boss of the right crankcase.
Also, the countershaft low gear has a counterbore to provide clearance at this point.


Electra-GlideChain Housing Vent Kit
Notes: Changes were made to provide a weatherproof seal and to control the degree of vacuum
in the chain compartment. Later 1966 motorcycles have these changes.
539A 11-29-1967M ModelsFactory Repair
540A 6-6-1980AllSpeedometer / Tachometer
Warranty Service
541 Y 7-15-1966XLH/XLCHTransmission Shifter Cam Assembly
Notes: If a shifting problem develops on a Sportster after considerable mileage, it could
be caused by a loose shifter cam assembly. This results in sticking when moving
the foot shift lever into various gear positions or may cause the transmission to
suddenly jump out of gear.
542 Y 7-15-1966FL/FXNew Gas Line Filter
543 Y 8-8-1966FL/FXStarter Change - Drain Holes
Notes: Prestolite starter motor ball bearings now incorporate a Teflon seal to reduce the
possibility of corrosion due to moisture working into the bearing grease.
544A 12-1-19661967 SprintPre-Delivery and Service
XLH/XLCHRear Wheel Tube Flap (43148-67)
Notes: From September 20, 1966 through the 1969 model season;
A wide rubber protection band was installed between the inner
tube and tire bead on all Sportster rear wheel steel rims only.

AllGas Line Hose Changes
Notes: Starting September 20, 1966 a rubber protection band is being installed between
the inner tube and tire bead on all 1967 Sportster rear wheel Steel rims only.
547 Y 10-24-1966Sportster
Electra Glide
Tillotson Carburetor Inlet Valve
Notes: Models produced after August 10, 1966;
Have a new carburetor inlet valve lever, needle and seat assembly.
549 2-8-1967FL/FXPolice Solo Recommendations

TSB 550-599

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
551 Y 2-20-19671965-L1967
Starter Relay
Conversion Kit
Notes: Production Electra Glides, beginning February 13, 1967, incorporate a relay in the
starter control circuit to provide battery current directly from the regulator BAT.
552 Y 2-21-19671974 Electra-GlideMotor Sprocket Spacer
Notes: Starting February 13, 1967 a one piece motor sprocket spacer is being used on the
74 OHV engine instead of two spacers.
553 Y 2-24-19671967 XLCHSpark Plug Cable Guide
(Recall 001)
Notes: Starting with engine No. 67XLCH 3989;
New spark plug cable guide (31630-67) installed on all XLCHs at the factory
This was to hold cables in the correct position away from carburetor.
(preventing possible cable interference with the carb throttle lever)
554 Y 4-28-19671967 SprintOptional Gearing and
Ignition Timing
Notes: This bulletin contains engine timing and gearing information.
555 6-19-1967M-125Exhaust Port Seal
556 7-21-19671967 FLRear Brake
Hose Guide
(Recall 002)
559 Y 10-13-1967SprintCircuit Breaker Timing
Notes: This bulletin is in conjunction with bulletin #554.
Due to an inconsistent amount of circuit breaker cam retard on some motorcycles
it is now also necessary that you check the ignition timing in the retarded cam
position to make sure that it is between 5° and 10° BTDC.
560 10-13-1967Sprint500 Mile Service
561 Y 10-16-1967All 4 StrokesOil Recommendations
Notes: Change in lubricating oil recommendations for all HD 4-cycle motorcycles.


Electra Glide
Set Timing
in Advance Position
Notes: Changed method of setting timing to in the advanced position
563 Y 11-29-1967XLH/XLCH/M-125Hydraulic Fork
Oil Capacity
Notes: The '68 (new design) Sportster hydraulic fork requires more oil than the 1967-earlier fork.
564 Y 1-15-1968XLH/XLCH
Tillotson Carburetor
Notes: Recommendations on correcting 'minor faults' before sending carb back for
replacement. Instructions included for Adjusting, Diagnosing, Disassembly,
Cleaning and Assembling.


Late 1968
M-125 Rapido
Stoplight Switch Rubber Boot
(Recall 003)
Notes: A rubber boot was installed over the stoplight switch plunger to prevent moisture and dirt.
566 1-25-19681968 M-125/RapidoThrottle Control Grip
Retaining Screw
(Recall 004)
567 Y 3-25-1968Electr-GlideClutch Lever Pin
and Bushing Changes
Notes: The clutch control hand lever has been changed during the 1968 season to incorporate
nylon bushings for the cable anchor pin.
568 4-5-1968SprintAir Filter Stud
569 4-12-1968XLH/XLCH
Oil Filter Kit
570 Y 5-21-1968Sportster
Electra Glide
Oil Tanks Drained
for Shipment
Notes: Starting on May 1, 1968 all oil is being drained from oil tanks of these models
before shipment.
571 Y 5-21-1968Late 1968 Sportster
Electra Glide
Model HD Carb
Accelerator Pump Changes
Notes: These Tillotson carbs were recently changed to incorporate a ball check valve in the
accelerating pump passage of the plastic cover. The included illustration shows the
pump discharge passage and check valve, which provides a positive seal against air
bleeding back from venturi into fuel chamber.
572 Y 6-10-19681968 Sportster
Electra Glide
Control Cable
Anchor Pin
Notes: These models have a new type clutch and brake control cable anchor pin located in
the hand lever.
573 Y 7-11-1968Electra-GlideClutch Throwout Bearing
Notes: Inspection and adjustments.
574 Y 7-12-19681968 Electra-GlideExhaust Pipe Gasket
Seal (64834-68)
Notes: An asbestos gasket seal ring is assembled in the exhaust port to port joint.
Also a chamfer has been incorporated into the exhaust port.
576 8-25-1968FL/FXCylinder Base Nuts
577 Y 9-13-19681969 Electra GlideSIZE 5.10 X 16 Tires
Notes: 5.10 x 16 Replaces 5.00 x 16 Tire. Also addresses tubes and air pressure.
578 9-25-19681969 MLS/RapidoTail Lamp Wiring
(Recall 005)
579A 1-8-1969Sprint/RapidoGas Tank Valve
580 Y 10-18-19681969 Sprint
M Model
Engine Numbering
System Changed
Notes: Starting with the 1969 season;
Model year designation is being omitted from engine and frame serial numbers.
The model letters only will be used as a prefix to the serial number.
Numbers will run consecutively regardless of model year.
581 Y 12-15-1968Electra GlideOil Pump Nut
Bolt Tightness
Notes: Bolts and nuts must be drawn down evenly to approximately 50 in/lbs. but no more
than 60 in/lbs. of torque.
582 Y 12-17-19681969 XLCHGearing Change to
19 tooth Sprocket
Notes: Starting November 4, 1968, with engine serial No. 69XLCH 5921, All model XLCH
motorcycles are being equipped with a 19 tooth transmission sprocket (35197-52).
583 12-15-1968Siren Pivot Shafts
584 Y 1-10-19691969 SprintTune-Up Information
Notes: New center bowl-dual float Dell'Orto Carburetor. Also included are instructions for
jetting, tuning including timing / point gap and tappet clearance.
585 2-14-1969Sprint SSNew Fuse Holder
586 Y 2-14-19691969 SprintExhaust Valve Clearance Pocket
& Spring Shim
Notes: Starting with 1969 Sprint Serial No. 69SS 3699;
Pistons will have an exhaust valve clearance pocket cut into the dome.
(to prevent possible interference with the valve head)
Starting with Serial No. 69SS 3962, a .040” thick shim (6020P) was added
underneath the exhaust valve spring lower collar .
587 2-28-1969FL/FXOil in Clutches


AllFront Brake
Light Switches
Notes: To conform with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards;
All motorcycles and Servi-Cars shipped after January 1, 1969;
Are equipped with a stoplight switch on the front brake control
handlever to actuate the rear stoplight when the front brake is applied.
589 Y 7-3-19691967-1968 Electra-GlideRear Brake
Pedal Lever
(Recall 006)
Notes: The rear brake pedal originally had copper brazed joints where the lever and stop
plate join the bushing. They have been changed to a steel alloy weld beginning
with the 1969 year model.

1969 SprintGenerator Armature
& Shaft Taper
Notes: Beginning with Serial No. 69SS 3672, these engines have a larger armature shaft taper.
591 Y 6-23-1969Electra Glide
Sprocket Shaft
Bearing Endplay
Notes: The sprocket shaft bearing (Timken) must have slight operating clearance (endplay)
to function correctly. This bulletin gives instructions for checking the endplay.
592 Y 6-17-1969XLH/XLCH
Oil Filter Vent Hole
Notes: Starting with production Electra Glides and Sportster XLH models on June 9, 1969,
a vent hole has been added to the filter cup as shown in the illustration in this bulletin.
593 Y 6-17-19691970-earlier
Sportster / Electra-Glide
Rocker Arm
Cover Gasket
Notes: Rocker arm cover gaskets are now being used on these late model engines.
Gasket (17540-69) can be retrofitted to Electra-Glides / 74 OHV engines back to 1966.
Gasket (17536-70) can be retrofitted to Sportsters back to 1958.
594 7-15-1969M ModelsNew Spark Plug
595 Y 9-16-1969SprintFlywheel Endplay -
Spring Washer
Notes: In some cases, the crankshaft endplay on Sprint engines has become excessive.
And the spacing shims used between the right side crankshaft bearing and
shaft lock ring have pounded out possibly causing further damage to the engine.
596 Y 9-16-1969AllNew Vehicle
Numbering System (VIN)
Notes: For the 1970 season, a new numbering system for both engines and frames is being
used on all HD vehicles.
597 Y 9-16-1969XLH/XLCHTapered Bead
Notes: Special Goodyear tires and “C” section rims on std 1970 Sportster
(high ground clearance) models.
598 9-29-1969XLH/XLCHFiberglass Seats
599 Y 11-7-1969FL/FXGearcase Cover
Oil Relief Hole
Notes: Starting with Electra-Glide engine serial No. 12974, a hole has been added through
the gear case cover flywheel shaft bushing boss to relieve possible pressure buildup
in the pocket between the bushing and seal.

TSB 600-649

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
600 Y 11-7-19691970 Electra-GlideAlternator System Checks
Notes: Description and testing for the alternator system.
601 2-6-19701969-1970 SprintStarter Gears
603 11-26-19691970 MLS/M65SElectrical System
604 4-9-19701970 SprintFork Vent Valve
605 Y 11-28-1969XLH/XLCH
Idle Mixture
Adjusting Needle
Notes: Some Tillotson HD carbs with defective idle mixture needles were received from
supplier and used in production. Needles have incorrectly formed blunt instead
of the tapered end.
606 Y 11-28-1969XLH/XLCHRear Brake Light Switch
Kit (72004-67)
Notes: The 1970 type Sportster rear stoplight switch is being supplied with mounting parts
for replacement of earlier switches used back to 1967.
607 Y 2-6-19701969-70 SprintRear Brake Switch
Notes: The rear brake light switch rubber cover for the plunger was changed making it more
flexible. This allows plunger to work more freely and makes the switch action more
608 Y 4-9-1970AllGas Tank Valve
(loose handles)
Notes: Too loose and it will not allow enough fuel flow to the engine especially at high speeds.
Clearance specs given.
609 Y 5-11-19701969-1970 FLWheel Bearing Locknut
(Recall 008)
Notes: Front wheel bearing locknut must be securely tightened and staked in place.
610 5-20-1970BajaFront Fork
Oil Seals
611 Y 5-20-1970FL/FXCarburetor Jet
Notes: Starting on February 23, 1970, with VIN 2A 20684 H0;
The main fuel jet of the 74 OHV FL and FLH carburetor has been changed.
Size No. 53 (27616-66) to No. 59 (27619-66)
612 6-16-1970All LightweightsThrottle Cable
613 8-24-1970BajaRings/Piston Change


1971 Electra-Glide
Carb Timing Marks
Compensating Sprocket)
Notes: Performance mod on Bendix (13479) (13479B) models & float tang clearance adjustment.
Added rear cylinder timing mark & increased thickness on compensating sprocket.
615 9-28-1970AllNew Service Tools
616 Y 9-30-1970AllTire Balance
Wheel Weights
Notes: Wheel balancing is recommended.
Automotive wheel weights would not fit Sportster aluminum rims and later steel rims.
HD released spoke balancing weights to surround and press onto the spoke nipple.
These are approved as a wheel balancing alternative.
XLH/XLCHKicker Gear Kits
Notes: 618A - New kick starter clutch gear assembly (33432-57).
Bronze bushing replaces bronze plated steel bushing.
618C - New kick starter gear assembly (33432-73).
Teflon coated steel bushing replaces the bronze bushing.
619 Y 1-25-1971E1971 FXRear Brake
Rod Clevis
(Recall 009)
Notes: Some E'71 Super Glides were produced/shipped with the clevis hole too close to the end.
This resulted in a weakness at this point, with possibility of failure and loss of rear braking.
New part number added.
620 Y 3-25-19711971 FXLicense Plate Support Bracket
Notes: Starting in February, a license plate support bracket is being installed between the
rear fender support and license plate bracket reducing vibration / possible breakage.
621 Y 6-9-19711971 SprintDesign Changes
Notes: Idle Jet, float and throttle slide changes on the Dellorto carburetor,
Kickstarter and clutch friction disc changes.
622 6-9-1971XLH/XLCHClutch Improvements
623 Y 4-15-1971AllSpark Plug Heli-Coil Kit
Notes: This kit is for repairing damaged spark plug threads in the head.
Consists of a reamer/tapping tool w/Heli-Coil pilot, tap guide and key-ring seating tool,
Heli-Coil installation tool, (12) 3/8“ Reach inserts w/lock-rings (95544-71)
And 1 tube of thread paste (95545-71).
624 Y 4-30-19711971 XLH/XLCHRear Wheel Hub
(Recall 012)
Notes: Some models produced between February 2 and February 26, 1971 may have been
assembled with defective rear wheel hubs.
625 Y 8-2-1971AllLow Lead Gasoline
Notes: It's not recommended to use (low lead) / (non leaded) gas in any 2 or 4 cycle engine.
626 Y 8-2-19711971 SprintCharging System
Notes: Due to a change in generator brush material, the new brushes were found to be the
cause of arcing and wear.
627 Y 10-11-19711971-up Sportster
1970-up Electra-Glide
1971-up Super-Glade
Point Cam and Lubrication
Notes: '72 circuit breaker cam (32542-70A) recommended to replace '71 version (32542-70).
628 Y 10-19-19711972 ShortsterFront Wheel and Axle
(Recall 014)
Notes: Early '72 Shortsters have open slots in the front fork slider ends to receive the front
wheel axle.
629 Y 11-9-19711971 RapidoMagneto/Generator
Notes: A limited number of magneto-generator rotors of substandard quality were received
in a shipment from the supplier.
630 Y 11-8-19711971-E1972 Electra Glide
Super Glide
Rear Brake
Hydraulic Line
(Recall 013)
Notes: The hydraulic brake line (42305-71) has a support bracket welded to it. Due to
construction, vibration induced stress may cause cracks in metal tubing in area
near the rear of this bracket.

1-15-1972AllProcedure for Handling
Export Warranty
Notes: Warranty and Adjustments
633 Y 2-15-1972Electra-Glide Front Hydraulic
Disc Brake
Notes: Procedures for new disc brake.
634 Y 2-18-1972XLH/XLCHClutch Adjustment
Notes: The MoCo revealed an easier way to make clutch adjustments.
Remove the access plug from the chain compartment cover instead of removing the cover.
635 Y 2-18-1972Late 1972
Sprocket Shaft
Bearing Oil Hole
Notes: The crankcase oil hole lubricates the sprocket shaft Timken bearing.
It has been increased from 3/16” to 1/4“.
Also, minimum end play has been increased from .0005” to .001“
636 Y 4-27-19721972 XL/XLCHRear Fork
Bearing Adjustment
(Recall 015)
Notes: The rear fork bearing, left-side lock nut is staked in 3 places.
This prevents it from backing out and causing bearing looseness.
637 Y 7-7-19721972 MC-65
Front Fork Slider
(Recall 016)
Notes: 1972 Shortster minicycles from SC 10000 H2 through SC 11500 H2;
Incorporated front fork sliders may have an inadequate weld joint
which secures the axle mounting clip to the slider tube.
638 Y 8-14-19721972 XLH/XLCH/FXFront Wheel
Hub Lockring
(Recall 017)
Notes: The front wheel bearing ret. ring (11035) is flat on one side with a bevel on the
other side. This retaining ring is assembled in the hub with the flat side toward
the bearing (9009).
639 Y 9-25-1972AermacchiSilver Gas
Tank Trim
Notes: Initial production of 1973 Aermacchi models with blue tanks have silver color
trim strips which are not completely resistant to gasoline because of a material
problem encountered by the supplier.
Late 1973 Z-90Front Axle Assembly
Notes: This bulletin will clarify the correct assembly for the front wheel and axle.
641 Y 11-15-19721973 Z-90Rear Brake Sideplate
Notes: A new brake sideplate, redesigned for increased strength, must be used to replace
the original sideplate.
642 Y 12-13-19721973 SS-350
Tune-Up Information
Notes: Bulletin contains tune-up recommendations to prevent/remedy possible svc complaints.
643 Y 12-18-19721973 FL/FLH/FXDisc Brakes
(Recall 018)
Notes: Safety defect issued on models produced before November 15, 1972;
Models may have the front brake calipers installed on the rear brake and vice versa.
It was also discovered that some FX motorcycles were assembled during the same period;
With inadequate rear brake master cylinder operating piston clearance.
644 Y 3-26-19731973 X-90
Injection Oil Pump
Notes: Oil pump modification kits are now available for field installation to reduce the
oil pump injection rate at low engine RPM.
1973 SprintHigh Output Alternator
Notes: Higher output alternator assem. consisting of a new rotor and stator is being used
in late 1973 SS/SX production.
647 Y 4-10-19731973 FL/FLH/FXOiling System Changes
Notes: Bulletin outlines changes incorporated in the oiling system of 1973 1200cc models.
Oil pump (w pressure relief). Right crankcase.
Gearcase cover. Pinion shaft cover bushing. Flywheel gear shaft.
These -73 parts are new and non-interchangeable with earlier parts.
648 Y 4-25-731973 Z-90Front Brake
Sideplate Retainer
(Recall 019)
Notes: Anchor tab for the front brake sideplate can allow the brake sideplate to disengage
under severe braking conditions.
649 Y 5-25-1973Z-90Front Axle Locknut Kit
Notes: An improved method is used to retain the front axle in the front fork axle clips.

TSB 650-699

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
650 Y 5-15-19731973 XL/XLCHTail Lamp Wiring
(Recall 020)
Notes: Initial production of '73 XL/XLCH-1000 were produced without a
retaining clip to hold the wires against the fender near the tail lamp bulb socket.
651 Y 6-27-19731973 XL/XLCH/FXFront Fork Lower Bracket
(Recall 021)
Notes: Some of these models were assembled with defective lower fork
brackets. Quench cracks occurred in critical area of some bracket
forgings during heat treatment by our supplier.
652 Y 7-30-1973XLH/XLCH
Head and Cylinder Changes
Notes: Model XL/XLCH motorcycles produced after May 1, 1973;
Incorporate new cylinder heads, cylinders, cylinder head gaskets
and head bolts which reflect a change in the bolt hole spacing.
653 Y 7-30-1973XLH/XLCH
Disc Brake Caliper
Mounting Pin Kit
Notes: A disc brake caliper (stud type) mounting pin made available for replacement of
original (riveted) pin. This (pin, nut and washer) was suggested for these models.
654 8-27-19731973 XL/XLCHRear Brake Lever
(Recall 022)
655 Y 11-15-19731974 XLH/XLCHDirectional Arrow - Rear Tire
Notes: A directional arrow was incorporated into the design of the rear tire.
It mandates pointing the arrow toward the forward rotation upon installation.
(assuring best performance of the tread under severe acceleration)
656 Y 2-11-19741973 XL/XLCHFrame Reinforcement
of Tail Lamp Wiring
(Recall 023)
Notes: These models will require corrective modification to prevent possible breakage at
welded junction of the frame tubes and rear fender and shock support bracket.
657 Y 12-17-19731974 SX-175Oil/Spark Plug
Notes: 50/1 oil must be used in the 1974 SX -175 engine which has a new injection pump
designed specifically for this oil.
658 Y 1-7-1974Early 1974 FL
Battery Support Bracket
Notes: These models, produced before December 14, 1973 should be checked for interference
between the battery support bracket and bottom of battery.
659 Y 3-6-1974XLH/XLCH
Fusible Wire
Notes: A 2” long 20ga wire is located in the wiring circuit of these models as a fuse to
protect the wiring. Because the motorcycle wiring is heavier gauge, this fuse wire will
burn out first (in case of a short or overload and open the circuit).
660 Y 3-4-19741974 SX-175Specs / Clutch / Rear Wheel
Notes: Fitting specifications and tightening torque specifications for the 1974 SX-175 model.
661 Y 4-15-19741973-E1974 XLH/XLCH/FXRear Fender Reinforcement
Notes: A spot-welded reinforcement section was added underneath the fender at the
license plate bracket mounting holes to strengthen that area where the security
system alarm is mounted to protect from cracking of the mounting holes in the fender.
662 Y 4-29-19741973-1974
Rear Brake Caliper
(Recall 024)
Notes: Rear brake fluid leakage may develop on these models
which were assembled with substandard rear caliper piston 0-ring seals.
663 Y 4-29-1974L1974 XLH/XLCHClutch Changes
Notes: Late 1974, clutch changes include;
New pressure plate with six spacers between the pressure plate and the releasing disc,
A conversion kit was available to convert 71-E73 models to the new 74 style set-up.
664 Y 5-29-19741974 SX-175Fuse
Notes: Through a production oversight, the fuse was not installed in one of the fuse holders
of SX-175 models produced at the York plant shipped before Apri1 26, 1974.
665 Y 6-10-19741973 Z-90Front Brake Sideplate
Notes: New sideplate has heavier material and therefore is supplied with a thinner axle spacer.
666 Y 7-10-19741974 SX-175Capacitor Discharge
Ignition System
Notes: The breakerless capacitor discharge ignition system used on the SX-175 models
consists of a charging coil inside the alternator rotor and two external triggers with a
pick-up coil. Also in the system are an ignition switch, ignition module, high tension
coil, and spark plug.
667 Y 6-21-19741974 SX-175Air Cleaner Care
Notes: The air cleaner not only needs regular attention to maintain operating efficiency,
but under dusty operating conditions will require additional measures to prevent
entry of dirt into the engine.
668 Y 8-26-19741974 SX-175Front Wheel Tire Bead Clamp
Rear Brake Sideplate
(Recall 025)
Notes: On models within VIN ranges listed;
One of the two front tire bead clamps was not installed on SX -175 models.
Rear brake sideplate has insufficient strength in anchor bracket stud mounting area.
1973-1974 XLH/XLCH
Ignition Coils
Notes: Through a supplier error, an unknown quantity of ignition coils were mislabeled
as 12V coils but were actually 6V coils which possibly affected some of these models.
670 Y 10-7-1974SX-175Exhaust System Cleaning
Notes: A gradual reduction in power after a period of service on 2-cycle engines is most often
caused by exhaust system restriction from a buildup of carbon deposits. This bulletin
details instructions on how to remove these deposits to restore engine performance.
671 Y 10-7-1974Late 1975 SX-175Rear Wheel Spokes
Notes: A positive retention of rear wheel spokes in the right side hub flange was done by using
washers underneath the spoke heads. As an interim change, some early 1975 models
have nylon plugs between the spoke hooks in each slotted hole to accomplish this.
672 Y 10-9-19741974-E1975 SX-175Carburetor Modification
Notes: Low speed jet changed to .60 mm (27606-69P).
The cutaway in the throttle slide (27677-71P) increased to 7.5 mm. (.295“)
673 Y 10-9-1974FL/FXOil Ring Change
Notes: A non-chromed cast iron oil control ring is being substituted for the chrome plated type
for all 1975 production 1200 cc engines and for parts order pistons, ring sets,
and cylinder assemblies.
674 Y 10-14-19741974 X-90/Z-90Air Cleaner & Carburetor
Notes: Excessive plug fouling and poor overall performance may be the result of an over-rich
fuel/air mix caused by a restricted paper type air cleaner element or too large a main
jet for operating conditions.
675 Y 10-14-1974XLH/XLCH/FXIgnition Switch
Notes: Due to a production oversight, lubricant was omitted on the ignition key switch indexing
plate which could cause the switch to bind up. This bulletin gives instructions on
lubricating the switch.
676 Y 10-14-19741974 FX/FXE-1200Jiffy Stand Support Plate
Notes: A support plate has been added to these models to eliminate possible bending at the
Jiffy Stand mount.
677 Y 10-14-19741975 FX/FXEFoot Shifter
Gear Timing
Notes: Through a production error, foot shifter gear (33960-74) on most E75 FX/FXE 1200
models will have an improperly located timing mark stamped over to obliterate it
and another mark stamped between the next teeth in the correct location.
678 Y 12-17-19741974-1975
Rocker Arm Covers “M”
Notes: A number these models were produced with modified rocker arms and rocker covers
machined to prevent interference between the rocker arm and the inside of the rocker
cover due to a thickness variation in the covers.
679 Y 12-17-1974X-90High Voltage Problem
Notes: Premature light bulb failure on the X-90 can be caused by excessive voltage. With
the headlamp on and the switch in the low beam position, check A. C. voltage at
the headlight.
680 Y 1-31-19751975 FL/FLH
Spark Plug Change
Notes: Since October 28, 1974;
All FL/FLH/FX/FXE-1200 models have been manufactured with new aluminum heads.
The new heads eliminate the heli -coil insert and requires a 3/4” reach spark plug.
681 Y 1-31-19751973-1974
Improved Starter Motor
Notes: New starter motor features a Belleville spring clutch, larger thru-bolts, and
includes a special crankcase retaining screw.
682 Y 1-31-1975SprintSpoke Maintenance
Notes: Previous bulletins (441 & 535) stressed the importance of maintaining correct wheel
spoke tension on SS/SX -350 models to prevent loosening and possible spoke
breakage. Since we've received reports of progressive wheel spoke breakage, esp. on
SX -350 models used severely, We are again emphasizing this important item of
preventive maintenance.
683 Y 1-31-1975X-90/Z -90
Throttle and
Brake Lever Support
Notes: In the past it was necessary to replace the complete support assembly. Now it is
possible to reuse the throttle and brake lever support by modding and adding this
kit (45186-74P) to the lever support.
684 Y 2-13-1975SX-175/250Reinforced Left
Crankcase Cover
Notes: The cover (25214-74P) has been changed by adding reinforcing ribs at the kick starter
release plate boss to increase the strength in this area.
685 Y 3-20-19751972-Earlier
Liberator Fairing
Handlebar Mounting Bolts
(Recall 026)
Notes: An insecure assembly resulted from using 3“ long handlebar mounting bolts on the
Liberator Fairing on 1972< FL/FLH. This must be repaired with 3-1/2” bolts (93141).
686 Y 4-8-1975XLH/XLCHTransmission
Notes: Reports of XL & XLCH transmissions with a blocked oil transfer hole in the trapdoor.
(resulting in little to no oil supply to the transmission)
Also, between December 16, 1974 and January 7, 1975;
A total of 63 mainshaft low gears were installed in XL/XLCH transmissions without
prior heat treatment which gave to noisy gear movement due to accelerated tooth wear.
687 Y 4-8-1975FL/FLH/FX/FXEClutch Pushrod
Bearing Change
Notes: New parts list.
688 Y 5-12-1975XLH/XLCHRear Fork Bearing Kit
Notes: Bearing Kit (47550-74) replaced the single bearing part # (47521-52).
689 Y 5-5-1975SX-175/SX-250
Service Tools
Notes: New service tools to service lightweight motorcycles.
690 Y 5-12-1975SXT-125Air Filter Cover
Notes: A metal plate has been added between the air cleaner cover and the filter element gasket.
691 Y 5-12-1975SS-250Jiffy Stand Bracket
Notes: Modding may be recommended on the stop bracket.
692 Y 6-27-19751975 SS-250Rear Brake Pedal Lever
(Recall 027)
Notes: Some early 1975 SS-250 motorcycles incorporate faulty welds in the rear brake
pedal lever.
693 Y 7-23-19751975 SX-250Carburetor Modification
Notes: In certain locations an over-rich condition may exist in the midrange.
Suggested changes included. This bulletin replaced by #699 dated 3-29-1976.
693 Y 9-9-19751975 SXT-125Frame
(Recall 028)
Notes: Frame defects may cause eventual frame failure were present in these models.
694 Y 7-23-1975All LightweightsIgnition Switches
Notes: Bulletin provides info on the various types of key switches used on lightweights.
694 Y 11-7-1975FL/FXKeihin Carburetor
Notes: New carb model introduction information.
Read more about the Keihin Butterfly Carburetor here
in the IH Carb section of the Sportsterpedia.
695 Y 11-7-19751975 XL/XLCH
1975 FL/FX/FXE
Wheel Spokes
(Recall 029)
Notes: We have been experiencing an increase in warranty claim forms for;
16“ and 18” wheel spoke breakage on these models.
696 Y 11-7-1975SS-250High Idle Speed Condition
Notes: Suggested checks / adjustments to address higher than normal idle speed under
697 Y 3-29-1976XLH/XLCH
Bendix Carburetor Jets
Notes: HD issued a chart listing Bendix carburetor main jet size / identifications.
698 Y 3-29-1976All LightweightsRear Brake Switch Kit
Notes: A field replacement rear stop light switch has been developed to overcome service
problems occurring on in-cable or upward plunger mounted switches.
699 Y 8-16-1976E1975 SX-250
1976 SS-175
Carburetor Modification
Notes: Suggested carburetor jet changes / recommendations.
This bulletin replaces #693 dated 7-23-1975.

TSB 700-749

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes


MX-250Service Information
Notes: Recommended tips and modifications to increase performance and reliability
701 Y 5-26-1976FL/FXRear Disc Brake
Service Information
Notes: Information on recent production changes, and latest recommendations for servicing
and maintaining the rear disc brake system.
702 Y 5-28-19761976 XL/XLCHRear Brake Shoes
(Recall 030)
Notes: Rear brake shoe linings of models within listed range are suspected of having a
defective adhesive bond.


SS/SXT-125Oil Supply Fitting
Notes: Clarifying fitting dimensions and a paragraph was added giving another way to check
for oil flow when engine is started.
704 Y 8-16-19761975-1976 SS/SXT-125Spark Plug
Notes: New spark plug recommendations.
705 Y 11-11-1976XLH/XLCH
Ignition Advance
Unit Lubrication
Notes: There was a change in the ignition advance lubrication procedure.
706 Y 10-15-19761974-1976 FL/FXRear Disc Brake
(Recall 031)
Notes: Certain 1200cc motorcycles produced during the 1974, 1975 and 1976 model season;
May have a defective rear brake system.
707 Y 12-1-1976FL/FXKeihen Carburetor
Adjustment and Modifications
Notes: Supplement to bulletin #694;
Outlines steps to be taken to improve carburetor performance and reliability.
708 Y 12-1-19761977 XL/XLCH/XLTBreather Valve
Notes: Beginning approximately October 15, 1976, a new design breather valve (24633-77)
is being used. All l000cc motorcycles (VIN 3A/4A/2G-27940 H7-up) have the new
breather valve. Serves the same function as the gear driven breather valve.
709 Y 3-22-19771975-E1977
Front Brake Caliper
Mounting Bolts
(Recall 032)
Notes: An unknown number of substandard front brake caliper assembly bolts were used.
710 Y 5-6-1977FL/FXClutch Push Rod
Thrust Washers
Notes: A limited number of FL/FX transmissions were assembled with improperly heat treated
thrust washers in the clutch push rod bearing.
M-711 Y 6-3-19771977 XLH/XLCH
Oil Pump
Notes: New oil pump design with gerotors instead of gears.
Has two gerotor pumps in the same pump housing.
M-712 Y 6-16-1977AllHydraulic Brake
System Maintenance
Notes: Brake fluid inspection intervals, changing from DOT 3 to to DOT 5 brake fluid.
Master cylinder inspection / operation, brake calipers, pads and discs.
M-713 Y 6-10-1977XLH/XLCH
Keihin Carburetor
Notes: List of part numbers and adjustments for variable components.
(used on 76-77 1000 and 1200cc engines)
M-714 Y 8-16-1977XLH/XLCH
Piston Pin Retaining
Ring Changes
Notes: Starting June 10, 1977, new (Truarc) piston pin retaining rings were installed.
Truarc type lock ring has holes for Truarc Pliers (96215-49).
Groove in the piston pin bore was changed to accommodate new pin lock ring.
(which replaces the Spirolox retaining ring (22582-52)
M-715 Y 8-12-1977FL/FXAir Cleaner Gasket
and Heat Spacer
Notes: Check for proper sealing between the carb and air cleaner backing plate.
(1200cc carbs having a mid-range lean condition)
M-716 Y 8-26-19771977 XL-1000Showa Rear Shock
(Recall 033)
Notes: Quantity of 100 electric start XL-1000 motorcycles have new Showa rear shocks
assembled with incorrect cupped washers on the mounting studs instead of flat
M-717 Y 9-13-1977Late 1977
Front Fork Change
Notes: The front forks assembled in these models are supplied by the Showa Mfg. Co.
The early production Showa Fork can be identified by the cross head drain screws.
(compared to the slotted head screws used on previous forks)
M-718 Y 9-13-1977FL/FXTransmission &
Cam / Pinion Changes
Notes: Part and manufacturing changes.
M-719 Y 9-13-1977XLT 1000Rear Fender Installation
Notes: Change washers to avoid rear fender cracking at the turn signal mounting holes
MX-250Front Fender Installation
Notes: Revised bulletin has the correct washer PN.
M-721 Y 10-21-19771978 FX/FXE/FXSRear Brake
Master Cylinder O-Ring
(Recall 034)
Notes: A quantity of these models were produced from July 21, 1977 to August 18, 1977;
With incorrect 0-rings assembled in the rear brake master cylinder.
M-722 Y 11-4-19771976 SS/SX-175/250Auto Retard Alternator
Notes: These models equipped with automatic ignition advance/retard feature to improve
starting and to eliminate kickstarter lever kickback.
M-723 Y 1-13-19781978 LightweightsFlasher
Notes: Crates containing these models shipped after January 1, 1978 will include a turn
signal flasher and rubber strap kit with an instruction sheet.
M-724 2-7-1978FL/FXElectronic Ignition
Timer Wires
M-725 Y 2-14-1978AllEPA Changes
Notes: HD outlined the Clean Air Act of 1978 as it affected the company and it's customers.
M-726 Y 3-30-19781978 FX/FXE/FXSFront Brake Caliper
Bolt Washer
(Recall 035)
Notes: Some of these models were produced with defective front brake caliper washers
M-727 Y 4-11-1978Early 1979 XLH-1000Rear Brake Control Linkage
(Recall 036)
Notes: Certain models were produced and shipped with deficient rear brake linkage parts.
M-728 Y 4-28-19781978 MX-250Flywheel Assembly
Notes: Engines with VIN of 10782 and above were produced with a solid crankpin.
M-729 Y 6-13-1978FLH-80Carburetor Low
Speed Setting
Notes: On models built after on/after March 29, 1978, A/F the setting was made 1/2 turn leaner
than the original factory setting to improve emissions by reducing CO exhaust emissions.
M-730 Y 6-15-19781978 FLH-80
1978-1/2 FLH 1200
1979 XLH (XL)/XLCH
High Altitude
Carb Kits
Notes: Carburetor modification kits were made available.
(including jet(s) and an accelerator pump stop screw)
Provides leaner fuel mixtures when operating at elevs. above 4000 feet sea level.
M-731 Y 6-20-19781000, 1200
1340 Models
Tire Fitment
Notes: List of all 16“,18” & 19“ wheels supplied by the MoCo as standard or accessories.
Correct matching of tire, tubes and wheels.
M-732 Y 6-27-1978FL/FXHydraulic Lifters
Notes: Beginning May 22, 1978, the front cylinder exhaust valve lifter is being secured in
the tappet with Loctite during engine production assembly.
M-733 Y 7-7-19781978 LightweightsGas Caps Screws
Rear Chain
Notes: A new style gas cap was used in late 1978 production.
M-734 Y 7-5-1978All V-TwinsWheel Bearing Spacers
Notes: Bearing spacer lengths changed.
Includes checking bearing endplay with specs (.004”-.018“).
Also using the correct longer or shorter spacer to achieve the correct specs.
M-735 Y 7-14-1978FL/FX/XLFlywheel Assembly
Notes: The lockplates and screws to secure the nuts on flywheel assemblies discontinued.
(for improved serviceability)
M-736 Y 7-31-19781978-79 XLH/XLCH
Front Brake
(Recall 037)
Notes: Certain of these 1978 and 1979 models were produced and shipped with deficient
front brake master cylinders. A complete list of vehicles is included with this bulletin.
M-737 Y 8-3-1978FL/FX/XLDisc Brake Changes
Notes: Several changes have been made to the calipers, discs and pads used on the front
and rear brakes. Includes harder stainless steel discs, brake pad replacement & caliper
parts (1200 & 1340 models only).
M-738 Y 10-17-1978All models
w/ 16” wheels
Lacing 16“ Wheels
(New Hub)
Notes: The procedure for lacing 16 inch wheels changed to make them easier to lace in
production. The relationship of the spoke flanges on the wheel hubs changed to
match the new lacing pattern. Rims, spokes and nipples did not changed.
M-739 Y 11-3-1978All 1200
and Ignition
Notes: Countering excess lean condition due to EPA conformity. Recommendation
corrective measures regarding carburetion and the new (breakerless)
electronic ignition system and emissions control design changes. They
operate with leaner air/fuel mixtures and are more sensitive to carburetor
mixture settings and ignition spark.
M-740 Y 11-30-1978FL/FXPrimary Chain
Tensioner (white)
Notes: Material used in primary chain tensioner has recently been changed from a black
polyethylene to a white color Zytel material for improved durability and resistance
to wear at high temps.
M-741 Y 1-12-19791979 FLH/FLH-80Front Brake Caliper
(Recall 038)
Notes: 85 FLH and FLH-80 were produced and shipped with front brake calipers having
incorrect caliper piston assembly parts causing excessive piston retraction.
M-742 Y 1-31-19791979 FLH/FLH-80Classic King
Tour Pak
Notes: Changes have been made to the cover hinge and brace hardware.
M-743 Y 4-3-19791200
Cam Gear Selection
Quieter Operation
Notes: Measuring and specs for the different cam gear color codes.
M-744 Y 4-3-1979Early 1979
1000cc engines
Transmission Changes
Notes: Changes to improve the engagement of the clutch teeth between the mainshaft
2nd gear and clutch gear. Includes clutch gear, washer and drive sprocket changes.
M-745 Y 4-24-1979FL/FXImproving Oil Mileage
Notes: An aid in the diagnosis and correction of excessive oil consumption.
M-746 Y 5-11-1979FL/FX Push Rod Covers
Notes: Loss of oil or vacuum.
M-747 Y 5-1-19791979 1200
1340/1000cc engines
Front Brake
Master Cylinder
(Recall 039)
Notes: A quantity of 370 motorcycles were produced and shipped with a possible defect in the
front brake master cylinder. Some of the (included list of) motorcycles may have brake
fluid leakage through a tear or crack in the metal between the master cylinder outlet
and the fluid reservoir.
M-748 Y 5-18-19791979 1200 and 1340sMiscellaneous Information
Notes: Battery carrier clearance, handlebar clamp cover screw, flywheel assem, disc brakes.
M-749 Y 6-12-19791977-78 XLCR -1000Rear Brake Master
Cylinder Pushrod
(Recall 040)
Notes: All XLCR-1000 motorcycles produced during the 1977 and 1978 model season;
Were shipped with the rear brake master cylinder push rods having insufficient
contact area with the rear brake master cylinder plastic piston.

TSB 750-799

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-750 Y 6-15-19791200-1340s Tappet Guides
Notes: Recently. the slotted end of the tappet guide (roller end) was shortened app 3/16”.
M-751 Y 6-29-791979 XLH/XLSRear Brake Pedal
Stop Bolt Jam-nut
(Recall 041)
Notes: A quantity of these models were produced and shipped with a possible defect in the
assembly of the brake pedal stop bolt jam-nut. This bulletin gives the VINs affected
and instructions to repair.
M-752 7-6-19791979 FLH/FLH-80Frame Mounted Seat
(Recall 042)
M-753 8-14-1979FL/FXRear Brake Master
Cylinder Change
Rear Brake Master
Cylinder Piston
(Recall 044)
Notes: A quantity of these models were assembled and shipped with master cylinder
pistons made from an incorrect material (as received from the supplier).
M-755 9-7-19791978-1979
Rear Brake Pedal
(Recall 043)
M-756 Y 10-16-19791979 FLFrame Mounted Seat
Reinforcement Kit
Notes: A reinforcement bracket has been incorporated on late 1979 FLs to strengthen the
frame mounted seat handrail.
M-757 Y 10-19-1979Early 1980 XLH/XLSCam Timing
Notes: A small quantity of early 1980 Sportsters
were produced with incorrect front exhaust cam gear timing.
M-758 Y 10-23-19791978-1979 1200/1340/1000cc modelsRear Brake Pedal
(Recall 043)
Rear master cylinder
(Recall 044)
Notes: Return of unused parts from dealer stock:
42410-75A brake pedals with (ID) month code.
Master cylinder kit 42374-77 with plastic (no ID) pistons.
M-759 Y 10-16-19791980 XLH/XLSBattery Position
Notes: Check that battery to make sure the battery isn't mis-positioned in the battery box.
M-760 Y 11-16-19791980 Models“R” Type Spark Plugs
Notes: New resistor type spark plugs introduced to provide radio ignition noise suppression
and improve the reliability of transistorized Magnavox ignition system.
M-761 11-30-1979Early 1980 FL/FXPiston Replacement
FL/FXFront Chain Housing
Notes: The chain housing ball bearing located within the inner primary chain housing has
exhibited shortened life in some 1200 and 1340cc motorcycles.
M-763 Y 12-21-19791974-1979
Starter Relay
Notes: In some cases, the 1974-1979 starter relay on these models may develop
corroded contacts. (due to moisture under wet road conditions). This
bulletin was issued for testing and installation procedures.
Y 1-14-1980
1975-E1980 FLFront Fender Mounting
(Recall 045)
Notes: The front fender mounting bolts can loosen after extended.
M-764 Y 12-21-19791000cc modelsShock Rubber Bushings
Notes: The condition of the rear shock upper and lower mounting bushings should be
checked at least every 5,000 miles for excessive looseness of the bushings.
M-764 Y 3-7-19801980 FLTSprocket Mounting Screws
(Recall 047)
Notes: The rear wheel sprocket mounting screws may be affected by hydrogen embrittlement.
M-765 Y 3-14-19801980 FLTRear Brake Caliper
(Recall 046)
Notes: The rear brake caliper casting on certain 1980 FLT models could be porous and could
allow brake fluid to seep from the caliper assembly.
M-766 Y 2-29-1980FL/FX
Brake Fluid / Sidecar
Notes: Reaffirming the service procedures in TSB M-712 for changing DOT 3 to DOT 5.
(when attaching an earlier sidecar using DOT 3 to a vehicle using DOT 5 brake fluid)
M-767 Y 3-4-19801980 FL/FXSquare Seal
Brake Caliper
Notes: All 1980 FL/FX models above VIN 26625-JO have the new square seal calipers installed
M-768 Y 3-18-19801954-1979 XL
1958-1978 XL
Crank Pin
Chain Adjuster
Notes: Some parts stock crankpins (date stamped 11/79) used on '54-'79 XLs are missing a weld.
Some parts stock chain adjuster linings (39978-58) used on '58-'78 XLs are brittle.
M-769 Y 4-18-1980AllService Information - 1980
Notes: Be sure to torque the FL/FX 4-speed transmission drain plug to 12-15 ft-lbs.
Test equipment for Magnavox Electronic Ignition.
Proper mounting of 1980 FLT Comfort Flex Seats.
M-770 Y 3-31-19801980 FLTIgnition Switch
Fork Lock Assembly
(Recall 048)
Notes: Possible mechanical failures within the ignition switch / fork lock assembly.
M-771 Y 5-9-1980FL/FX/FLTOil Pump Gasket
and Cover Changes
Notes: Improved “Fel-pro” paper gaskets for the oil pump cover and body.
M-772 Y 4-22-19801980 80ci enginesLow Compression Pistons
Notes: Low compression piston assemblies now available for the 80 cubic inch (1340cc)
models produced 1980 and later.
M-773 Y 4-25-19801980 XLShock Absorbers
Notes: Some XLs had XLCR shocks factory installed.
These XLCR shocks were modified to incorporate the same spring and damping
rate of the XL shocks but were chrome instead of the standard XL ones.
M-774 4-25-1980FL/FXGear Shaft 1958-1972
M-775 Y 5-6-1980FXBBelt Adjustment
Alignment Procedure
Notes: Procedure / instructions.
M-776 Y 5-9-19801977-1980 XLSolenoid Cover
Notes: Some solenoid covers used since 1977 have the ability to conduct electricity.
M-777 Y 5-13-19801980 XLCylinder Head Gaskets
Notes: Starting with crankcase #780-024-024;
Oil return holes in the cylinder head gasket have been elongated (egg-shaped).
(to prevent blockage from slight alignment differences possible when installed)
The part number (16769-73) didn't change for the new gasket.
M-778 Y 5-13-1980XL/XLH/XLCH/XLSGearcase Cover Gasket
Notes: There is a possibility of high pressure oil leakage;
Around the oil passage between the upper crankcase cover and the crankcase.
Since November of 1979, the crankcase castings have been reworked and modified to
eliminate this possibility. As a part of that revision, the crankcase cover gaskets used in
production and in stock have been modified to not only fit the revised castings but also
to eliminate the possibility of oil leakage on earlier crankcases.
M-779 Y 5-23-19801980 XL/XLSRear Brake Clevis Rod End
Notes: Inspect the brake stop bracket for correct bend.
The bracket is welded to the muffler and should form a 90° angle out from muffler.
M-780 Y 5-23-19801000/1340cc enginesRevised Ignition Timing
Notes: Some engines (built since January) knock or “ping” due to poor octane gas.
Reduce timing 1°-10° as a possible solution to help eliminate the problem
M-781 Y 5-23-19801980 1000/1340cc modelsIgnition Timing Marks
Notes: Timing marks have been revised to enable to be electronically set at the factory.
(and reduce setup time for dealers)
FL/FX/FLT/XLThree Angle Valve Seats
Notes: All production models incorporate three angle valve seats on both the intake and
exhaust head ports. This bulletin outlines the procedure for cutting the seats.
M-783 Y 5-23-19801980 FLTAccessory Gauge
Kit Installation
Notes: Installation instructions.
M-784 Y 5-23-19801980 FLTService Procedure
Notes: Wire routing and wheel alignment.
M-785 Y 6-10-19801979 XL/FL/FXRear Brake
Master Cylinder Piston
(Recall 044 - addendum)
Notes: Addendum referenced to TSB 754A with further instruction.
M-786 Y 8-29-19801972-E1980 FL/FXInterchangeable Front
Brake Piston
Notes: The front disc brake caliper piston assembly has been revised to improve retraction.
M-787 Y 6-3-19801980 FLTFork Lock Adjusting Screw
(Recall 049)
Notes: There is a possibility that the length of the adjusting screw may not provide
sufficient thread engagement within the ignition switch/fork lock assembly
when installed per specs.
M-788 Y 6-3-1980FL/FX/FLTCylinder Heads
Intake Manifold & Clamps
Notes: The cylinder heads now feature a flat (unstepped) mounting surface on the intake port.
The manifold clamp assembly has been revised to fit these new mounting surfaces.
M-789 Y 6-6-1980Pre-1980 FL/FXCast Iron Valve Guides
Notes: All parts order cast iron valve guides for use on pre-1980 FL/FX models do not have
any identification markings that could differentiate the various oversizes.
M-790 Y 6-10-19801980 FL/FX/FLTService Information 1980
Notes: The torque required to secure the handlebar clamp screws has been revised.
In early May, all 1200 and 1340cc transmission assems were improved by using a
different shifter cam follower spring. The old spring (33204-79) was replaced with
the stronger XL cam follower spring (34068-52).
M-791 Y 7-25-1980FL/FX Head Temp Gauge Kit
Notes: Installation instructions for kit (75000-69A).
M-792 Y 7-3-1980FLT Charging System
Diagnostic Procedure
M-793 Y 7-3-1980All 1980 modelsIgnition Coils
Notes: A number of ignition coils have failed at low mileage.
(due to an internal breakdown in the windings)
M-794 Y 7-14-19801980 FXWGRear Brake Control
Mounting Bolts
(Recall 050)
Notes: Possible mechanical failure with the rear brake control mounting bolts.
M-795 Y 7-22-19801980 FLTSprocket Mounting Bolts
(Recall 051)
Notes: Possible defect involving the gradual loosening of rear sprocket mounting bolt(s),
decreasing clamping force to adequately secure rear wheel sprocket to wheel.
M-796 Y 9-16-1080FLTTSB M0770 & M-787
Front Fork Lock
Notes: The wrong illustration has been used for reassembly of the fork lock assembly,
with respect to the subject Service Bulletins.
M-797 Y 10-10-19801980-1981 FLTService Information
Notes: The 1981 FLT transmissions were modified to prevent oil leakage at the breather
vent. Dealers may wish to make this change on '80 models if fluid leakage is a problem.
M-798 Y 10-7-19801980-1981 FLT
1981 FLH
Rear Brake
Caliper Maintenance
Notes: The new rear brake caliper on the 1981 FLH models is almost identical to that used
on the FLT. Important differences include a different mounting bracket and the
omission of the brake pad springs.
M-799 Y 10-17-19801981 FL/FX 1981 Service Information
Notes: Rear brakes, right saddlebag, fuel hose and steel clutch plates.

TSB 800-849

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-800 Y 10-10-1980All 1981 models17 Digit VIN System
Notes: The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was expanded to 17 digits.
Includes codes for;
Country of origin. Maker. Bike weight. Engine displacement.
Introduction date. Check digit and which factory made it.
M-801 Y 11-14-1980AllService Bulletin Index
Notes: Index of all Motorcycle Service Bulletins (does not include obsolete bulletins).
M-802 Y 10-21-19801980 FL/FX Part Order Oil
Pump Kit (26200-81)
Notes: 212 1981 Oil pump kits contain the wrong pump body gasket.
M-804 Y 11-4-1980All 81 ModelsThrottle Cable Adjustment
Notes: All 1981 model motorcycles are equipped with a dual cable throttle assembly.
(commonly referred to as a “Pull-Pull Throttle”)
M-805 Y 10-31-19801980 FLT Wheel Bearings
(Recall 052)
Notes: The front and/or rear wheel bearings on some 1980 FLT models might fail
due to lack of lubrication and inadequate sealing.
M-806 Y 12-5-19801971-Later FX Seat Repair
Notes: Two front seat tabs are now replaceable using seat repair kit and rivet tool.
Three styles of replacement buttons are available in three different lengths.
(to accommodate the varying thicknesses of the different seats available)
All models
More added
Safety Recall Campaign Index
Notes: List of safety recalls arranged per model affected from the beginning of the
recall campaign up to 5-2-1984 (recall numbers 001-058).
M-808 Y 12-5-19801981 FXB Changes
Notes: Rear sprocket mounting, compensating sprocket, rear wheel/inner tube
and starter shaft.


Oil Pump
and Crankcases
Notes: New style oil pump body and crankcases.
M-810 Y 1-23-1981FLT Chain Boot Tool
Notes: New tool available from the Bondhus that will greatly ease removal or installation
of the chain boot.
M-811 Y 1-30-1981FLT Wheel Bearings
Notes: For several months, FLT wheel needle bearings were installed with the seal inward
to a critical depth. A special tool was used at the factory to achieve this installation.
M-812 Y 2-3-19811981 FLT Front Chain Oiler
Notes: 1981 FLT models have an improved front chain oiling system. Some E1981 FLTs
were manufactured before this design change was Implemented. Dealers who
received these motorcycles where sent kits to update the chain oiling
system to the current design.
M-813 Y 1-30-1981XLH/XLSService Information
Notes: 1972-1981 piston ring kits with possible wrong size oil control rings in the kits.
A warning regarding brake line routinge on 80 and 81 XLH/XLS models.
The torque value in the FSM for rocker arm acorn nuts is incorrect.
Check fitment of battery covers. Avoid contact to the battery '+' terminal.
The transmission vent hose routing was changed on late 1981 models.
(also suggested for E1981 models)
M-814 Y 2-6-1981All1981 Service Update:
Ignition Module
Notes: New electronic ignition modules (-80A) with 6 second delay as opposed to the
previous ignitions (-80) with a 4 second delay. Check sidecar wheel lubrication.
FXWG, FXB, FXS-80 got a new exhaust. See Parts and accessories Bulletin
Number 129 for FLH Heritage special parts.
1973-1980 FL/FXRear Brake
Anti-Vibration Kit
Notes: The instructions with TSB M-815 for the anti-vibration kit (41670-73) have been
revised to show the correct brake hose routed on the outside of the swing arm.
M-816 Y 3-27-19811981 FLH/FLH Classic
1981 Service Information
Notes: Oil pump seals, rocker arm end screw, right saddlebag, crankcase guard seat
removal and torque wrench changes.
M-817 Y 2-9-1982All FL/FX modelsTransmission Lubrication
and Oil Control Improvements
Notes: Improved lubricant now available and is recommended for FL/FX 4-speed transmissions.
New sprocket shaft seal, oil evacuator fittings, rocker arm cover oil line, smaller oil
feed hole in crankpin and oil pump upgrades.
M-818 Y 3-6-19811981 FLH Saddlebag Carrier
(Recall 053)
Notes: Due to the position of the rear brake caliper and the possible “overtravel” of the
rear shocks, it's possible for contact between the saddlebag carrier and/or brake line.
M-819 Y 3-13-19811981 FXB Primary Belt Adjustment
Notes: Beginning in January, 1981 FXB models have an improved primary belt housing.
M-820 Y 4-10-1981All Motorcycle Serial Numbers
Notes: Bulletin lists serial / Vin changes from 1969-earlier to 1981-later.
1340cc Oiling System Changes
Notes: Bulletin details improvements to the oiling system.
M-822 Y 3-31-19811981 FXB Starter Solenoid
Notes: A spacer was added to approximately 50% of the FXB starter solenoid assemblies.
At this time, the spacer does not have a part number nor is it shown in either the
Parts catalog or Service Manual.
M-823 Y 4-24-1981FL/FX/FLT Alternators
Notes: Several different alternator/rectifier/regulator configurations were used since 1976.
This is a summary of the related components and their usage, by year and system
amperage rating.
M-824 Y 4-17-19811200/1340
1000 models
Crankshaft Bearing
Race Tool
Notes: A new crankshaft bearing race press tool (94547-80) is now available.
M-825 Y 4-21-1981FLTWheel
Alignment Tool
Notes: The MoCo recommended bending an aluminum welding rod to make a wheel
alignment tool as an alternative to step 4 in the rear wheel alignment procedure
in the latest FLT FSM.
M-826 Y 4-21-19811981 FLH Headlight Housing
Notes: Certain 1981 FLHs are equipped with a washer under the risers to increase the
clearance between the handlebars and headlight housing.
M-827 Y 4-24-19811981 XLThree Angle
Valve Seats
Notes: In TSB (M-782) from June of 1980;
All 1980 production models incorporate three angle valve seats.
In April of 1981, this was reiterated for 81 XL Models starting with
crankcase (781012001).
M-828 Y 4-21-1981AllVIN Character
Notes: The factory stamping (“6” and “9” characters) of engine and crankcase numbers could be
interchanged and would still be a legitimate and acceptable number.
Also included is a chart showing legitimate characters used for VINs by the MoCo.
1000 Engines
Commonized Flywheels
Notes: Commonized flywheel taper design on 1200/1340 and 1000cc engines.
All tapers have were communized at 6° and all keyways were standardized.
TSB #829 includes part numbers
1000 Engines
Color Coded
Cam Gear Selection
Notes: Color coded cam gears are sold in matched sets
to provide the proper gear lash (tooth clearance) for quiet operation.
Update bulletin replaces parts / part numbers from #M830 for 1000cc engines.
M-831 Y 6-12-19811980-1981 FLT
1981 Service Information
Notes: 80-81 FLT wheel needle bearings are to be lubricated with UNIREX N-3 grease.
Also, app. 800 motorcycles were assembled with washers under the lower
handlebar clamps due to the risers being made too short.
M-832 Y 6-12-1981XL/FX/FLTFront Brakes
Notes: A special foam tape was made available for XL/FX/FLT model front brake calipers.
Applied to the front of the outer caliper half, it helps to prevent caliper rattle.
M-833 Y 6-16-19811981 FLT Service Information
Notes: New shock bushings, front chain housing and instrument panel mod.
M-834 Y 6-26-19811340cc Left Main
Bearing End Play
Notes: Procedure and specs for checking end play.
M-835 Y 6-26-19811981-Earlier
Big Twin
Clutch Plate
Silicone Spray
Notes: Silicone sprays can be used in treating clutch friction plates.
M-836 Y 7-14-1981FXB Modify Non-Adjustable
Inner Primary
Notes: Early style inner primary cases can be modified to allow the same
adjustment as the new cases would allow. (Refer to bulletin M-819 also).
M-837 Y 10-2-1981All models1982 Model Service Information
Notes: New handlevers and switches, front brake lever design, low maintenance battery.
A .015“ spacer added inside 0-ring under the right screw of rocker arm shaft.
XL models: New 13 amp generator and rear brake caliper.
FXR: New rear brake caliper and master cylinder (same as on XL).
FLT: New saddlebag locks, rear sprocket housing, and wheel bearings.
FL, FX, FL T, FXR all got new valve springs.
M-838 Y 10-2-19811980-1982
All models
Motorcycle Tire Fitment
Notes: New tire and wheel combinations
M-839 Y 10-2-19811982 XLBattery Cable Routing
Notes: On VINs prior to (1HD1CAH15CY111159);
The '+' battery cable on some 1982 models may contact the leading edge of the oil tank.
This surface could cut the insulation, causing a short circuit.
M-840 Y 10-2-19811982 XL1982 Service Information
Notes: The current 13 amp generator being used can be retrofitted to 1965.
See the bulletin for guidelines for retrofitting.
A limited number of E82 engines were assembled without commonized flywheel tapers.
New lower torque spec. for oil separator washer nut.
(to keep from bowing the washer and subsequent generator noise (whistling sound))
M-841 Y 10-16-1981L1981-E1982 XLXL Gearcase Covers
and Gaskets
Notes: These XLs may have one of two different types of gear case cover and
crankcase set combinations. Bulletin identifies the gasket differences.
M-842 Y 10-13-1981FLT Service Information
Notes: The foam tape installation changed on FLT only. The tightening procedure for the
swing arm pivot shaft nuts has been changed with the start of the 1982 models.
M-843 Y 10-23-1981Early 1982 FLHC Starter Mounting
Bracket Mod
Notes: Clearance between the top of the bracket and the bottom of the battery should be
a minimum of 3/8 in.
M-844 Y 10-30-1981AllStandard Piston Grading
Notes: Standard pistons are graded (stamped) for size in .00025” increments.
(production purposes on­ly) This does not apply to oversized (.010“-.070”) pistons.
M-845 Y 11-17-1981All 1982 ModelsInformation Update
Notes: Incorrect windshield mounting screws were installed on 1982 FLT. Sportster fuel
requirements were lowered to 89 pump octane due to lower compression ratio.
FLT VIN changes.
M-846 Y 12-4-19811982 FXRPositive Battery
Cable Routing
Notes: The positive battery cable may contact the bottom edge of the battery carrier.
M-847 Y 12-11-19811982 FL/FX 4-Speed Transmission
(Recall 054)
Notes: The problems experienced with a few of these transmissions suggest that, unless
remedied, they might lead to transmission lock-up and resulting loss of vehicle
control although we have not experienced a single field problem to date.
M-848 Y 4-9-1982Late 1982 XLCrankcase Breather Valve
Notes: Beginning with crankcase number 782-078-050;
A new style rubber crankcase breather valve has replaced the 79 reed valve.
Late '82 crankcase breather kit part # (26909-79A).
New larger diameter (1-3/4” O.D.) oil separator washer on the generator armature.
M-849 Y 2-16-19821200/1340Valve Guide
Notes: New valve guides with seals to help improve oil consumption

TSB 850-899

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-850 Y 2-5-19821982 FL/FX 4-Speed Transmission
(Recall 055)
Notes: This recall procedure is an addition to procedure performed from recall 054. The
mainshaft bearing race, as supplied by our vendor, in a few of these transmissions
might not be sufficiently hardened and, unless remedied, might eventually lead to
transmission lock-up.
All modelsInformation Update
Notes: Oil tank drain plug washer (6700B) was replaced by fiber washer (26231-78).
P&A has obsoleted the one-piece (welded) exhaust system used on XL models.
M-852 Y 2-23-1982All 21“ Wheels Wheel Lacing
Notes: All 21 inch wheels use the new style hub, but are laced in the old style pattern.
M-853 Y 3-19-1982All ModelsFront Brake Stoplight Switch
Notes: The front brake master cylinder is constructed so there is no free play
in the brake hand lever when the hand control switch assemblies are positioned correctly.
M-854 Y 5-7-19821982 FXR/XL Rear Brake
(Recall 056)
Notes: Routine quality testing conducted recently indicates the hydraulic brake system
might be capable of generating excessive pressure, potentially exceeding burst
strength rear brake caliper under an extremely unique set of circumstances.
M-855 Y 7-19-19821982 XLFootrest Chain Protector
Notes: A foot rest chain protector (50943-82) is now available that fits over the footrest bracket.
It prevents contact between the final drive chain and the passenger footrest bracket.
M-856 Y 8-6-19821983 XLService Information
Notes: New pistons / rings. The crown surface is .040” higher.
New 2 stage ignition system for increased performance using reg. leaded gasoline.
Discusses ignition, VOES operation, timing, oil tank drain method and indicator lamps.
M-857 Y 10-5-1982L1982-E1983 XLTumbling Stone Contamination
Notes: Reports were received indicating possible tumbling stone contamination from polishing
tappet bodies in engines with crankcase VIN's 782025001 through 783200001.
M-858 Y 10-7-19821983-later XLService Information
Notes: Check VOES operation on 1983 and later models.
The number of transmission mainshaft (R) shims for order increased to total of 10 sizes.
(these parts will retrofit Sportster transmissions back to 1954 K Models).
M-859 Y 10-29-1982XL/FXR
Screw Type Fuel Cap
Notes: The vent relief pressure has been reduced by utilizing a softer spring.
Except FLT/FLHT, models below will use the new low pressure cap.
All 1983 XL/FXR models produced after VIN 1HD1CCH17DY113282
and 1983 FL/FX models produced after VIN 1 HD1AKK16DY011657.
M-860 Y 11-12-1982XLService Information
Notes: Camshaft shims (6769 & 6770) to control max end play discontinued.
New finish to cylinder and head gaskets.
Oil pump gerotor gears machined without chamfered top and bottom on outer diameters.
(See also Late 1983 oil pump assembly design modification).
1983 ignition module plugs are designed to prevent intermixing with earlier type
Magnavox modules and sensors.
M-861 Y 11-12-19821983 FL/FLHT Saddlebag/Tour-Pac Locks
Notes: New redesigned lock housing along with adjustable strikes for ease of operation.
M-862 Y 11-15-19821983 FLT/FLHT
Securing Transmission
Sprocket Nut
Notes: New transmission sprocket with threaded holes has provide an improved method for
locking the sprocket nut with a socket head screw.
M-863 Y 12-17-1982L1982-1983 1340cc Hydraulic Lifter Noise
Notes: Hot engine lifter noise at idle speed could be caused by low oil pressure. When
encountering a lifter noise problem, refer to latest FSM and check oil pressure.
M-864 Y 12-21-19821983 FLT/FLHT Front Forks
and Rear Shocks
Notes: Some E1983 FLHT models were manufactured with FLT front forks and rear shocks. All
late 1983 FLT/FLHT models will be manufactured with FLHT front forks and rear shocks.
M-865 Y 12-23-19821340cc Valve Guide Length
Notes: To eliminate the possibility of contact between the valve head and the end of the
valve guide, the valve guides have been shortened .050“.
M-866 Y 3-4-1983FXRT Service Information
Notes: Headlamp, saddlebag and fairing removal/replacement, rear shock adjustment.
M-867 Y 3-11-1983AllTire Fitment
Notes: Correct matching of tire, tubes and wheels
M-868 Y 3-15-19831340cc VIN Location Change
Notes: Engine and frame VINs changed location.
M-869 Y 4-19-19831200-1340cc Valve Guide Gauge
Cutting Tool
Notes: Kent Moore Tool #HD-34107 is required to accurately gauge clearance between valve
head and end of exhaust valve guide and eliminate the possibility of excessively
shortening the valve guide.
XLNew Valve Guides / Trans MS Shims
Ign Module / Sensor Connections
Notes: New valve components including;
New style 'shoulderless' intake and exhaust valve guides
(with flat lower spring collars and longer inner and outer springs)
Spring data and installation instructions also included with this bulletin.
New transmission mainshaft thrust washer (in 4 different thicknesses) on L83 XLs.
The roll pin in the crankcase has also been eliminated.
Late 83 XL ignition modules (32410-84) and sensor assemblies (32400-84) made with
rubber rather than plastic. They'll fit E83 engines as a set or individually (changing one
or the other connector halves).
M-871 Y 6-7-19831982-up FXR/XL
1983 FXSB
L1983 FXE
Girling Rear
Brake Svc
Notes: The stainless steel abutment shim (41665-82) used on the 5/8” piston Girling
rear brake calipers is now available for parts order with detailed installation
and bleeding instructions.
M-872 Y 8-18-1983XLService Information
Notes: There's a production change beginning with crankcase number 784174011.
It incorporates a new crankcase set (24527-82A) on the 1000cc series engines.
M-873 Y 12-9-1983All except FLHBattery Vent Hose Clamp
Notes: Due to a number of plastic vent hoses coming off the battery hose nipple,
Starting in mid December (83),
Motorcycles shipped from York will be fitted with a battery hose clamp (10067).
P&A batteries are received from the vendor, a clamp will be included with the hose.
M-874 Y 9-23-1983Tour-Pak Fastener Information
Notes: Adding a washer to earlier Tour-Pak stud.
M-875 Y 10-11-1983All 1982 and later motorcyclesBrake Pad Inspection
Notes: A reminder that more frequent inspections should be made if the vehicle is ridden
under more adverse conditions such as steep hills, heavy traffic, etc.
XL/XR-1000Transmission Information
Notes: Revised transmission gear and shifter fork changes.
Bulletin updated to fix a typo on TSB M-876.
The part number for the +.020“ fork is (34292-72) instead of -84.
M-877 Y 6-15-1984L1984 1340cc Main Drive Gear
Oil Seal
Notes: Production change to reduce potential oil leaks through the main drive gear splines.
M-878 Y Jan. 1984Late 1340cc Production Changes
Notes: The most significant change to take place at mid-year 1984 is the introduction
of the diaphragm spring clutch (or wet clutch).
M-879 Y 12-22-19831984 FL/FX
Bore Sizes and
Service Wear Limits
Notes: Correcting FSMs (99482-84) and (99483-84) and audio-visual programs.
M-880 Y 2-24-19841984 1340cc Oil Pump Valve
Notes: A number oil pumps were manufactured with a revised oil pump valve (26400-82A).
Due to variations in oil pump machining, oil can leak past the valve into the engine
resulting in oil carryover.
M-881 Y 3-9-1984(FL (except FLT)
Wheel Weights
Notes: Some 1984 16” laced rims were manufactured without a radius on the outer rim flange.
As a result, automotive type wheel weights for factory balancing of 16“ laced wheels
may not stay on the rim at normal operating speed.
M-882 Y March 19841984 1340cc Clutch Puller Modification
Notes: New tool part number is (95960-528). An alternative to purchasing a new tool is
to modify your existing puller (95960-52) by adding four holes.
M-883 Y 3-13-1984All 1984 modelsTire Fitment
Notes: Correct matching of tire, tubes and wheels
M-884 Y 3-20-19841978 1/2-1984 FL/FX Service Manual Corrections
Notes: Attached are corrections/revisions which are to be inserted In your service manuals.
M-885 Y 4-10-1984All 1984 modelsInformation Update
Notes: Front caliper mounting bolt torque spec reduced on all accept FLH and 1983 XR- 1000.
The rear axle nut torque spec. has been increased on all 1984 models.
To aid the stamping operation, the locations of the crankcase numbers were changed.
M-886 Y 4-6-19841971-E1984 XL/XRSprocket Nut
Notes: A L84 replacement mainshaft sprocket nut (35049-71) has been developed.
(to prevent transmission oil leakage from sprocket splines)
Instructions for fitment / modifying 71-E84 sprocket covers to accept new sprocket nut.
M-887 Y 4-6-1984Sidecar Front Mount
(Recall 057)
Notes: A routine inspection conducted on one of our company owned vehicles revealed a
fracture at the upper clamp in the sidecar upper front mount.
M-888 Y 4-17-19841340cc EnginesGeneral Svc Info
Notes: A Nylock now used on the diaphragm clutch retaining nut.
Diaphragm clutch Adjustment procedure.
A gasket, Sportster (27023-71) has been added between the carb and insulator block.
Head bolt torque and chassis alignment changed.
VOES introduction and changing carb jetting.
M-889 Y 4-27-19841984 FXST Shock Absorber Bolts
Notes: Some 1984 FXSTs were manufactured with shock mounting bolts that do not meet
hardness specifications.
M-890 Y 5-2-19841984 XL Alternator / Clutch
(Recall 058)
Notes: Several 1984 XL models, equipped with alternator/clutches, experienced fragments
that had detached from the alternator rotor magnet.
M-891 Y 5-18-1984All Battery Electrolyte
Notes: Recommendation on activating new batteries including charging rates.
M-892 Y 6-22-1984XL1000cc Engines
Notes: Announcing the retirement of the 77-E83 oil pump assembly. Replaced by the L83
style pump. Also has service instructions for retrofitting the new pump/ parts to
77-E83 pumps. (See also Late 1983 oil pump assembly design modification ).
An alignment tool is recommended to draw the transmission trap door from the
dowel pins.
M-893 Y 9-7-1984FLH/FX
(w drive belt)
Starter Actuator
Notes: Earlier, secondary belt drive FX and FLH vehicles can be fitted with the new parts
if the following steps are closely followed.
M-894 Y 9-7-1984XLProduction Changes on XL
Transmission Cover
Alternator Stator Mounting
Notes: Beginning with crankcase (785 208001) manufactured after July 26,1984, The MS
fourth gear bearing assembly is now retained within a shoulder in the new trapdoor.
The stator is now attached directly to the trapdoor (cover) as well. The L84 cover
is also available for parts order.
M-895 Y 9-7-1984FXEF/FXSB Crossover Hose
Notes: The 3-1/2 gal. gas tanks on some of these models shipped with a 4-3/4” crossover
hose which is insufficient in length to produce a loop with enough radius to prevent
interference with the tachometer mounting bracket.
M-896 Y 9-21-19841340cc Clutch Adjuster
Plate Fasteners
Notes: An additional locking means is required to secure the adjuster plate fasteners to
the clutch hub.
M-897 Y October 19841985 1340cc 5-Speed Transmissions
Notes: A small number of 1985 five-speed transmissions may have been assembled with
unseated lockrings retaining countershaft fifth gear.
M-898 Y 11-2-19841984-1985 FLT/FXR Service Manual Corrections
Notes: Corrections should be inserted in the FLT /FXR Service Manual (99483-85).
M-899 Y 11-30-1984XLMidyear Changes to
XL Pistons / Oiling System
Notes: Beginning with crankcase (785 306029) manufactured after November 1, 1984;
Pistons have a new style cam ground, barrel shape.
Piston rings include;
A moly-filled top ring, a taper-faced second ring and a corrugated expander ring.
Wrist pin ret. ring (22589-83) requires a mod on the installer tool (HD-34623).
(to work on the new style pistons)
Beginning with crankcase (785 303002) manufactured after October 29, 1984,
A cam gear oiler has been added inside the gearcase.
(directing oil from the top end oil passage to the gear mesh between
first / second gears and third / fourth gears)

TSB 900-949

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-900 Y 1-18-19851985 FXST Shock Absorber Bolts
Notes: Some 1985 FXST model motorcycles were manufactured with shock mounting bolts that
do not meet hardness specifications.
M-901 2-22-1985Late 1984-up BT Diaphragm Clutch Adjustment
Notes: Details adjusting procedure for 4 and 5 speed models.
AllLocking/Sealing Compounds
and Tire Fitment
Notes: List of recommended threadlocker and sealant compounds for various applications.
Also includes correct matching of tire, tubes and wheels.
M-902A includes warning advisories with the use of Loctite on thermoplastic parts,
precautions, handling, exposure and treatment guidelines for working with Hylomar
due to EPS investigations.
M-903 Y 5-10-19851985 Evo BT Service Update
Notes: These engines are now using a cylinder stud (3) with male threads at both ends.
The mating cylinder head screw (1) has female threads.
M-904 Y 5-31-19851986 XLH 883Pre-Delivery Setup
Notes: Addition to the 1985 Motorcycle Setup Manual, includes mounting the horn, throttle
cable brackets to the gas tank front mount, mirrors, bench charging the battery,
checking throttle cable routing, instrument indicator lights operation and ignition timing.
M-905 Y 8-26-1985All with California
Emissions Control
Fuel Supply Closure
Notes: Diagrams the 3 position petcock (main, reserve and off).
Suggests importance of 'off' position when used with a California Emissions Control kit.
M-906 Y 8-19-19851985 Sportster Identification of Early and
Late Transmission Gears
Notes: All XLH 1100 transmissions will only contain “late” style gear sets.
XLH 883 transmissions contain “early” style gear sets.
Late style gears will be incorporated in XLH 883 transmissions as a running change.
M-907 Y 10-29-1985All Models Batteries
Notes: Latest recommendations for
battery activation, charging, installation, maintenance, storage and testing.
M-908 Y 9-9-19851986 1340cc Hydraulic Lifters
Notes: All 1986 1340cc engines use new hydraulic lifters (18523-86).
M-909 Y 9-16-1985All Models Ignition Components
Resistance Tests
Notes: Supplement ignition tests that are not contained in the service manual.
M-910 Y 9-17-1985Evo 1100cc Sportsters Vacuum Operated
Electric Switch
Notes: On 1986 1100cc Sportsters, a mid-year production change has rerouted the VOES
ground wire to a different mounting location.
M-911 Y 10-8-1985XLH Jiffy Stand Catches
Notes: Some 1986 XLH models may have been assembled with “soft” jiffy stand catches
which may allow the square on the jiffy stand to rotate in the catch and allow the
motorcycle to tip.


Sound System Fine Tuning
Notes: Removal of P.I.S. circuit.
M-915 Y 11-5-19851986 XLH Service Manual and Parts
Catalog Microfiche Corrections
Notes: Corrections for dealers who should also relay the info to customers buying manuals.
M-916 Y 1-31-19861986 FXRD Heat Shield &
Passenger Footpeg Stud
Notes: Upgrades for early 1986 FXRD.


Sound System Troubleshooting
Notes: Care and maintenance.
M-918 Y 1-17-1986All Models Valve Stem Seals
Notes: New installation instructions for the new valve seals
M-919 Y 2-7-1986FLST/FXST Axle Adjustment
Notes: The Late 1986 axle adjuster screws now push the axle toward the rear of the
motorcycle, rather than pulling it, as on the old assembly.
M-920 Y 2-11-19861986 1340cc
(except FXRP)
Ignition Modules
Notes: The supplier of ignition modules has informed us that app. 20% of the affected
modules will fail to generate proper spark to start the vehicle under certain conditions.
M-922 Y 3-28-19861986 FLTCFLHT/C Rear Brake Calipers
Notes: New brake pad retainer clip. Also check for a high lip partially surrounding the
spot face at the brake line connecting hole that may contact the banjo fitting.
M-923Y 4-11-1986All XLs Clutch Release Components
Notes: Beginning with the crankcase numbers 1786 099 001 (883) and
1886 098 014 (1100), new outer ramps and couplings are installed.
M-925 Y 34-25-1986All Models Handlebar Switches
Notes: Beginning with 1986 models;
The switch housings no longer have tabs or slots in the housing contact surfaces.
M-927 Y 6-17-1986XLH Models Flywheels and Crankpin Bearings
Notes: Beginning with crankcase numbers 1786 083 003 (883) and 1886 090 012 (1100),
a new crank pin bearing set and revised flywheels are being installed.
Note: This bulletin updated thru TSB 937 below.
M-928 Y 5-27-1986All Models Turn Signal Flasher
Notes: New turn signal flasher (68543·64B) is being installed on all motorcycles at the factory.
M-929 Y 5-16-1986L1986 FLT/FXR Rear Fork
Pivot Shaft
Notes: The rear fork pivot shaft was changed on late 1986 models. Although the
configuration has changed, the function is the same.


Sportster Hydraulic Lifters
Notes: Beginning with crankcase No. 1786 127 043 (883) and 1886 127 001 (1100),
new style hydraulic lifters are being installed at the factory.
M-931 Y 6-24-1986Sound System Removal/Installation
Notes: Procedures for removing and installing the Premium Sound System chassis from FLHTC,
M-932 Y 6-6-19861866 1/2-Later FLST Front Fork Lubrication
Notes: The front fork tube configuration is similar to the FXST, except that a plug was
added to preload the fork spring.
M-934 Y 11-14-19861987 XL Mainshaft 1st Gear
(Recall 61)
Notes: Routine quality testing has indicated that a small number of 1987 XLs demonstrated
a loss of power transfer to the rear wheel due to mainshaft 1st gear tooth breakage.
M-935 Y 9-30-19861977-1984 FLH Tires
Notes: In addition to the recommended Dunlop K101A tires, the Dunlop K291T tire can be
used on 1977-1984 FLH vehicles.
M-936 Y 10-27-1986All 1985-1987 Models Tire Fitment
Notes: Tire and tube combinations and tubeless tire and tire valve combinations.
M-937 Y 11-14-19861987 FLT/FXR
Crank Pin,
Pinion Shaft & Bearings
Notes: Noting changes in the 1987 Service Manuals Engine Section.
And Service Bulletin M-927 regarding the new crank bearings.
(noting painted dots on crankpins instead of stamped numbers)
M-938 Y 12-5-19861987 XL Ignition Modules and
Left Main Bearing Endplay
Notes: Ignition module (32410-87) has been obsoleted and replaced by the 1986 ignition
module (32410-86). Individual shims are now available for XLH sprocket shaft bearings
to adjust flywheel end-play.
M-939 Y 12-5-1985FLST Pre-Delivery and Setup
Notes: Mid-year intro setup instructions.
M-940 Y 1-10-19871987 Softail Changes
Notes: Re-routed wires and oil tank “T” bracket changes.
M-941 Y 1-16-1987Late 1987 FXR / FXST
Rear Brake Systems
Notes: Hayes rear brake systems now used on all vehicles starting in late 1987 model year.
M-942 Y 1-30-19871987 XL Rear Wheel Sprocket
Notes: A quantity of 1987 XLH vehicles may have been shipped with improperly machined
rear wheel sprockets.
M-943 Y 2-27-19875 Speed Transmissions Gear Change
Notes: Change in the fifth gear (35626-79A) on the countershaft.
M-944 Y 4-24-1987Late 1987 XLH 1100 Engine Pushrods
Notes: Starting with crankcase number 1887-303-025,
all 1100cc Evolution engines are being equipped with shorter pushrods.
M-945 Y 5-1-1987All XLs Oiling System Check Valve
Notes: Beginning with crankcase numbers 1787-104-041 (883) and 1887-105-001 (1100),
a new style check ball and spring are being installed in Sportster engines.
M-946 Y 5-19-19871340cc Camshaft End-Play
Notes: New end-play specs.
M-947 Y 5-11-1987Late 1987 Sportster
and Big Twin
Cylinder Stud and Base Gasket
Notes: A new type of cylinder stud and gaskets introduced for ease of manufacturing and
assembly procedures.
M-948 Y 6-5-1987XL and FX Models 7 Spoke Cast Wheels (16“ and 19”)
Notes: This bulletin was an effort to gather additional field data on 1987 7-spoke cast wheels.
M-949 Y 6-26-19871987 XLH Transmission Cam Follower
Notes: Within the crankcase number range:
1787 063 001 thru 1787 159 608 (883) and 1887 062 035 thru 1887 160 001 ((1100),
a new style cam follower (34063-84A) is being installed on Sportster transmissions.

TSB 950-999

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-950 Y 7-2-19871986 Sportster Oil Filter Mount
Notes: Some oil filter mounts with may have an undersized oil passageway.
The check ball could stick causing reduced oil pressure.
So the ball size has been reduced instead of changing the mounts.
The new check ball will be useable on all 1986 and later Sportsters.
See also Oil Check Ball (L87 and Up) in the Sportsterpedia.
M-951 Y 7-25-1987All Models Tire Valve
Notes: The HD tire valve kit (40999-87) may contain either;
a 1-1/4“ long tire valve (stamped 413 on valve bottom)
or a 7/8” long tire valve (stamped 412 on valve bottom).
M-953 Y 8-14-19871987 FXR/XL 7-SPOKE WHEEL
(Recall 062)
Notes: During accelerated durability tests, certain 1987 FXR and XL vehicles showed
evidence of spoke cracking on the cast 7-spoke front and rear wheels.
M-954 Y 10-30-1987Big Twin New Crankcase
Breather Gear
Notes: The new design better accommodates slight variations in oil hole position that
occur during the manufacturing of the crankcases.
M-955 Y 9-8-19871988 1340cc Pinion Gears
Notes: A small number of 1988 1340 cc engines were built with pinion gears that may have
been made of the incorrect material.
M-956 Y 10-20-1987 1988 XLHCV Carb Manifold Alignment
Notes: Aligning the hard rubber manifold using the CV carb.
Note: This bulletin was replaced by M-963.
M-957 Y 11-17-1987L1988 1340cc Rubber Mount Vehicles
Pivot Bolt Retainer
Notes: This Bulletin is to advise you of a retaining clip that was added as a running
change to 1988 rubber mount motorcycles.
M-958 Y 12-12-19879 Spoke Wheels Tubeless Tire Valve Stem
Notes: When replacing valve stems on any vehicle with 9-spoke cast wheels,
(including those installed as part of the 062 recall program),
the bolt-in style valve stem must be used.
M-959 Y 4-8-1988Springer Softail Pre-Delivery and Setup
Notes: This Service Bulletin describes Pre-delivery and Set-up instructions unique to
the FXSTS; a mid-year model introduction.
M-961 Y 4-8-1988AllScreaming Eagle Carb Kit
Accelerator Pump Length
Notes: Some Screaming Eagle carb kits (91731-85A), packaged during March of 1988,
Contained carburetors with accelerator pump rods that were too short.
The incorrect pump rods completely disabled the accelerator pump.
And also caused the engine to stumble upon fast acceleration.
M-962 Y 5-6-1988All Tire and Rim Identification
Notes: Information on tire and rim marking and approved rim contours.
Also contains charts showing the proper Dunlop tires for 1980 - 1988 motorcycles.
M-963 Y 5-2-1988 1988 XLHCV Carb Alignment
Notes: Discusses the new rubber manifold with molded in nubs and the old one.
This bulletin replaces M-956.
M-965 Y 5-31-19881988 XLH Adjusting Enrichener
on CV Carburetor
Notes: Guidelines for adjusting to the operation of the enrichener control on CV carbs.
M-966 Y 7-8-1988All 1988 Models Brake Banjo Fitting Washers
Notes: In January of 1988,
HD began assembling all brake banjo fittings with a new type of washer.
The steel ring holds a rubber ring in the center, replacing the copper washer.
M-967 Y 6-30-19881988 FXSTS Upper Front Brake
Caliper Bolt
(Recall 63)
Notes: The upper front caliper mounting bolt head is being changed to a 12 point style.
It's now drilled at the thread end to accept a cotter pin.
M-968 Y 9-2-19881340cc Engines One Piece
Flywheel-Pinion Shaft
Notes: Starting with 1589 221 007 (49 state) and #2089 221001 (California), all 1989 1340c
engines will be equipped with the pinion shaft and the right flywheel cast as one piece.
M-969 Y 9-13-19881989 FX Softail Gearcase Cover Removal
Installation Procedure
Notes: Bulletin issued to advise dealers of a design improvement to the FXST/C rear brake
master cylinder bracket.
M-970 Y 11-17-1988All 3 Piece Pivot Shaft Torque
Notes: Maintenance for the 3 piece, 12 point head pivot shaft has changed.
M-971 Y 11-11-19881989 XLH and 1340cc Engines 3 Piece Flywheel Assembly
Coding Crankcase Sets
And Flywheel Assemblies
Notes: Part #s \ procedures to service one-piece right side flywheel (1340) changed.
Size markings on 1340cc crankcase sets and flywheel assemblies changed.
Color code change on 1989 XLH flywheel assemblies.
M-972 Y 10-28-19881989 FXR Rear Brake Reservoir
Master Cylinder Hose
Notes: Strapping the M/C reservoir hose to the M/C caliper hose could pull the hose inward
to where it would rub against the exhaust mounting bracket.
M-973 Y 11-22-1988L1986-E1988 1340cc Motorcycles Transmission Shifter Fork
(Recall 64)
Notes: The possibility exists that the shifter fork(s) might fracture.
This could cause the transmission to malfunction.
M-974 Y 2-14-19891988-1989 RLE-TLE Sidecars Brake Side Plate
(Recall 65)
Notes: It's possible that during the assembly of rear brake side plate assemblies, curved
spring washers and/or flat washers were omitted from some of the assemblies.
M-975 Y 3-17-19891989 Ultra Control Pad Switch/
Transceiver Tests
Notes: Th1s Service Bulletin is intended to supplement the Serv1ce Manual Troubleshooting
guide for the 1989 Ultra Sound System.
M-976 Y 3-10-19891988-1989 Sportster Aluminum Intake Manifold
Notes: The current “rubber” intake manifold will be replaced with an aluminum manifold.
M-977 Y 6-9-19891989 XLH Air Cleaner Element
Notes: As a 1989 running change;
Sportsters will be equipped with an improved air cleaner element.
M-978 Y 5-3-19891989 XL Positive Battery Cable
(Recall 66)
Notes: It's possible that the “+” battery cable used on some '89 XLs could
short circuit due to excessive wear and chafing if routed in a certain position.
M-979 Y 5-23-1989FLTC/FLHTC Ultra Sealing DIN Connector
Notes: Water shorts pin 2 to ground and causes continuous muting of the radio.
M-980 Y 5-23-1989Springer Rocker Pivot Studs
Notes: Rocker pivot studs (45660-88 & 45663-88) have been redesigned and are being
manufactured with a thicker head.
M-981 Y 6-2-19891989 Ignition Modules Coil Wire
Terminal Replacement
Notes: All model vehicles built between April 20, 1989 and May 5, 1989;
May have an improperly crimped ignition module wire terminal.
M-982 Y 7-7-1989Late 1989 XLH 883 Offset Pistons
Notes: As a running change, 883cc pistons have offset piston pins.
M-983 Y 7-21-19891989 FLTC/FLHTC Ultra Cruise Control System
(Recall 67)
Notes: It's possible the cruise control system may be susceptible to water contamination.
M-984 Y 8-18-1989Late 1989 Engines Rocker Box Gasket Adhesive
Notes: Some lower rocker boxes were made without a full inner lip to retain the rocker
box gaskets. Use an adhesive to hold gasket in place during assembly on these.
M-985 Y 8-18-19891989 Softail Battery Positive cable
Notes: As a running change Harley-Davidson manufacturing is adding a protective coating to
the battery positive cable where it contacts the bottom, inside edge of the oil tank.
M-986 Y 9-15-19891989-1990 1340cc Clutch Pushrod
Adjusting Screw
Notes: From 7/10/89-7/29/89, an unknown quantity of these motorcycles were manufactured
with a clutch push rod adjusting stud that was “cupped” at the push rod end.
M-988 Y 10-27-19891989-1990 FXST
Rear Brake Line
(Recall 068)
Notes: The possibility exists that the steel tube of the rear brake line assembly could
develop a fatigue fracture as the result of vehicle operation.
M-989 Y 12-8-1989FX Module Wire Routing
Notes: Beginning with 1988 FX model year, the wires from the ignition module to the coil
and sensor plate have been routed between the oil tank and the frame.
M-990 Y 1-16-19901989-1990 California XL Models Positive Battery Cable
(Recall 69)
Notes: It's possible “+” battery cable used on these XLs could short circuit due to possible
chafing if cable's in close proximity to the evap. emissions control system.
M-991 Y 3-30-19901990 1340cc Clutch Information
Notes: Production changes and a modification that may increase clutch release bearing life.
M-992 Y 3-30-19901340cc Left Side Crankcase
Notes: In April, 1990, HD changed the design of the 1340cc left side crankcase half.
M-993 Y 3-30-19901990 Sportster Ignition Wire Re-routing
Notes: Variations in assembly could cause,
Contact between the white ignition wire and the oil tank and/or transmission vent hoses.
M-994 Y 3-30-1990FLTC/FLHTC Ultra Changes and
Dialectic Grease
Notes: FLT/FXR FSM changes. Improved sealing of CB pod toggle switches. Change from inch
to metric threads on cruise control servo motor fasteners. Availability of deictic grease for
sealing connectors.
M-995 Y 4-17-1990L1990 Softail Batteries
Notes: In late 1990 HD received a shipment of batteries from Yuasa on which the vents
were offset an additional 0.150“ away from the battery case than the vents
specified on previous batteries.
M-996 Y 7-6-19901986 and Later XL-FX and FXR 16” Rear Laced Wheel
Properly Locate Rim / Hub
Notes: A change to 1986-later service manuals to properly locate the rim with the hub.
M-998 Y 5-31-19901990 XLH Positive Battery Cable
Wire Form
(Recall 69)
Notes: Some 1990 XLs may have been assembled with wire forms not meeting specifications.
M-999 Y 6-12-19901990 FLTC/FLHTC Ultra Cruise Control System
(Recall 71)
Notes: The cruise control system in some early 1990 FLTC Ultra and FLHTC Ultra models
may be susceptible to water contamination.

TSB 1000-1049

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-1000 Y 10-5-19901991 XLH/FX XLH Volt Reg
Wire Re-route.
XL/FX FSM Correction.
Notes: XL assembly variations could cause contact between the black voltage regulator
wire and the oil tank or transmission vent hose. Also the illustrations for testing
the circuit breaker are wrong in XL and FX FSMs. Correction noted in this bulletin.
M-1001 Y 1-15-19911990 FLTC and FLHTC Ultra Updates
Notes: Bulletin provides service procedures to correct customer problems related to;
Cruise Control Impedance Lowering Circuit. TLE-Ultra Sidecar Speaker Hum.
AM Static. Acell and Decell Feature of Cruise Control. BT Throttle Cable Bracket.
M-1002 Y 10-16-19901991 XLH Right Footrest Mount
(Recall 72)
Notes: It's possible the right side rider footrest mount could fracture if subjected
to heavy impact loads.
M-1003 Y 11-27-1990All 1991 Model Changes
Notes: Champion Spark Plugs, Inc. has stopped making the (32317-86) XLH spark plug.
New plug is (32317-86A) with same operating characteristics now with a 5/8“ hex.
FXRP 4-way flasher wiring changed. FLT model's stoplamp wiring changed.
M-1004 Y 11-6-1990Late 1987-Early 1990
Front Brake Caliper
Upper Mounting Bolt
(Recall 73)
Notes: It's possible the upper mounting bolt on the front brake caliper(s) might
develop a fracture during normal use.
M-1005 Y 11-13-1990All Models
with CV Carb
Cold Weather
Motorcycle Operation
Notes: This bulletin provides information to resolve customer starting and drive-ability
difficulties that may occur during cold, damp weather.
M-1006 Y 12-12-19901991 1340cc Alternator Rotor
Compensating Sprocket Spacing
Notes: Procedures.
M1007 Y 12-21-1990All Models Rear Caliper
Abutment Shims
Notes: The new caliper abutment shims do not have tabs but rather an
ear through which the mounting bolts are inserted to hold them in place.
M-1008 Y 12-21-19901990 FLT
All E1991 Models
Turn Signal
Control Module
(Recall 74)
Notes: It's possible that if a front or rear turn signal lamp on one side malfunctions;
The other turn signal lamp on the same side and telltale indicator lamp may
continue to flash, contrary to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #108.
M-1009 Y 3-26-1991FXR Saddlebag Attachment Kits
Notes: New beryllium-copper (copper colored) retaining ring as a mid-1991 production change.
M-1010 Y 2-22-1991L1987-E1990
Front Brake Caliper
Upper Mounting Bolt
(Recall 73 Addendum)
Notes: Return of unused parts from dealer stock.
M-1011 Y 3-26-19911340cc Crankcase Information
Notes: Test procedure for leaks between the left crankcase half and the primary chaincase
and providing methods for repairing leaks discovered.
M-1012 Y 6-25-1991All 1990-1991 Models 30 Amp Main
Circuit Breaker
(Recall 75)
Notes: The 30 Amp circuit breaker might malfunction during vehicle operation, resulting
in a possible temporary disruption of the electrical system function, including lights,
ignition and accessories.
M-1013 Y 7-25-19911991 Models Model Updates
Notes: All model changes:
All wheels are using FLT-style sleeves and spacer shims to adjust wheel end play.
The fuel tank filler cap gasket (611 09-85C), except on FLTs, will no longer be
included with replacement fuel tanks for parts order but it will still need to be installed.
1340cc changes:
New style lockplate for the transmission sprocket.
An air/oil separator inserted in the air duct tube on the gearcase cover.
Both transmission support blocks equipped with locating dowel pins.
A new four-sided fuel inlet valve.
FXR changes:
The rear fork will include a hole on each side for using the same
alignment tool currently used on Dynaglide and Sportster models.
FLTC and FLHTC Ultra changes:
There were two significant changes on the Sound System in February 1991.
M-1014 Y 8-26-19911991 Sportster Gas Tank Hardware
Notes: Additional washers need to be used to install Sportster
gas tanks with the number “1” stamped on the front mounting tab.
M-1015 Y 10-20-19911992 Models Front / Rear Brake
Pad Replacement
(Recall 76)
Notes: It's possible for the friction pad to separate from the backing plate and
dislodge from the front or rear caliper assembly.
M-1016 Y 9-17-19911991 FXDB Sturgis Jiffy Stand Spring
and Anchor Plate
Notes: Improved stand and anchor plate.
M-1017 Y 10-4-19911990-Earlier FLT/FLHT Brake Lamp
Relay Kit
Notes: Kit is available if any customers complain of a failed stoplight switch or experience
a popping noise in the sound system speakers when the brakes are applied.
M-1018 Y Oct. 1990All Neutral Switch
Notes: In 1992, HD increased the hardness of the plunger in the neutral switch.
On a certain number of switches, the plunger plating was done improperly.
M-1019 Y 4-3-1992All Tire and Rim Identification
Notes: Information on tire and rim marking, approved rim contours and inner tubes.
Contains charts showing proper Dunlop tires to install on 1980-1992 motorcycles.
M-1020 Y 1-24-1992All Batteries
Notes: Warranty, setup, maintenance, storage and testing procedures for batteries.
M-1021 Y 1-21-19921989-1990
FX-FL Softail
Positive Battery Cable
(Recall 77)
Notes: It's possible the ”+“ battery cable could chafe due to proximity to oil tank.
M-1022 Y 2-14-19921992 XLH/FXD
(except FXRT)
New Headlight Assembly
New Wiring Harness Connector
Notes: New halogen headlamp assembly (67698-81C) by North American Lighting (NAL).
M-1023 Y 3-14-1992All Winter Fuel Conditioner
Notes: Introducing a Winter Fuel Conditioner as a freezing point depressant to eliminate
carburetor icing.
M-1024 Y 5-29-19921989-1990
FX/FL Softail
Positive Battery Cable
(Recall 078)
Notes: The positive battery cable installed by recall 077 could possibly fail in service.
M-1025 Y 5-26-1992All Battery Cases
Notes: Yuasa changed their molds to eliminate the sharp bottom edges of their battery cases.
M-1026 Y 7-24-19921987-1992 FXR
1990-1992 FXD
Front Fork
Pinch Screws
(Recall 079)
Notes: A fuel tank leak could occur if the front fork assembly shears the steering stop
and certain components contact the fuel tank on severe impact. See also
bulletin #M-1028 for updates.


All Running Changes.
Notes: Correcting Service Bulletin M-1027. Improved cylinder base gaskets.
New camshaft crankcase caged needle bearing in 1340cc engines.
New improved grease fitting (9851B) replaces 9851A.
M-1028 Y 9-18-19921987-E1993
Supplement to M-1026
(Recall 079)
Notes: Models added to the recall.
M-1029 Y 12-18-19921990-1991
1340cc Big Twins
Carb Fuel Inlet Valve
(Recall 081)
Notes: It's possible the fuel overflow system may at times release fuel onto the ground,
beyond the intended design of the system.
M-1030 Y 10-2-1992All Additional 1992
Model Changes
Notes: HD increased the torque spec for cast wheel sprocket fasteners to 55-65 ft-lbs.
The new '92 horn caused radio interference on models equipped with a radio.
So a horn relay was added and later replaced with a capacitor and moving the
power source.
M-1031 Y 11-25-19921993 All Models Screws (3655)
(Recall 080)
M-1032 Y 1-12-19931989-1992 Softail Starter Relay
(Recall 082)
Notes: On some models, the starter may short internally. The new starter was relocated
under the seat on right side of ignition module.
M-1033 Y 3-12-1993E1989 Softail Supplement to M-1032
(Recall 082)
Notes: Additional information.
All Engine VIN Stamping Change
Notes: The location of the VIN is changed slightly and the VIN is now pin stamped by
machine in a dot pattern. Update bulletin corrected a bad picture in the first bulletin.
M-1035 Y 10-8-1993All Carb Float Pin Pedestals
Notes: As a running change, HD changed the configuration of a carburetor float pin pedestal.
One of the pedestals now has an interference fit to hold the float pin more securely
in place. A cast-in arrow points at the ROUNDED pedestal having the interference fit.
M-1036 Y 8-23-1993Fender Screws Kit # (91080-93)
Socket Head Screws
Notes: The Heritage chrome front fender rail kit (91080-93) with a packaging date of 6/93,
contains four (4) screws, Part (4326A) which could possibly break.
M-1037 Y 11-5-19931994 XL/1340 Models High Contact Ratio
(HCR) Gear Part Numbers.
Notes: Bulletin identifies which models contain the HCR gears.
And gives part numbers for both standard and HCR gears.
M-1038 Y 11-16-1993Early 1994 Sportster Front Fender Bolts
(Recall 084)
Notes: Some front fender retention bolts of Sportster family motorcycles manufactured from
September 23, 1993 through October 15, 1993 could possibly break.
Y 2-15-19941989-1994 FLT
TLE sidecar
Sidecar Adapter Kits
Notes: Adapter kits are provided to adapt all TLE sidecars to all FLT model motorcycles
from 1989 - 1994. Wiring instructions included with bulletin.
M-1040 Y 2-15-19941994 Ultra New Cruise Set/Resume
CB (PTT) Switches
Notes: The purpose of this service bulletin is to inform you of the new sealed handlebar
switches used on Ultra models.
M-1041 Y 1-10-19941993-1994 FLTC
Control Cables
(Recall 085)
Notes: HD did a voluntary recall due to an increase in operating force that may be required
to operate the throttle of some 1993 and 1994 FLTC and FLHTC Ultras.
M-1042 Y 4-19-19941340cc Engines Replacing Pinion Bearing
Retaining Ring
(Product Program #1)
Notes: The purpose of this service bulletin is to inform you of the need to inspect and
replace the pinion bearing retaining ring on (180) 1340 cc engines.
M-1043 Y 5-24-19941994 XL/1340 Models New Cylinder Base Gaskets
New Cylinder Studs.
Notes: Describes crankcase ID numbers that include the new gaskets and stud changes.
New studs no longer provide interference thread fit with crankcase tapped holes.
M-1044 Y 6-24-19941994 1340cc
Primary Chain Replacement
(Product Program #2)
Notes: Harley-Davidson has learned that the primary chains used in production on a number
of these models may have experienced some premature wear.
M-1046 Y Sept. 1994FXSTSB Handlebar Setup
Notes: In October 1994, the FXSTSB Bad Boy will start to ship in the narrow crate. To allow
use of a narrow crate, the handlebars are removed and fastened to a platform.
M-1047 Y Jan. 1995XLH 883 Coated Pistons.
Notes: As of October 19, 1994 Sportster 883s have coated pistons. The coating will be applied
in the area under the rings on both thrust faces.
M-1048 Y 11-21-19941995 1340cc Engines Jackshaft Runout
Notes: The starter jackshafts used in production on a number of 1995 1340cc model vehicles
may have excessive shaft runout.
M-1049 Y 2-21-19951993-1995 FLT Front Fork Air
Control Banjo Bolts
Notes: The torque given for the front fork air control banjo bolts in both the 1993-1994
and 1995 FLT Service Manuals, namely 25-30 ft-lbs (34-41 Nm), has been reduced.

TSB 1050-1099

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-1050 Y 2-21-19951995 FLT Ultra Headset Speaker Noise
Notes: The 7-place DIN cable may have an improperly routed “drain” wire that results in
static or “ticking” in the headset speakers.
M-1051 Y 3-23-19951995 FLHTCU-I Sequential Port
Fuel Injection
Service & Parts Supplement
Notes: The information in this bulletin is presented to correct or clarify certain statements
made in the Service and Parts Supplement (99462-95.)
M-1052 Y 8-11-19951996 FLHTC Ultra Reed Switch
Wiring Change
Notes: The filament in the speaker switch indicator light may short to the reed switch wire
and burn-out the reed switch.
M-1053 Y 9-20-1995All Instrument/Gauge
Replacement Guidelines
Notes: This bulletin has guidelines on how to determine if warranty replacement is justified
on instruments that do not zero and/or exhibit moisture on the inner face of the lens.
M-1054 Y 10-3-19955 Speed Sportster Replacing 5th Gear
Mainshaft Assm.
(Product Program #3)
Notes: Some 5 speed Sportster engines have been assembled using mainshaft bearings not
meeting H-D specifications.
M-1055 Y 10-10-19951988-1996 XL883-XL1200
1991-1996 1340cc
Air Cleaner
Filter Elements
(Recall 086)
Notes: Two replacement air cleaner filter elements (29330-96) and(29331-96) contain a baffle
plate which could detach and become lodged in the throat of the carburetor.
M-1056 Y 1-26-1996XLH/FL/1340 1996 Model Year
Running Change Update
Notes: 883/1200 XLH has a new clutch outer ramp. The 1200 XLH has a fire ring on the head
gasket and Teflon coated pistons. 1340cc engines have a new oil filter mount adapter
plus the fire ring on the head gasket. FLs got new brake line clamps and the VIN stamp
was moved to the right side of the frame.
M-1057 Y 7-16-1996All EFI Models EFI Intermittent
High Idle
Notes: HD received reports from dealers that electronic fuel injection equipped models were
experiencing intermittent high idle speeds, usually after a hot restart.
M-1058 Y 4-26-1996FLT Ultra
FLT Classic
Volume Control
Replacement Switch
Notes: The replacement volume control switch (71593-96) must be installed differently on
FLT Ultra and FLT Classic models.
M-1059 Y 6-19-19961996 Sportster/FX Softail
Dyna/FL Softails
Rear Brake
Master Cylinder
(Recall 087)
Notes: These rear brake master cylinders, supplied by Hayes Industrial Brake Inc., contain
a seal that in certain situations, may move out of position on the rear master cylinder
piston with a possible loss of rear braking performance. The front brake performance
is not affected.
M-1060 Y 11-19-1996All 1997 Supplemental
Service Information
Notes: FLT: Hole on left side of frame cross member is used for cruise cable routing only.
Sportster: The positive battery cable is shipped loose outside the battery box and
must be routed up through the hole in the rubber tray liner before being connected
to the battery.
FLSTS: Procedure for fixing a bound front end. Correct tool to adjust shifter pawl.
FLSTS/FXSTS/FXSTSB: Rocker adjustment.
FLSTS: Transmission drain plug can be removed. Don't remove the muffler baffles.
FLT: License plates in some states may not fit the bracket.
FL: Check for ignition sensor wire location.
Other: Tour Paks and special tools discussed.
M-1061 Y 8-21-19961997 XL Wheel Bearing Grease
Notes: A small number of 1997 XLs manufactured with cast/disc wheels may have
been shipped with insufficient amounts of wheel bearing grease.
M-1062 Y Oct. 1996FXDWG
Handlebar Setup
Notes: In October 1996, the FXDWG, FLSTC, FLSTF and FLSTS will start to ship in the
narrow crate. To allow use of a narrow crate, the handlebars are removed and
fastened lengthwise to the riser.
M-1063A Y 11-1-19961994 FL
FX/FL Softail
FL Models
Vacuum Operated
Fuel Valves
(Recall 088)
Notes: The effects of reformulated gas along with certain usage of the vacuum petcock
could affect the supply of gas to the carb. This condition required two factors:
the use of reformulated fuels containing MTBE, and
starting the motorcycle with the fuel valve handle in the OFF position.
M-1064 Y 1-24-19971997 Dyna
Service Manual Update
Notes: Correcting errors in turn signal charts as printed in these model Service Manuals.
M-1065 Y 12-10-1996All API Oil Service
Designation Change
Notes: This Bulletin has been prepared to inform you of a new service designation
(API SJ) in automotive engine lubricating oils for WATER-COOLED gas engines.
M-1066 Y 12-20-1996Parts Stock Electronic Fuel
Injection Update
Notes: The fuel injection program began in 1995. There were very few actual problems with
the fuel injection components (less than 3 in 1000 vehicles). So there is little need for
dealers to have a large inventory of fuel injection parts.
M-1067 Y 6-13-19971997 EFI Models ECM Recalibration
Notes: The batteries of 1997 fuel injected vehicles may discharge with the ignition/light
key awitch in the OFF (FLHTC/U-I) or LOCK (FLHR-I) position.
M-1068 Y 9-26-19971980-1998
Tire and Rim
Notes: This Bulletin gives information on tire and rim marking, approved rim contours
and contains charts showing the proper Dunlop tires to install on 1980-1998
Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
M-1069 Y 10-21-1997Helmets Americana/Flame
& Stinger Graphics
Half Helmets
(Recall 089)
Notes: Certain helmets shipped from the ACE Distribution Center from May 18, 1997
through September 23, 1997 may have misassembled helmet straps.
M-1070 Y 12-12-19971998 FL Touring
FL Softail
Rear Brake
Pedal Assembly
(Recall 090)
Notes: The rear brake pedal assembly may have an inadequate weld.
M-1071 Y 7-22-19981994-1998
FL Touring Models
Ignition Switch
(Recall 091)
Notes: The affected motorcycles may be subject to a loss of electrical power through the
ignition switch.
M-1072 Y 8-21-1998L1998-1999 FLTR Headlamp Assembly
Mounting Clips
Notes: This Bulletin gives information on improved headlamp assembly mounting
clips (67981-98A).
M-1073A Y 10-12-1998Tour Pak Lid gasket Modification
Notes: This Bulletin gives information on a supplemental gasket kit (93837) designed to
eliminate King Tour-Pak lid rattle.
M-1074 Y 10-6-1998Backrest Kit Detachable Backrest KitS
(Recall 092)
Notes: Under certain conditions the backrest could detach from it's front mounts.
M-1075 Y 10-30-1998Horn Cover Custom Horn Cover
(Recall 093)
Notes: Abrasion, leading to possible fuel leakage, can occur between the fuel line and the
accessory custom horn cover (69528-98).
M-1076 Y 11-16-19981993 XL883C Custom Certification Label
(Recall 094)
Notes: Certain 1999 XL883Cs fail to conform to FMVSS 120 section 5.3.
The certification label indicates front tire size (100/90-19 57H instead of (MH90-21 56H).
Also the certification label does not contain the correct model designation (XL 883C).
M-1077 Y 11-16-19981999 FLT Fuel Tank & Voltage
Regulator Setup
Notes: Fuel tank alignment and voltage regulator wiring harness routing.
M-1078 Y 4-9-19991994-1999 Dyna Convertible Saddlebag Service Kits
Notes: These kits will permit certain repairs to be made to these saddlebags, thus
eliminating the need for costly saddlebag replacement.
M-1079 Y 1-22-19991999 TC 88 Cam Sprocket Bolt Replacement
(Recall 095)
Notes: The cam sprocket bolt on certain 1999 models could lose its clamp load and/or break.
M-1080 Y 5-17-1999Quad Ring Clutch Inspection
Cover Seal
Notes: New quad ring (25416-84A).
M-1081 Y 2-3-1999All Electronic Speedometer
Notes: Some of the new electronic speedometers used on 1999 models are developing spots
on the odometer face. An investigation has revealed that the problem may occur when
ambient temperatures drop below freezing.
M-1082 Y 3-12-1999FXR/FXD SE Race Brace Supports
(Recall 096)
Notes: The rear brake pedal could come into contact with some of these which could limit
the travel of the rear brake pedal.
M-1084 Y 5-1-1999Softail/Dyna Glide Carb Update
Notes: On certain models in stock configuration, the fuel mixture may be too lean and cause
the bike to run rough. This condition can be corrected by installation of carburetor
update kit (27365-98).
M-1085 Y 8-4-199949 State Dyna/FXR/Softail Fuel Tank Vent
Line Connector
(Recall 098)
Notes: The fuel tank vent line connector (61131-92) on certain models may be plugged.
M-1086 Y 8-18-19991998 Sidecar Axle
(Recall 099)
Notes: Voluntary recall to inspect, and if required, replace the axle on all potentially
affected vehicles.
M-1087 Y 9-13-19991997/1999 MT-500 Certification Label
(Recall 097)
Notes: The certification label(s) were not installed where required.
M-1088 Y 9-22-19992000 XL Voltage Regulator
Notes: A grounding issue may exist with the voltage regulator.
All Charging Sealed
AGM Batteries
Notes: The new Absorbed Glass Mat batteries provide longer service life and
improved cranking.
M-1091 Y 10-12-19991990-Later BT
1989-Later XL
1999-Later TC-88
Certain SE Manifolds
Updated Intake
Manifold Seals
Notes: New flange and seal configuration.
M-1093 Y 11-19-19991999-2000 FLT Vapor Valve / Bank
Angle Switch Mounting
(Recall 0101)
Notes: Re-mount vapor valve and bank angle switch following instructions in this bulletin.
M-1095 Y11-12-19991999-2000 XL1200C Handlebar Replacement
(Recall 0100)
Notes: All 1999 and certain 2000 model year XL1200C models may have been manufactured
with a handlebar that could break.
M-1096 Y 11-16-1999FLHT Fairing Lower
Notes: Effective in November, 1999, a running change to the cut of the right side fairing
lower on Ultra models increases the flow of air across the engine.
M-1097 Y 12-21-1999Twin Cam 88
Twin Cam 88B
New Rear Cam
Roller Bearing Assembly
Notes: Effective December 14, 1999, a new rear cam roller bearing assembly was
installed in Twin Cam 88 and Twin Cam 88B engines.
M-1098 Y 4-28-2000L1999-2000 XL Gearcase gaskets
Notes: Late production 1999 Sportster and Buell engines use the 2000 gearcase cover/gasket.
M-1099 Y 2-15-20001999-2000 All Service Information
Notes: 1999 FL/Dyna engine sensor harness, FL voltage regulator cables.
FL/Softail 5” speedometer. 2000 FL EFI fuel gauge.
New tail lamp bulb on all 2000 models.
2000 FL has a new starter relay, tourpak side marker bulb.
AGM batteries for all and to retrofit earlier models.
New rear tire on 2000 police models.
Corrected flow chart for 2000 FLT FEM.

TSB 1100-1149

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-1100 Y 7-10-20001999-Early 2000
Twin Cam 88
Twin Cam 88B
Cam Bearing Repair Kits
Notes: Two repair kits are now available to expedite rear cam bearing repair
M-1101 Y 4-25-2000FLTRSEI Idle Speed Setting/
Wiring Diagram
Notes: Some early production models were shipped with an improperly adjusted hot idle.


2000 FLTRSEI Clutch Cable Mounting
Notes: HD has elected to install the latest clutch cable guide and clamp on all 2000
FLTRSEI motorcycles.
M-1103 Y 7-28-20002000 Sportsters Revised Transmission
Vent Hose Routing
Notes: The new routing eliminates sags (low points below fitting at crankcase) in the hose
where oil may collect and be forced out later.
M-1104 Y 8-15-20002000 Sportsters Ignition Switch
and Key Kit
Notes: Bulletin contains repair/ warranty procedures to remove and replace the ignition
switches that allow the key to be removed with switch in the “IGNITION” position.
M-1105 Y 8-10-2000FLTRSEI Idle Speed Adjustments
Magnetti-Marelli EFI
Notes: New cold/warm-slow idle speed setting procedure for all Magnetti-Marelli EFI
equipped vehicles with “stock” ECM calibrations.
M-1106 Y 2-16-20011999-2001
Cruise Control
Inoperative Diagnostics
Notes: Updating FLT manuals (99483-99), (99483-00) and (99495-01).
M-1107 Y 2-20-20011999-Later FLT Stator/Voltage Regulator
Connector Relocation
Notes: The routing of the stator wires and placement of the stator/voltage regulator
connector may allow primary chaincase lubricant to seep from the chaincase
into the connector.
M-1108 Y 4-2-20012001 Sportster Emission Control Label
(Recall 0600,0601,0602)
Notes: Certain 2001 Sportsters were manufactured with the incorrect Vehicle Emission
Control Information label.
M-1109 Y 1-23-20012001 FXDL Jiffy Stand Leg
Notes: The jiffy stand legs may not fully lock in the down or forward position.
M-1110 Y 12-22-20002001 FLT (EFI) High Current Draw
(Product Program PP6)
Notes: A condition could exist that allows the battery to gradually discharge if the
engine was shut off.
M-1111 Y 2-16-20011999-Later FLT New Stator
Notes: On January 2, 2001;
An improved stator went into production on all fuel injected FLT models.
M-1112 Y 4-9-20011999–Mid 2001 Twin Cam
1997–1998 Evolution
Fuel Injected
Calibration Changes
Notes: Improved ECM calibrations now available for select models using Digital Technician.
M-1113 Y 8-13-20012002 EFI
Module Change
Notes: A change made to the TSM/TSSM module because of an ECM change
on 2002 EFI models.
M-1114 Y 10-4-20011999-Later
Twin-Cam 88
SE Ignition Module
(Recall 0103)
Notes: Twin-Cam 88 Screamin’ Eagle Ignition Modules could, under certain conditions,
shut off without warning.
M-1115 Y 11-9-20012001-2002 All
(except Sportster)
2000 models
(with access security)
Bulb Voltage Detection
Notes: Proper setup procedure for turn signal modules and turn signal security modules.
M-1116 Y 9-10-2001Late 2000-Early 2001
Engine Sprocket Nut
Notes: Some models were produced with an incorrectly manufactured sprocket nut.
M-1117 Y 10-3-20012001 Dyna Glide Fuel Hose Clamp
Notes: A condition may exist on certain 2001 models that can cause the fuel hose to
become disengaged from the carburetor inlet.
M-1118 Y 10-8-20012001 SE FLTRSEI CD Changer Upgrade
Notes: Radio Sound, Inc. has developed an upgrade to the suspension system.
M-1119 Y 1-10-20022001-2002 FLT Front Fender Tip
Lamp Jumper Hatrness
(Recall 0105)
Notes: The clips retaining the front fender tip lamp jumper harness can become detached
on certain 2001 and 2002 FLT model motorcycles.
M-1120 Y 1-25-2002V-ROD Technical
Literature Update
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to inform dealers of two errors in VRSCA publications.


2001-up EFI Softail
2002 EFI Touring
New “Base”
Calibration ECM
Notes: The new “base” calibration ECM is to replace faulty stock calibration ECM’s on
Delphi equipped fuel injected domestic Big Twins only.
M-1122 Y 4-8-20022002 FLHRSEI Turn Signal Brackets
Notes: A running change which relocates the front turn signals.
M-1123 Y
2002 Dyna/Softail Carb Jet Needle
(Recall 0603)
Notes: Certain 2002 carburetor equipped Dyna and Softail model motorcycles do not meet
portions of Canadian, U.S. and California air quality regulations.
M-1124 Y 8-6-20022002 VRSCA Idle Improvement
Notes: There is a calibration upgrade available to improve the idle characteristics a
condition where the idle speed drops below the recommended limit.


2000 FLTRSEI Braided Clutch Cable
(Recall 0106)
Notes: The fully braided clutch cable may contact the rear brake line and cause the brake
line to abrade over time, thereby causing loss of rear brake fluid.
M-1126 Y 11-1-20022003 CVO Breather Baffle Replacement
Notes: The early style metal breather baffle assembly is more suitable for high performance
apps than the plastic one adopted as a running change in 2002 Twin Cams.
M-1127 Y 11-15-20021999-2003 Twin Cam Upper Connecting
Rod Bushing
Notes: The upper connecting rod bushing specs in the service manuals are not correct.
2001-up Softails
2002-up VRSCAs
2002-up Touring
New Password
Learn Procedures
Notes: Some problems have been experienced with the Password Learn Procedure .
(after ECM or TSSM module replacement)
2000-E2007 EFI models Flashing Trouble Codes
Notes: Due to changes to the ECM, the procedure by which trouble codes are flashed
through the check engine lamp has been affected.
M-1130 Y 2-12-20032002 FXDWG3 Rear Brake Line
(Recall 0107)
Notes: The rear brake line can fracture internally causing loss of rear brake fluid.
M-1131 Y 2-7-20032003 Sportsters Rear Wheel
Spacer I.D.
Notes: Some 2003 Sportsters were produced with incorrect rear wheel spacers (left side).
May affect assm. stack up / cause brake noise similar to a lightly applied rear brake.
The incorrect spacer (43617-00A) is the wrong length. Correct spacer (43654-00A).
M-1132 Y 2-19-2003Twin Cam 88/88B
5 speed Sportster
Head Torque Procedure
Notes: New standardized head torque procedure improves clamp force of cylinder heads.
Does not include Evolution 1340 or 4-speed Sportster.
M-1133 Y 3-4-20032003 Sportster Service Manual Update
Notes: The 2003 Sportster Service Manual (99484-03) incorrectly described the rear belt
deflection adjustment procedure.
M-1134 Y 3-31-20032003 SE FLHRSEI2 ECM Calibration Upgrade
Notes: Due to issues internal to the ECM, certain production 2003 Screamin’ Eagle
FLHRSEI2 motorcycles may be experiencing low power levels.
M-1135 Y 4-8-20032003 Road King/Softail
Ignition Switch Cover
Notes: There may be an issue with the ignition switch cover not staying in the closed
position on certain vehicles featuring a fuel tank console mounted ignition switch.
M-1136 Y 4-16-20032002 XL1200C Mirror Replacement
(Recall 0108)
Notes: Certain 2002 1200 Custom Sportsters, equipped with long stemmed mirrors, have
a condition whereby the left side mirror stem may fracture.
M-1137 Y 6-3-20032001-2003 Softail
2002-2003 Touring
2002-2003 VRSCA
Voltage Regulator
Information Update
Notes: Communicating a need for dealers to make corrections to the Electrical Diagnostic
manuals of models with series style voltage regulator/rectifier.
M-1138 Y 8-26-20031998-2003
Touring Models
Setting Required On
Replacement Radios
Notes: A change to the design of replacement radios requires the motorcycle model year be
selected under the model year configuration screen.
M-1139 Y 8-26-20032004 Sportsters Initial Care Program
Notes: Providing information on the Initial Care Program for 2004 Sportsters.
M-1140 Y 10-8-20032004 Sportster
Electrical Diagnostics
Manual Update
Notes: Communicating a need for dealers to make corrections to the carbureted
engine management sections of some Electrical Diagnostic manuals.


2003-E2004 VRSC Fuel Module
Flange replacement
Product Program
Notes: The new seal (12052A) is an improved design.
M-1142 Y 10-24-20032004 Sportster
Literature Update
Notes: Communicating updates to 2004 model year service literature.
M-1143 Y 11-1-20032004 Sportsters Oil Tank Vent
Hose Routing
(Product Program PP9)
Notes: Some oil tank vent hoses may have been incorrectly routed during assembly.
This may result in a pinched hose which does not allow adequate venting of
the oil tank.
M-1144 Y 12-5-20031999-Later
Touring models
Oil Cooler Kit
Notes: One of the oil lines may contact the engine crankcase. This condition could cause
the oil line to abrade over time, causing engine oil to spill.
M-1145 Y 2-2-20042004 FLHTCUI Ultra Sidecar Audio
Notes: Early 2004 FLHTCUI models lack the necessary wiring for operation of the Ultra
sidecar audio system.
M-1146 Y 2-13-2004KBC Helmets Helmets
(Recall 0110)
Notes: Helmets involved in this campaign may not comply with the penetration and impact
attenuation test requirement of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 218.
M-1147 Y 1-23-20042004 Dyna Glide EFI Fuel Tank
(Recall 0111)
Notes: A limited number of 2004 Model Year Dyna Glide fuel tanks with an angled fuel
fitting have been installed on Dyna Glide carbed engines that do not pass HD
impact test standards.
Late 1984-Up
Big Twins
Inner Primary Mainshaft
Oil Seal Change
Notes: The new seal (12052A) is an improved design.
M-1149 Y 2-12-20042004 Dyna
Fuel Line Replacement
(Recall 0112)
Notes: The rubber fuel hose may separate from the inner liner causing a fuel leak.

TSB 1150-1199

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-1150 Y 3-5-20041995-1996 EFI Touring Magneti-Marelli ECM
Notes: Correct adapter cable to use when using TechLink to connect to the
non-programmable Magneti-Marelli ECM.
2001-2003 FL
Main Circuit
Breaker Replacement
Notes: On certain models, a condition may exist whereby the 40 amp main breaker could
open due to reasons other than for which it was designed.
M-1152 Y 4-23-20042004 Sportsters Fuel Tank Console
Notes: As a running change, the XL Custom fuel tank console assembly has been
redesigned to minimize the potential for console fitment complaints and seat damage.
M-1153 Y 5-27-2004L2003-E2004 Sportster
Taillamp Bulb Replacement
(Recall 0114)
Notes: The existing taillamp bulb could become loose in the socket and render tail light
and brake light inoperative.
M-1154 Y 5-8-20042004 FXSTS/I Throttle/Idle
Cable Guide
(Product Program P10)
Notes: Some models are equipped with throttle/idle cable guide that may abrade cables.
M-1155 Y 8-16-20042004 VRSC Emissions Decal Replacement
(Product Program P11)
Notes: An incorrect emissions decal was installed on certain California V-Rod motorcycles.
M-1156 Y 8-16-20042004 VRSC Aux Volume Replacement
(Product Program P13)
Notes: Certain models shipped to California are equipped with an international (HDI)
catalyst containing auxiliary volume not intended for the California market.
M-1157 Y 6-25-20042004 VRSCB Instrument Housing Bezel
(Product Program P12)
Notes: On some motorcycles, sunshine reflected by the bezel has cosmetically damaged the
speedometer needle.
M-1158 Y 7-20-20042004 Sportsters
2004 Softails
2004 Service
Literature Update
Notes: 04 Sportsters:
Parts catalog: The fork lock O-ring (48027-99) is now available separately.
Electrical Diagnostic Manual: Correct the “spark timing advance” data entry to read
“0°-58° BTDC (range), 10° BTDC @ 1000 RPM”.
Correct step 3 under Current and Voltage Output Test;
It is important to pre-lubricate the needle bearings in the main drive gear.
Fork stem lower bearing procedural change.
Fork oil change specifications and procedural changes.
Correct the “Timing with engine speed at 950-1050” value entry to read “10° BTDC”.
04 Softail models:
Starter jackshaft bolt torque change.
M-1159 Y 10-1-20042004 FLHTCSEI
Buell XB9R/S
Australian Stationary
Noise Level Label
Notes: Australian motorcycles only. Install new label over old label when the bike is in
for other services.
M-1160 Y 10-28-20042004-2005 Touring
California Evap Canister
(Recall 0115)
Notes: Certain motorcycles built for the California market may have an evaporative fuel
canister on which a port is blocked.
M-1161 Y 10-11-20041994-Later Big Twin Improved Starter
Jackshaft Lip Seal
Notes: A new improved starter jackshaft lip seal will be introduced as a running change
on all 2005 Big Twin
M-1162 Y 10-20-2004All ICM Software Update
Notes: Running production / service change to provide an ICM strategy and PPU software
update. Bulletin provides part IDs, update benefits, and associated procedures to
update OE vehicles. See also Tech Tips #59 sheet dated March16,2005 for further
M-1163 Y 12-16-20042004-2005
Dyna Glide
P&A Voltage
Regulator Cover
(Recall 0116)
Notes: On certain motorcycles normal front suspension travel, under certain riding
conditions, could allow the rear tip of the front fender to become locked
in the voltage regulator cover installed.
M-1164 Y 12-21-20042005 FLHTPI ABS Warning
Lamp Malfunction
(Recall 0117)
Notes: If the fuse should blow, the rider will lose power to the ABS warning lamp at the
same time that power is lost to the ABS.
M-1165 Y 1-18-20052004-2005
Carbed Motorcycles
Fuel Delivery
System Investigation
Notes: With an issue diagnosed as a misadjusted/improperly adjusted float, or any
diagnosis that requires removal of the float bowl, return entire carb to HD
'un-tampered' for observation.
M-1166 Y 1-25-20052006 VRSCR Initial Care Program
Notes: Providing information on the Initial care Program for 2006 VRSCR motorcycles
M-1167 Y 1-26-20052005 XL/Dyna
Fuel Shutoff Valve
(Recall 0118)
Notes: Certain motorcycles were built with a fuel shut-off valve that was mis-manufactured
by the supplier. As a result, the functionality of the “on” and “reserve” positions of the
valve have been reversed.


2004–2006 XL Inner Rocker Covers
Notes: 2004 and later XLs with chrome rocker covers built 11/15/03-9/12/05 may have
possible oil leaks between the upper and lower rocker box covers due to the gasket
channel width in the lower cover.
M-1169 Y 5-24-20052002-2005 Softail Certification Label
(Recall 0119)
Notes: These vehicles may have a VIN/certification label that contains incorrect tire
size and inflation pressures for the front wheel.
M-1170 Y 5-27-20052003-2005 Touring
CVO/Twin Cams
Compensating Sprocket
Torque Procedure
Notes: Torque and 'turn of nut' procedure for tightening compensator sprocket.
M-1171 Y 6-24-20052005 FLHTPI
ABS Brake
Line Routing
(Recall 0120)
Notes: These vehicles may have been built with anti-lock brake system lines that were
reversed during the installation procedure.
M-1172 Y 7-23-20052006 VRSCD
Black Denim Paint
Care Instructions
Notes: An understanding of the characteristics of Black Denim paint and the required care
to the dealer network.


All Equipped Advanced Audio
Initial Care Program
Notes: Providing the AAS Initial Care Program for 2006 motorcycles equipped with the AAS,
or with AAS P&A kits.
M-1174 Y 7-23-20052006 Dyna Initial Care Program
Notes: Bulletin Provides information on the Initial Care Program for 2006 Dynas.
M-1175 Y 7-23-20052006 Sportster Powertrain Initial
Care Program
Notes: Bulletin Provides information on the Initial Care Program for 2006 Sportsters.
2006 Touring models Advanced Audio System
Software Update
Notes: Updating the receiver from early software versions, v6.8.0 or v7.4.0, to v7.8.0
will correct faults and make the receiver compatible with options including the
GPS Navigation System.
M-1177 Y 9-30-20052005 FLHTCSE
Front Brake Line
(Recall 0123)
Notes: The affected vehicles may have front brake lines that could leak due to a
manufacturing defect.
M-1178 Y 10-19-20052004-2006 Sportster Service
Literature Update
Notes: Communicating updates and corrections to 2004-2006 Sportster Service Manuals.
M-1179 Y 10-25-20052006 FLHX/I Mirror Relocation
(Recall 0121)
Notes: The affected vehicles were built with mirrors that were improperly located on
the inner fairing.
2004 Dyna/FXDL/I
Throttle Cable Routing
(Recall 0122)
Notes: The affected motorcycles have a condition that may allow the throttle cables to
contact the tunnel portion of the fuel tank possibly wearing through the tank,
causing a fuel leak, thereby presenting the risk of a fire and possible injury or
death to the rider.
M-1181 Y 11-17-2005All 2006 Service
Literature Update
Notes: Communicating updates and corrections to 2006 service and owner’s literature
(Service and Electrical Diagnostic Manual Corrections, advisable to get a copy
from your dealer).
M-1182 Y 12-1-20052006 Touring Models Improved Front
Rubber Mount
Notes: As a running change on 2006 models, the new front mount (16207-79C) will be
2006 Dyna 2006 Dyna Transmission
(Recall 0124)
Notes: Updated for a change to the recall kit part number and the detent arm kit assembly.
M-1184 Y 2-23-20062006 VRXSE Customer/Dealer Information
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to provide customer / dealer support information.
M-1185 Y 2-20-20062006 1450
Big Twins
Fuel Injector,
Calibration Changes
Notes: The 8° angle cone spray fuel injectors may cause
cold start and/or driveability problems on some models.
M-1186 Y 11-20-20062007 Big Twins ECM Calibration Upgrade
(Product Program 0903)
Notes: A recent refinement to the ECM calibration smooths the torque curve application
to minimize high shock loads to drive train components, which could cause engine
Master Cylinder
(Recall 0125)
Notes: The front brake master cylinder on certain Sportster models has a defect that may
allow the rear brake lamp to stay lit after the brake lever is released.
M-1188 Y 6-16-20062005 FLHTCSE2 Interior Light
(Product Program P14)
Notes: On certain models, failure of the mechanical switch may cause the Tour-Pak interior
light to stay on when the lid is closed, possibly resulting in battery drain.
M-1189 Y 7-15-20062007 Sportster Initial Care Program
Notes: This program allows Harley-Davidson to monitor initial repair trends on
significant components and provide rapid resolution to field concerns.
M-1190 Y 6-19-20062006 Touring Models Fork Lock
(Product Program 0900)
Notes: The fork lock can be broken if the rider attempts to turn the handlebars while the
forks are locked.
M-1191 Y 7-14-2006All 2007 Touring
and Police Models
Engine Idle Temp
Management System
Notes: This offers limited rear cylinder cooling with vehicle stopped while engine is
left at idle. If customer decides to delete rear cylinder cooling, he may contact
the dealer.

2000-E2007 All Swapping and Aligning
Fixed Dual Discs
Notes: Swapping and aligning the front brake discs on motorcycles having fixed dual disc
brakes can significantly reduce brake squeal.
M-1193 Y 7-14-20062007 Twin Cam Initial Care Program
Notes: Bulletin Provides information on the Initial Care Program Twin Cam motorcycles.
M-1194 Y 8-1-2006 VRSC
HD Predelivery
Setup Manual Update
Notes: Additional details needed to set up vehicles for customer delivery.
M-1195 Y 8-18-20062007 FLSTF Fork Slider Cover
Product Program
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to alert dealers to the possibility that the front
fork slider covers may damage the front fender of 2007 Fatboy motorcycles
if the front forks are fully compressed.
M-1196 Y 9-29-20062006-2007 Touring Audio System Update
Notes: Updated software for the Advanced Audio System has been released.
M-1197 Y 11-8-20062006 FLHTCUSE
Notes: The purpose of this service bulletin is to inform dealers of a running change to
the oil cooler and oil cooler adapter on Screamin’ Eagle, Electra Glide and
Ultra Classic models.
M-1198 Y 11-21-2006Wheels
Cosmetic Damage
Notes: Bulletin is intended to inform dealer personnel of preventive recommendations
to avoid cosmetic damage to painted wheels during service.
M-1199 Y 11-30-20062006 Dyna Battery Caddy Bolt
(Recall 0126)
Notes: Certain motorcycles contain a battery caddy bolt (4763) which may loosen under
normal riding conditions.

TSB 1200-1249

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
2007 XL Voltage Regulator
Notes: These models were built with voltage regulator (74546-07) which, as a result of
a greater body thickness than used in previous model years, may contact the
front fender under certain conditions.
M-1201 Y 1-12-20072006 FXDWGI
2007 FXDWG
(Recall 0127)
Notes: These models have internally wired handlebars which have a potential to crack
at the hole where the wires exit the handlebars between the handlebar clamps.
M-1202 Y 2-9-20072007 Dyna/Sportster Front Tire
(Recall 0129)
Notes: Models that specify a 100/90-19 front tire may have been assembled with a
90190-19 front tire.
M-1203 Y 3-9-20072007 Sportster Wiring Harness
Notes: The purpose of this service bulletin is to detail a running change that has been
made to the wiring harness on all 2007 Sportster models.
2006 Touring models Voltage Regulator
(Product Program 0902)
Notes: Certain 2006 Touring models were assembled with a potentially defective voltage
M-1205 Y 3-16-20072007 VRSC
2006-2007 Dyna
2007 Big Twin
Service Literature
Notes: Communicating updates to 2007 model year service literature.
M-1206 Y 4-9-20072007 Sportster Electrical Diagnostic
Manual Update
Notes: Updates and corrections to the manual (99495-07).
M-1207 Y 5-3-20072007 Softail Battery Cable Routing
(Recall 0130)
Notes: Recall consists of installing a battery caddy which includes a cable routing
channel and protective shield.
2006-2007 XL1200L
2007 XL1200N
Exhaust Shield
(Recall 0131)
Notes: The pant leg of some riders can have direct contact with the exhaust pipe.
M-1209 Y 7-5-20072006 VRSCR Exhaust Shield
(Recall 0132)
Notes: The pant leg of some riders can have direct contact with the exhaust pipe.
M-1210 Y 7-25-20072007 Police models Auto
Compression Release
(Product Program 0904)
Notes: These models upgraded with ACR components to enhance engine starting.
M-1211 Y 9-13-20072006-2007 Dyna Shock Screw Repair
Notes: Procedure to repair a broken shock screw on 06-07 Dyna models.
M-1212 Y 8-20-20072006-2007 FLTR/I Windshield
Silkscreen Repair
Notes: On certain models, inconsistencies in pad placement combined with irregularities
in the fairing surface may result in damage to the silkscreen on windshields.
M-1213 Y 9-11-20072008 All
Touring/Police Models
Engine Idle
Temp Management
Notes: This strategy offers limited rear cylinder cooling with the vehicle stopped
while engine is left at idle or at low vehicle speeds once the temperature
threshold is exceeded.
M-1214 Y 11-8-20072008 Dyna/FXD
Exhaust Shield
(Recall 0133)
Notes: “Shipped to California” models only. These motorcycles were built/ shipped
to California without the catalytic muffler protective heat shield installed.


2006-2007 Dyna
2008-Earlier FXDWG
2008-Earlier FX Softail
2008-Earlier VRSC
Steering Stem/
Nut Washer
Notes: Updated parts and service procedures to eliminate loss of clamp load on upper
steering stem nut.
M-1216 Y 2-12-20082008 VRSC/Dyna,
Service Literature
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to communicate updates and corrections for 2008
service and owner’s literature. (see additional updates in TSB M-1218)
Police/Escort FLs
ABS Brake Line
(Recall 0134)
Notes: These motorcycles are equipped with ABS in which inconsistencies in the routing of
the brake lines can cause abrasion of the brake lines and hoses.
M-1218 Y 3-18-20082008 Sportster/Softail
Service Literature
Notes: Additional service literature updates (also see TSB M-1216) for 2008 motorcycles.
M-1219 Y 4-15-2008All models
(except VRSC)
Rear Wheel Sprocket
Notes: This service bulletin is to inform dealers of the correct torque procedure for
the belt sprocket or compensator bowl (as applicable).


Engine Idle Temp
Notes: For those riders who frequently find themselves in riding conditions where the
vehicle is subjected to prolonged idle conditions or traffic congestion, an optional
dealer enabled engine calibration is available.
M-1221 Y 5-16-20082008 Softail
(except FXCW/FXCWC)
Main Harness
Notes: The convoluted high temp tubing located under the fuse blocks used to route part
of the harness has been replaced with a wire shield located behind the battery.
M-1222 Y 5-20-20082008.5 XR-1200 Initial Care Program
Notes: This bulletin is to provide information on the Initial Care Program for 2008.5
XR1200 motorcycles recently introduced into the European market.
M-1223 Y 7-29-20082002-2008
Touring models
Steering Head
Bearing Tension
Notes: Beginning in model year 2008 production, the allowable amount of swings while
checking steering head bearing preload was increased to three to four swings.
M-1224 Y 7-28-20082008 Touring models Fuel Filter Shell
(Recall 0135)
Notes: These vehicles may experience a cracking of the fuel filter shell, leading to a
loss of fuel pressure.
Engine Update
(Product Program 0905)
Notes: We are releasing two product programs to upgrade all 2007 and 2008 CVO
motorcycles built before April 9, 2008 to current design and production specs.
M-1226 Y 7-28-20082007-2008 CVO
110 C.I. Engines
Engine Update
(Product Program 0906)
Notes: Updated parts and service procedures to eliminate loss of clamp load on upper
steering stem nut.


2009 FLHTCUTG Initial Care Program
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to provide information on the Initial Care Program
for 2009 FLHTCUTG motorcycles recently introduced into the U. S. market.
M-1228 Y 7-31-20082008-E2009 Touring
(including CVO)
Rear Brake
Pad Service
Notes: Updated parts and service procedures to minimize rear brake noise.
M-1229 Y 8-8-2008AGM Batteries Battery Terminal
Screw and Torque
Notes: The captive star washer was replaced with a flat washer thereby changing the final
torque of the fastener.


2009 Tri Glide Service Information
Notes: This service bulletin is to inform dealers of service and tool information for
2009 FLHTCUTG Models.
M-1231 Y 9-26-20082006 Dyna
2007 Dyna, Softail
and Touring models.
Big Twin
Starter Fasteners
Notes: Starter fasteners may lose clamp load on these models.


Twin Cam/Sportster Piston Ring
Notes: Replacement of piston rings is not always necessary when cylinder is removed.
M-1233 Y 10-20-20081980-2009 Touring
1984-2009 Softail
Fork Cap &
Fork Tube
Plug Torque
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to inform the dealers that a change was made to
the final torque of the fork cap and fork tube plug.
M-1234 Y 12-5-20082009 All models Model Year Update
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to communicate 2009 Model Year updates
contained within service manual literature.
M-1235 Y 12-4-20082008-2009 XR-1200 Exhaust Installation
Notes: Update to the exhaust installation procedure on XR1200 models.
M-1236 Y 12-8-20082009 FX models Fuel Tank
Vent Tube
(Recall 0136)
Notes: Certain models have a fuel tank vent tube assembly which may have been
produced at the supplier with a questionable ultrasonic weld on the
anti-slosh valve.


(see below)
Notes: Updates and corrections for 2006-2009 service and owner’s literature.
Models affected: 2006-2009 Touring, Dyna, 2007 VRSC, 2009 VRSC,
Softail, Dyna, Touring, Sportster, Tri-Glide, Police, FLHTCUSE4, and
FLTRSE3 model motorcycles.
M-1238 Y 12-18-20082009 FXD/FXDF
Jiffy Stand
Spring Anchor
(Recall 0137)
Notes: Certain models have a jiffy stand spring anchor (47318-98) that may have
been made with a defective weld that may allow the jiffy stand assembly to
not retract as intended.
2008 Touring
(with ABS)
Calibration Upgrade
Notes: A recent refinement to the ABS adds compatibility with Michelin replacement tires
offered by Parts & Accessories, Accommodates police usage performance
requirements, Permits re-use of (HCU) if (ECU) replacement is required.


Trunk Door Seal
(Product Program 0907)
Notes: New seal to prevent water intrusion into the trunk area.
M-1242 Y 3-16-20092002-2009 VRSC
(except VRSCF)
P&A LED Turn
Signal Controller
Mount Bracket
(Recall 0138)
Notes: Due to the design of the mounting bracket, the controller may come in contact
with the oil filter.
M-1243 Y 3-18-20092009 Touring
Touring CVO
Stand Bracket
Lean Angles
Notes: A small number of 2009 touring models were built with a jiffy stand bracket which
allows the vehicle to lean over more when resting of the stand.
M-1244 Y 4-14-20092006-2009 Touring models Advanced Audio
Navigation Set-UP
Notes: 2006-2009 Touring Models with a recently installed Advanced Audio
System Navigation kit or 2009 FLHTCUSE4 models with AAS Navigation. In
manufacturing, a faulty integrated circuit (IC) was inadvertently installed in
Advance Audio System GPS Navigation modules.
Springer Fork
Acorn Studs
(Recall 0139)
Notes: A revised procedure has been identified for adjusting steering head bearings.
M-1246 Y 6-10-20092009 Touring models Steering Head
Bearing Adjustment
Notes: A revised procedure has been identified for adjusting steering head bearings.
M-1247 Y 6-18-2009All (except Trike) New Return Policy
for Plastic Crates
Notes: All dealers are to start returning black plastic components provided with
shipping crates.
M-1248 Y 7-13-20092009 Police Fork Bracket
(Product Program 0908)
Notes: HD has developed a fork bracket that permits a smaller turning radius which may
be required for use by some law enforcement agencies.
M-1249 Y 7-13-20092009-Later VRSC Fuel Level
Sensor Assembly
Notes: Fuel level sensor (75210-07B) is obsolete.
Part (75210-09) will retrofit 2007 and 2008 models (except VRSCR) with the
required fuel gauge recalibration utilizing Digital Technician.

TSB 1250-1299

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
2009 FLTRSE3 Blade Wheel
(Recall 0140)
Notes: The Blade rear wheel may have developed a crack due to the heat-treating process.
M-1251 Y 7-24-20092009 Touring
(with ABS)
Calibration Upgrade
Notes: The 2010 calibration changes can be applied to 2009 Touring model motorcycles also.
M-1252A Y 10-12-20092006-2009 Twin Cam
(w 6 speed)
Transmission Warranty/
Notes: This bulletin adds the requirement that all requests for gear packs must be
approved by Technical Service.
M-1253 Y 7-30-20092008-2010 FXDF/FXDFSE
2010 FXDWG
Critical Fastener
List Update
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to inform technicians to check exhaust bracket
torque at every service interval.
M-1254 Y 7-30-2009All Model Yrs
With Spoke Wheels
Spoke Checking and
Tightening Procedure
Notes: Proper method to check spokes at the service intervals or any time spokes are
checked for tightness.
M-1255 Y8-4-20092009-2010 Softail Fuel Line/Spark
Plug Routing
Notes: Check for proper routing during pre-delivery inspection (PDI).
M-1256 Y7-30-20092008-Later Touring Rear Wheel Compensator Wear
Notes: A procedure has been identified to check rear wheel compensator isolator wear on
2008 and later Touring model motorcycles.


2009 Touring FL
Police FL
Front Tire Wear Inspection
and Warranty Procedures
Notes: Bulletin restates the inspection and warranty process in Dunlop’s Limited Warranty
with application to D407F front tires on these models to address customer concerns
related to Noise, Vibration and Ride Quality.
Update bulletin to update non-U.S. market procedures.
M-1259 Y10-6-20092009 FLHTCUTG Trunk Door
Seal Replacement
Notes: 2010 Trike trunk door seal used as replacement on 2009 Tri Glide model motorcycles.
M-1260 Y 9-24-20092010 XL/XR Engine Temp Sensor
(Product Program 0909)
Notes: On certain models, the crimp on the terminals in connector [90A] of the ET sensor
can cause an intermittent or a total loss of connection.
M-1261 Y 10-1-20092010 FLHX/FLTRX Rear Light
Wiring Harness Routing
Notes: The rear lighting harness and antenna cable routing is different for 2010 FLHX and
FLTRX models as compared to previous model years.
M-1263 Y 10-14-20092007-Later Twin Cam Crankcase Dowel O-rings
Literature Update
Notes: On late 2007 model Twin Cam engines, the O-rings on the hollow dowels that align
crankcase halves were eliminated. Change also affects replacement crankcases.
M-1264 Y 12-11-20092009-2010
Touring models.
Fuel Tank Mount
(Recall 0141)
Notes: The fuel tank front mounts may distort in reaction to severe frame damage from a
front collision in a manner that may cause a fuel leak at the weld of the front bracket
to the tunnel.
M-1265 Y 1-22-20102010 Touring Seat Running Change
Notes: Notification of change of seat, backrest and seat strap and their part numbers.
M-1266 Y 1-19-2010Tri-Glide/Trike
Replacement Body
Ordering Process
Notes: The ordering process for a Trike replacement body or sidecar body is restricted
and requires authorization through Technical Service.
M-1267 Y 1-28-20102008-Later Sportster 883 Cylinder Liner Change
Notes: 883 cylinders can no longer be bored out to fit 1200 pistons. 883 cylinders changed
to a thinner liner which does not allow for boring to accommodate 1200 pistons
M-1272 Y 4-13-2010Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps Recall (0142)
Notes: Tie-Down Straps may slip at less than rated 1200 lb. load specification.
M-1289 10-11-20102006-2011 Touring models. Handlebar Clamp Screw
Running Change / CD Skip
Notes: New fastener(12500003) in all four locations on handlebar clamp.
Check handlebar clamp screw head for clearance with radio.

4-6-20112011 Softails Body Control Module
Recall (0144)
Notes: Module has a case that may not be sealed to prevent water intrusion.


2006-2013 Dyna
2007-2013 Softail
and Touring models
(6-speed transmissions)
Transmission Lubricant
Checking / Filling Procedures
Notes: Trans. lubricant check / fill procedures have been updated.

TSB 1300-1349

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-1304 Y 8-31-2011All 2007-later Touring/Dyna
Twin Cam CVOs
Big Twin Neutral Rattle
Notes: Due to normal manufacturing variations,
some vehicles will exhibit a normal noise called “neutral rattle”.
M-1310 Y 2-2-20172009-2012 Touring models Rear Stop Light Switch
(Recall 0145)
Notes: The affected motorcycle may experience a non-functioning stop light
and/or cause a brake fluid leak through the rear stop light switch.
M-1313 Y 7-20-20202002-2006 VRSC models Fuel Pump Service
Procedure Revision
Notes: Due to normal manufacturing variations,
some vehicles will exhibit a normal noise called “neutral rattle”.
M-1322 Y 4-3-20122012 Dyna FLD
2010-2012 Softail CVO
Notes: HD has received reports of saddlebags accidentally becoming unsecured.
M-1324 Y 5-16-20121990-Later Dyna Motorcycle Vibration
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to educate the technician on the best method for
resolving excessive vibration on Dyna models.


Certain 2008-2011
XL/FL/FX models
Fuel Filler Neck
Recall (0613)
Notes: Upon exposure to certain types of fuel formulations and/or high ambient temps,
the gas cap may develop a fitment issue between the female threads in the gas
tank fill neck and the male threads on the gas cap.
M-1325 Y 6-11-2012All 2012 models
(except V-Rod)
Voltage Regulators
(Product Program 0912)
Notes: Due to supplier quality issues, HD has chosen to replace voltage regulators on
certain 2012 motorcycles.
M-1330 Y 4-22-20202006-2009 Twin Cam with
6-speed Cruise Drive trans
Trans Replacement Parts
Notes: Replacement 6-speed Cruise Drive trannies / gear packs having a spur
5th gear will be replaced by 2010-later assemblies having a helical 5th gear.
M-1333 Y 10-23-20122012 and certain 2013 VRSCDX License Plate Bracket
Recall (0148)
Notes: The License Plate Bracket assembly may lose retention to the rear
fender, allowing the bracket to contact the rear tire.


KBC Helmets
Recall (0151)
Notes: KBC America announced a voluntary safety recall to address a
regulatory non-compliance of certain motorcycle helmets.




2014-later Touring,
Touring CVO / Trike models
with Boom! Infotainment system.
General Information
and Procedures
Notes: Provides information about Boom! Box Infotainment software.

TSB 1350-1399

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-1350 Y 9-10-2013Big Twin w/6spd Trans Shifter Shaft Seal Update.
Notes: Using Seal Tool HD-51337 for Shifter Shaft Seal P/N 11000101.
(Applies to other models as well.)


2014-2016 Touring, Police,
Trike and CVO Touring
Engine Idle
Temp Management Sys.
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to inform dealers of the operational
details of the Engine Idle Temperature Management System (EITMS).
M-1352 Y 9-18-20132014 Big Twin Compensator Update.
Notes: Changes to the compensator Assembly.


2014 Twin
Cooled Models
Coolant Filler Neck
Notes: HD has recently made an improvement to the coolant fill neck.
M-1358 Y 12-20-20132010-2013 Sportsters
built in India
Horn Button Harness
Product Program 0915
Notes: A durability issue exists with the horn button on certain
model Sportsters when exposed to the duty cycle of the India market.

2014 Big Twin Compensator Update.
Notes: Changes to the compensator Assembly.
M-1360 Y 2-14-20142014 Touring and Trike
w/ revised ECM strategy
ECM Lock-up Using
Obsolete SE Super Tuner
Notes: An issue has been discovered when attempting to load SE Performance
calibrations using an obsolete version of Super Tuner software.
2015 Street Initial Care
Notes: Initial Care Program recently introduced for Street motorcycles.
M-1365 Y 4-7-20142014-later Sportsters w/
Forwards Kit (50700020)
Forwards Kit
Brake Pedal Replacement
Notes: Forward Control Kits (50700020) w/ brake pedal (50600111), shipped
before February 10, 2014, contained an incorrectly manufactured brake pedal.
M-1366 Y 4-8-2014US Dealerships Regulator Kits
Notes: Retrieval effort to return unused Product Program 0912 kits to HD.
M-1367 Y 4-9-20142014 Trike modelsService Manual
Supplement Correction
Notes: Correcting the parking brake lamp diagnostic procedures.
M-1368 Y 4-16-20142012 XL883N
Various 2009-2014
FX/FL models
Mexico Market
Recall (0617)
Notes: These motorcycles may have speedometers/odometers that
display in mph/miles instead of kph/kilometers.
M-1369 Y 4-16-2014Certain 2013-2014 FXSB
FXSB103/FXSBSE motorcycles
Fuel Gauge
Recall (0155)
Notes: These models may run out of fuel but fuel range indicator shows miles/km remaining.
Models w/ GPS GPS Information
Notes: This bulletin outlines the Dealer Locator update that is available for
GTS / GT radio navigation systems.
M-1371 Y 5-28-2014Late 2014 Touring / Trike
with Boom Infotainment
BOOM! Software
Version 1.17.5
Notes: Some L2014 motorcycles equipped with Boom! will ship with version 1.17.5
M-1372 Y 6-3-20142014 Sportster Chrome Handle Lever
(Recall 0156)
Notes: A defect may exist in some accessory chrome hand control lever kits (36700053)
intended for dealer or customer installation on 2014 Sportster models. The
affected kits have a package date that is earlier than 5/08/2014.


2014 FL Touring models. ABS Brake Line
(Recall 0157)
Notes: The affected motorcycles may have been assembled with a front brake line in a
position where it could become pinched between the fuel tank and the frame.
M-1374 Y 6-18-20142013-2014 SOFTAIL/SOFTAIL CVO Fuel Pump Diagnosis
Notes: During PDI, some Softails haven't been starting or are having drivability issues.
M-1375 Y 8-24-20142015 Road Glide Handlebar Adjustment at PDI
Notes: Informing dealers of additional procedure during PDI.


2014.5 Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switch
Bracket and Knob
(Recall 0158)
Notes: Some of these motorcycles may have been assembled with a top engine mount
bracket that has a resonant frequency equivalent to 5800 RPM. When the engine
is operated at that speed, it causes excessive vibration in the ignition switch,
which mounts to that bracket. This excessive vibration can cause the switch to
move from the “IGN” position to the “ACC” position, shutting the engine off.
M-1377 Y 8-19-20142009-later Trike models Lug Nut Torque
Notes: Reminder of the importance of following the recommended service procedure.
M-1378 Y 8-25-20142015 Touring Models Initial Care Program
Notes: HD is providing an initial care program for vehicles equipped with fixed fairings
M-1379 Y 8-25-2014All 2015 motorcycles
with HD security systems
DTII Update for
2015 Pin and Fob
Notes: This bulletin is to inform dealers that the Digital Technician II DVD
Software V-8.000.0002 has a bug that prevents setting the PIN and fob
on MY15 motorcycles equipped with security.

2014 FL Touring Hydraulic Clutch
(Recall 0159)
Notes: These models may develop a tear in the primary cup (seal) on the master cylinder
2014 Trike
CVO Softail
Hydraulic Clutch
(Recall 0160)
Notes: These models may develop a tear in the primary cup (seal) on the master cylinder
M-1384 Y 9-12-20142015 Street Fuel Tank
(Recall 0161)
Notes: These vehicles may exhibit a condition in which the fuel tank fill neck on certain
2015 XG500 and XG750 motorcycles may not allow the fuel cap to seal to the
tank properly.
Y 9-26-2014
2015 Touring Models Low Suspension Right
Side Rear Shock
Notes: Variations in rear shock installation.
All Models with
MIDTRONICS GRX-3110 software
Software Update
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to inform the dealer network that
a software update to the GRX-3110 is now available.


Certain 2013-2015
Touring / Trike / Softail
Service Literature Up
Notes: Correcting some incomplete and errant information - FSMs and EDM.
M-1393 Y 11-14-20142014-2015 FLS Front Turn
Signal Configuration
(Recall 0618)
Notes: On some of these motorcycles, the operation of the turn signals will not include
lamp-outage detection for the front turn signals due to an incorrectly programmed
setting within the Body Control Module (BCM) set by Harley-Davidson.
2015 Tri Glide Rear Brake
Master Cylinder
(Recall 0162)
Notes: The rear master cylinder on these motorcycles built through the included
dates may have been assembled with an incorrect piston which does not
provide proper support to the primary cup (seal).
2012 Dyna/Softail Front Master Cylinder
(Recall 0163)
Notes: The front brake master cylinder may have evidence of gel in the front brake
master cylinder or corrosion on the banjo bolt threads.
M-1396 Y 12-19-20142012 FXDF/FXDF 103 Front Brake
Master Cylinder
(Recall 0164)
Notes: The front brake master cylinder may have evidence of gel in the front brake master
cylinder or corrosion on the banjo bolt threads.
2012-later FXDC
2012-2013 FXDF
Bullet Turn Signal Kit
(Recall 0619)
Notes: HD has determined that a regulatory noncompliance defect may exist
on some Genuine Motor Accessory Rear LED Bullet Turn Signal kits.
M-1399 Y 3-19-20152014 Touring / Trike
(non US models)
Infotainment System
Notes: International Dealer Location Software Patch.

TSB 1400-1449

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
2014-2015 FXSB, FLSTNSE Low-Profile
Fuel Tank Cap
Notes: HD has discovered that a defect is present with the low-profile fuel
tank cap. Cap can be turned down to a point where it cannot be removed
or scratches the paint.
M-1401 Y 4-13-20152015 Street Right Side Rider
Foot Control
Mounting Screws
Product Program (0919)
Notes: HD has declared a voluntary Product Program, offering a no-charge repair of the
installation torque for the right side rider foot control mounting screws on affected
motorcycles for this non-safety issue.
2014-2015 Touring Models Clutch Master Cylinder
(Recall 0165)
Notes: These models may experience a condition in which it can lose the
ability to generate enough lift to disengage the clutch after being parked
for an extended period.
2015 Street License Plate
(Recall 0620)
Notes: Certain 2015 Street motorcycles built before 3/10/2015 in the Kansas City plant
for the North America market may have been built without a rear reflector
(Part No. 59988-72A).
Touring motorcycles
Saddlebag Mount
Recall (0166)
Notes: These model motorcycles built during a certain range may experience a failure of
the saddlebag retaining receptacle.
M-1409A Y 12-1-2015HD Touring and Trike MotorcyclesTOURING AND TRIKE
Notes: Provides diagnostic information to determine the source of an air leak.


2015 Street XG Fuel Pump
(Recall 167)
Notes: The fuel pump module (61200001) on some 2015 XG500 / XG750 models may have a
poor seal at the fuel pump inlet.
M-1416 Y 11-4-20152008-2016 Touring Literature Update
Notes: The purpose of this service bulletin is to communicate updates
and corrections to certain 2008-2016 service literature.
M-1422 Y 4-18-20162015-2016 FXSB
(China only)
Headlight Marking
(Field Campaign 0301)
Notes: Some reflector assemblies (68341-05A) may not conform to the China
factory code requirements as specified in CNCA No. 36 Announcement.
2014.5-2016 FXDL Ignition Switch
(Recall 168)
Notes: The ignition switch can become damaged internally due to engine-induced vibration.
2016 Touring
Black Clutch
Master Cylinder
(Recall 0169)
Notes: A chemical reaction inside the sealed clutch system creates gas bubbles which
may cause loss of clutch lift. This chemical reaction can be neutralized only with
distilled water.


2017 Touring and Trike Initial Care Program
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to monitor HD quality delivered to our customers.


All 2014 and later Touring,
Touring CVO, Trike models
General Info and
Software Release
New software version due to revision 1.20.2 being corrupt.
M-1433 Y 9-28-20162017 FLHXSE / FLHTKSE CVO Speedometer Lighting Reflash
(Product Program 0923)
Notes: HD has decided to conduct a Product Program to reflash the speedometer calibration.
M-1434 Y 10-10-2016Chopped Engine Guard
kits Instruction sheet
Notes: Informing dealers of torque value correction when installing the kit.
M-1435 Y 12-9-20162017 Touring and Trike
(international only)
Fuel Pump
Notes: Certain Touring and Trike models intended for certain int. markets
may have been built with a fuel pump assembly containing an incorrect fuel pump motor.
M-1436 Y 12-13-20162017 Touring, Police,
Trike and CVO Touring
Engine Idle Temp
Management System
Notes: Operational details.
Additionally to bring awareness to a calibration change.
(models produced after early October, 2016).
M-1437 Y 1-25-20172015 (Philippine) XG500 Emissions
(Recall 0624)
Notes: Certain model year 2015 Australian configuration XG500 vehicles
were shipped to the Philippines dealer-direct market and
do not comply with the tailpipe emission requirements.
M-1438 Y 1-25-2017Neutral Switch (33926-06B) Neutral Switch
Inventory Removal
Notes: HD has determined that a variance in assembly tolerances may affect
the functional performance of certain neutral switches.
M-1439 Y
2017-2018 Touring
CVO Touring/Trike
2018 Softail
Engine Idle Temperature
Management System
Notes: New belt tension specification to use for belt tension before the first service interval.
M-1440 Y 3-10-20172017 XG750A Initial Care Program
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to monitor HD quality delivered to our customers.
M-1441 Y 3-23-20172017 Touring, Trike, CVO Job Time/Code Changes
Notes: Informing dealers of a correction to Job Time Codes for certain
procedures related to Milwaukee Eight engine repairs.
M-1442 Y

Notes: Software release and information regarding the update.
M-1443 Y 3-24-2017 Milwaukee-Eight Engines Crankcase Sealant Change
Notes: Effective immediately, CRANKCASE SEALANT (11100202) will supersede to
M-1444 Y 3-27-20172016 Touring, Trike, CVO Center Fill Fuel Caps
Notes: Some of the listed models equipped with center-fill fuel tanks may develop
a swelling issue between the fuel tank fill neck and the threads on the fuel cap
when exposed to certain types of fuel and environmental conditions.
M-1446_2 Y 8-29-20172014-2016 Touring, CVO Touring, Trike
2014-2017 Softail, Dyna, CVO Softail
Long Block
Replacement Engine
Notes: Twin Cam engines for warranty or as replacement engines.

TSB 1450-1499

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
All 2017-2018 Touring, CVO,
Trike, Touring Police
2018 Softail models
(Milwaukee-Eight engine)
( and Stage III or IV kit)
Loss of power or
High Engine Braking
Notes: Provides the diagnostic procedure for determining if engine is wet sumping.
M-1451 Y 9-1-2017Accessory Fuel Cap Fitment
Notes: Accessory fuel caps manufactured before model year 2018
should not be used on 2018 and later Softails.
M-1452 Y 10-3-20172018 Softail Initial Care Program
Notes: The purpose of this Program is to monitor HD quality delivered to our customers.
M-1453 Y 8-31-20172018 Softail Drive Belt Deflection Spec
Notes: HD has updated 2018 Softail drive belt deflection specification
since the owner's manual was printed.
M-1454 Y 10-11-20172018 Touring/Softail SE Stage II and
Adjustable Pushrods
Notes: Order 4 extra washers (6762D) separately when installing the kits.
M-1455 Y 9-29-20172018 Softail
Milwaukee-Eight 107
Clutch Pack
Notes: Running change from a 9-plate clutch pack to a 10-plate clutch pack.
M-1456 Y 10-24-20172017-2018 Softail Oil Spinner Retention
Notes: Production change addressing oil spinners that could
detach from sprocket retainer on models w wide primary cases.
M-1458 Y 10-11-20172009-2018 Trike Service Manual
Supplement Update
Notes: Updates to the reverse motor inoperative diagnostic procedure
in the service manual supplement.
M-1459 Y 11-1-20172018 Street (India) Owner's Manual
(Product Program (0925)
Notes: No charge replacement of 2018 Street owner's manuals on affected motorcycles
for this non-safety issue
M-1461 Y 3-7-20182018 Softail P&A Detachable Saddlebags
(Recall 0172)
Notes: When the saddlebag is installed, the latching arm can have inadequate engagement
to the mounting bracket due to variability in wall thickness.

Dealer Inventory
Rocker Cover
Gasket Inventory
Purge and Replace
Notes: New rocker cover gasket.
The previous rocker cover gasket design is prone to varying degrees of oil leaks.
M-1464 Y 7-7-2020All models w/
Boom! Box Infotainment
Software Update
Notes: Informing dealers of software updates and general information.
M-1466 Y 12-13-2017
Upper Steering Head
Bearing Seal
Notes: The new seal replaces the current seal on the upper steering head bearing only.
M-1468 Y 3-12-20182017-2018 Touring, Touring Police,
CVO Touring, Trike
Clutch Switch Update
Notes: A revised LHCM (Left hand control module) is available.
M-1469 Y 6-26-20182009-2018 Trike Reverse Motor Repair
Notes: Informing dealers of a new reverse motor repair kit.
2008-2011 Touring
CVO Touring
Touring Police
VRSC (V-Rod)
ABS Models
HD Platinum DOT 4
Brake Fluid
(Recall 0171)
Notes: HD testing indicates that if brake fluid is not flushed for a prolonged period of
time beyond the 2-year maintenance schedule specified in the owner’s
manual and service manual, a braking issue may develop on certain models with
ABS braking systems.
M-1472 Y 3-26-2018Chrome Switch Housing (71500185) Fitment
Notes: Some parts included in Chrome Switch Housing Kit were manufactured
incorrectly and will not fit correctly when installed.
M-1475 Y 7-30-2020All models w/Boom! GTS Software Update
Notes: Bulletin provides notice of Boom! Box GTS software release dates.
M-1476 Y 8-21-20182014-2016 Touring
Touring CVO/Trike models
Coolant Pump Replacement
Notes: Informing dealers of new coolant pump replacement kit.
M-1479 Y 9-24-20182018-2019 Softail Instrument Software Update
Battery Drain
Notes: Informing dealers of a speedometer software update
to address incorrect activation of transport mode.
M-1481 Y 10-19-2018All models w/ Tour-Paks Mounting Rack
Support Tube
Notes: Service fuel tanks for Softail motorcycles are now being updated
to include a top plate gasket (61381-02A) with all new replacement tanks.
M-1482 Y
CVO Touring
Touring Police
Secondary Actuator
Assembly Replacement
(Recall 0173)
Notes: The hydraulic clutch system with secondary clutch actuator (P/N 37200131, 37200131A)
may exhibit an internal leak of fluid past the secondary clutch actuator piston/seal.
M-1483 Y 5-17-2019Dealer CommunicationRecall Ordering System
Notes: Informing dealers of a new recall kit ordering system
to replace faxing of Recall Kit Order Forms.
2019 FLHXSE Fairing Lower
Cosmetic Changes
Notes: Informing dealers of a running change to the graphics on the lower fairing.
M-1485 Y 11-30-2018Certain 2000-2017 Softails Fuel Tank Gasket
Notes: Service fuel tanks for Softail motorcycles are now being updated
to include a top plate gasket (61381-02A) with all new replacement tanks.
M-1486 Y
2016-2019 Street models Brake Calipers
(Recall 0174)
Notes: Brake calipers may experience corrosion in the caliper bore area if subjected to
a corrosive external environment over time.
M-1487 Y 3-1-2019Saddlebag Speaker (76000333) Inventory Removal
Notes: HD has identified a potential variance in speaker material tolerances
that impact the functional performance of certain Stage II Saddlebag speakers.
M-1490 Y 3-26-2021Digital Technician II Updates and Release Notes
Notes: Software Updates
Touring Milwaukee-Eights
Inner Primary Vent
Notes: A small percentage of dealers and customers are finding low transmission oil levels and
high primary oil levels during normal maintenance intervals. This could indicate that oil
is transferring from the transmission case to the primary housing through the
transmission mainshaft.
M-1493 Y 8-23-2019All side fill Touring
Police Touring/Touring CVO
Fuel Cap and Cup Change
Notes: Starting May 22, 2019, There is a running change to the thread pitch in the fuel cap
and in the fuel cup. Fuel caps from previous years will not fit on a new fuel tank.
Bulletin includes identification of new parts.
M-1494 Y 6-20-2019Late 2019
Front Tire Pressure
Notes: HD has made a change to the front tire cold pressure.
M-1497 Y 8-13-20192016-2019 Touring
CVO Touring/Touring Police
Tour-Pak Reflectors
(Recall 0629)
Notes: P&A Detachables Tour-Pak Luggage Conversion Kits (53000291, 53000291A and
53000567) not equipped with reflectors to replace the factory-installed rear reflector.
2020 Touring/CVO Touring
Touring Police/Trike
H-D Connect or RDRS
Initial Care Program
Notes: The purpose of this program is to monitor HD quality delivered to the customers.
M-1499 Y 7-11-2017All Models w/ ABS ABS Wheel Bearing Change
Notes: ABS wheel bearing (9252) has been superseded by new bearing (9252A).
M-1499 Y 2-27-2020Certain 2020 Touring Models Reflash and Enable TCU
Notes: Procedure to verify the version of and, if necessary, reflash the TCU.

TSB 1500-1549

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-1500 Y 8-30-20192020 Touring Models RDRS Idle
RPM Fluctuations
Notes: Notify dealers that 2020 Touring vehicles equipped with RDRS
(reflex defensive rider systems) may exhibit fluctuations in idle rpm.
2018-2020 Touring CVO
Exhaust Heat
Shield Finish
Notes: HD has created new part numbers for 2020 Smoked Satin exhaust shields.
M-1502 Y 11-19-20192020 Livewire Initial Care Program
Notes: The purpose of this program is to monitor HD quality delivered to the customers.
M-1503 Y 2-9-2021LiveWire Models IM Software Updates
Notes: HD has made a software update to the LiveWire Instrument Module.
2020 Livewire Software Updates
Notes: Software updates to the LiveWire.
M-1505 Y 1-2-2020CAN based Touring
Police Touring
Touring CVO and Trike.
Left Hand Control
Module Diagnostics
2019-2020 Trike Traction Control
(Recall 0175)
Notes: The Trike may respond incorrectly to a faulty rear WSS (Wheel Speed Sensor)
signal by activating one of the rear brakes.
M-1507 Y
2014-2020 Sportster Low/No
Charging Diagnostics
Notes: Updated and new symptom-based diagnostics for low or no charging symptoms.
M-1508 Y 2-26-20202009-2020 Trike Platform Reverse Motor
Notes: Informing dealers of a running change for the
new reverse motor (83388-09C) for Trike models
M-1509 Y 2-13-20202017-2020 Milwaukee Eight Cylinder Flange Nuts
Notes: The flange nut is one-time use and is replaced after removing.
M-1510 Y
2020 Milwaukee Eight New Oil Filter
Notes: New oil filter uses the same synthetic 5-micron media as the current filter
but the filter effective media surface area was increased by 25%.
2020 Models w/ TCU Factory Enabled TCU
Notes: Dealers no longer required to enable the TCU during Predelivery Inspection.
M-1513 Y 3-26-2020All Vehicles
w/ seals/gaskets
Diagnostics Repair
Leaks, Weeps and Seeps
Notes: Informing dealers on how to diagnose leaking seals or gaskets.
M-1514 Y
2020 Softails built
on/after 3-15-2020
Clutch Ramp
Running Change
Notes: The purpose of the bulletin is to inform dealers of a running change to
the inner and outer ramp of the clutch actuation system.
M-1515 Y 2-8-20212020 Touring and
Trike Models
TCU Discontinued
Running Change
Notes: Informing dealers that the Telematic Control Unit (TCU)
on some platforms are being discontinued.
M-1516 Y 6-5-20202020 Touring Platform Jiffy Stand Hardware
Running Change
Notes: Jiffy stand hardware and associated service literature updates.
M-1517 Y 6-5-20202017-2020 Milwaukee Eight CKP Sensor Change
Notes: New CKP Sensor.
M-1518 Y 8-23-2020All models w/ GTS radio Digital Technician ll
Reflash “ERROR 22”
Notes: HD has discovered an issue with GTS radios setting an “ERROR 22” code in
Digital Technician II.
M-1519 Y 10-15-20202020 Electric LiveWire Software Updates
Recall (0176)
Notes: Software in the Onboard Charger (OBC), used on 2020 Electric LiveWire (ELW) models
may initiate a shutdown of the Electric Vehicle Powertrain (EVPT).
M-1520 Y 3-26-2021All 2021 Vehicles Initial Care
Notes: The purpose of this program is to monitor HD quality delivered to the customers.
M-1521 Y 2-9-2021 2021 FLHXSE Outer Fairing
Shipping Spacers
Notes: 2021 FLHXSE painted in Great White Pearl may arrive at the dealership
with foam spacers in between the inner and outer fairings.
M-1522 Y 2-16-2021 2021 Touring Models
built on/before 2021-02-11
Power Outlet
Pinned Incorrectly
Notes: The inner fairing front power outlet (132B) may have been pinned incorrectly.
M-1523 Y 4-8-2021 Pan America Chain Lube
Notes: The current HD chain lube (93600005) is not compatible with the
Pan America TM drive chain.
M-1524 Y 4-8-2021Certain 2019-2021 Sportsters Headlamp
Recall (0177)
Notes: Headlamp assembly (68297-05A) may have a shorter life than expected.
M-1525 Y 5-3-20212021 Pan America Fairing Lower
Running Change
Notes: There has been a running change to the fairing lowers.
M-1527 Y 5-7-2021All Vehicles w/
Revolution Max Engines
Leak Detection
Notes: There is a potential to misdiagnose leaks on the Revolution® Max engine.
M-1528 Y 5-7-2021Pan America Transport Mode Substitute
Notes: The transport mode procedure will not fully place the bike in
transport mode and the battery can still be drained.
M-1529 Y 5-5-2021Pan America PDI BCM Reflash
Notes: This bulletin superseded by M-1532. Current Pan America vehicles have been
found to contain a software error that may cause a no start condition.
M-1532 Y 5-27-2021Pan America BCM Update Revision
Notes: This bulletin supersedes M1529. Requires all Pan America vehicles to
have the BCM updated to the latest software.
M-1533 Y 6-29-2021Pan America Starter Wire
Notes: Informing dealers of a possible incorrect starter wire routing.
M-1534 Y 8-11-2021Certain Police models Speaker Bracket
Notes: Certain Police models that have an obsolete bracket
(76000856) installed can damage the front fender while operating.
M-1535 Y
2018-2021 Softail
Service Manuals
Modular Brakeline Kits
Notes: Correcting errors in the service manual and Isheet under
Handlebar Installation Requirements Update.
M-1536 Y 8-27-20212021 Pan America
RA1250 and RA1250S
BCM Update
Notes: This bulletin supersedes M1529 and M1532 and requires all
Pan America vehicles to have the Body Control Module (BCM) updated to the latest software.
M-1537 Y 9-22-20212021 Sportster S Initial Care
Notes: The purpose of this program is to monitor HD quality delivered to the customers.
M-1539 Y 9-30-20212020-2021 Touring CVO FLHXSE
Wireless Headset
Notes: Informing dealers of available update to address 30K wireless headsets
that have lost audio volume.
M-1540 Y 10-21-20212021 Pan America
RA1250 and RA1250S
ECM Update
Notes: Electronic Control Module update available on Digital Technician II (DT II).
M-1541 Y 11-8-20222021 RA1250, RA1250S, RH1250S Fuel Line PDI
Notes: Informing dealers the Predelivery Inspection procedure for
checking the fuel line connection has been updated.
M-1542 Y 11-16-20212021-2022 Police, Touring,
Trike, \\Softail and CVO
Trans Dipstick Change
Notes: The chrome dipstick was replaced with a new composite dipstick.
M-1543 Y 12-13-2021Pan America Seat Base
(Recall 0178)
Notes: The seat base on certain 2021 Pan America motorcycles built
between August 08, 2020 and November 16, 2021 may lose threaded insert retention
at one or more of the fastening locations.
M-1544 Y 1-3-20222021 Touring, Trike Mechanical Clutch Cable
Notes: HD has identified the proper way to handle the cable during external
free-play adjustment and to secure the cable lock button.
M-1545 Y 3-8-20222022 FLHTK, FLHTK,
Shrine and FLHTCUTG
Alternate Auxiliary Lamps
Notes: A certain number of the listed models built for Canada and DOM
markets will be built with alternative auxiliary lamps.
M-1549 Y 2-1-20222021 RA1250, RA1250S, RH1250S Instrument Software
(Recall 0631)
Notes: HD has identified an Instrument Module (IM) software error on
2021 Pan America and Sportster S models.

TSB 1550-1599

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-1550 Y 4-13-20222022 FLHXST AND FLTRXST Seat Foam
Notes: Certain 2022 FLTRXST, FLHXST appear to be missing foam at the rear of the seat.
M-1551 Y
2021-2022 XL Brake Fluid Decals
(Recall 0632)
Notes: Due to a non-uniform edge, the brake fluid warning decal(s)
may not be adequately affixed to the front and rear brake master cylinder cover.
M-1552 Y 5-13-20222022 FLHRXS, FLHXS, FLTRXS Wheels Substitution
Notes: A certain number of these models were built with alternative wheels.
M-1554 Y 7-5-20222022 FLTRK, FLHTK, FLHTP Heated Grip Substitution
Notes: A certain number of these models were built with substituted heated hand grips.
M-1555 Y 7-26-2022All Battery Warranty Guidlines
Notes: Informing dealerships that HD has provided guidelines for battery warranty.
M-1556 Y 7-11-2022Australian Harley Market Button/Coin Battery
Warning Labels
Notes: HD has components containing button or coin cell batteries supplied to Australia.
Warning labels must be applied to comply with Australian safety standards.
M-1557 Y 7-11-20222022 Touring and Trike Rear Brake Switch
Notes: HD has a mid year change in how the Touring and Trike
vehicles receive it's rear brake signal input.
M-1558 2021-2022 RA1250/RA1250S
2022 RA975/RA975S
Lower Radiator
Hose Routing
Notes: This bulletin informs dealers that Harley-Davidson wants to raise
awareness of proper lower radiator hose routing and installation.
2021-2022 RA1250/RA1250S
2022 RA975/RA975S
2021-2022 RH1250S
2022 RH975
Revolution Max ECM Update
Notes: Informing dealers that HD has an Electronic Control Module (ECM) update
that is available on Digital Technician II (DT II).
M-1560 Y 8-10-20222021-2022 RA1250/RA1250S
2022 RA975/RA975S
2021-2022 RH1250S
2022 RH975
Revolution Max Starter
Clutch Gear Update
Notes: Informing dealers of changes to the Revolution Max Starter Clutch Gear
and aid in properly diagnosing the condition making replacement necessary.
M-1561 Y 8-19-20222014-2022 Touring,
CVO Touring
Tour Pak Conv Kit
(Recall 0633)
Notes: When (P&A) Detachable Tour-Pak Luggage Carrier Conversion Kits
(53000916, 53000917) are installed on listed modles, these conversion kits
may fail to conform to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.
M-1566 Y 10-14-20222022 Nightster RH975 Handlebar
(Recall 0179)
Notes: HD has learned that the handlebar (55801154) on certain 2022 RH975 Nightsters,
built between August 24 2021 and August 18 2022, may have a weld quality issue.
M-1579 Y 2-14-20232021-2023: Pan America (RA1250, RA1250S)
Sportster S (RH1250S)
Nightster (RH975, RH975S)
and ECM Update
Notes: A BCM and Electronic Control Module (ECM) update
is available on Digital Technician II (DT II).

TSB 1600-1649

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
M-1615 Y 1-18-20242021-2023:
Pan America (RA1 250/S)
Sportster S (RH1 250S)
Nightster (RH975/S)
Notes: For 2024, the charging system has been updated to improve electrical
output at idle and low RPM. Maximum output has remained the same.
M-1619 Y 12-18-20232021-2023:
Pan America (RA1250/S)
Sportster S (RH1250S)
Nightster (RH975S)
Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)
U04438F AND U04318F
Notes: The current software version for left and right control modules
have diagnostic trouble codes being set-off intermittently but there are
no actual faults or operational concerns with the vehicle.
M-1631 Y 3-26-20212021-2024:
Pan America (RA1250)
Pan America S (RA1250S)
CVO Pan America (RA1250SE)
Nightster (RH975)
Nightster S (RH975S)
Sportster S (RH1250S)
Oil Check Procedure Update.
Notes: New procedure for checking oil levels on Revolution® Max powered vehicles

XR Racing Bulletins

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
XR-1000 High Performance Data
for Closed Circuit Racing
Notes: This bulletin provides specification information and other data for
improved performance of the XR-1000 motorcycle for closed circuit racing.
R-101B Y 3-14-1986XR-1000 High Performance Data
for Closed Circuit Racing
Notes: This bulletin provides specification information and other data for
improved performance of the XR-1000 motorcycle for closed circuit racing.
This one also has the clutch mod.
R-106 Y 8-1-1993XR-750 Parts Updates
Notes: New engine and transmission sprockets, primary chain along with ratio charts.

Police Model TSB 100-149

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
PM-101 Y 1-22-1988Whelen Siren Amp Adjustment
Notes: Gain Adjustment.
PM-102 Y 2-19-19881988 FLHTP/FXRP H/O Charging System
Notes: This bulletin provides: (1) information on how to identify the new system, (2)
part numbers for new or changed charging system components and (3) specific
changes in maintenance procedures.
PM-103 Y 5-11-1990Whelen Siren Amp Horn Option
Notes: This bulletin contains a procedure that explains and illustrates how to activate
the air horn option on Whelen 100 watt siren amplifiers (91150-88).
PM-104 Y 9-25-19911991-Later FXRP Headlight Switch Kit
Notes: This kit will allow the motorcycle operator to turn off the headlight and front
running lamps for special service requirements by using a thumb switch on
the left handlebar control.
PM-105 Y 2-24-19981997-1998
Police Models
Air Spring Guard
Notes: The air spring guard prevents the air spring from chafing on the frame cross member
and will extend the service life of the air spring.

Buell TSB 000-050

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes
B-001 Y December 1994Buell Front Brake Line
(Recall 0800)
Notes: Routine testing revealed the possibility of a crack developing in the front
brake line.
B-002 Y March 1995All Instrument Panel Stabilizer
(Product Program BP1)
Notes: Bracket installed to the front fairing mount to reduce instrument panel vibration.
B-003 Y March 19951995 S2 VIN Update
Notes: A number of 1995 Buell S2-Thunderbolts may have incorrectly stamped V.I.N.s
B-004 Y April 19951995 S2 Wheel Labels
(Recall 0801)
Notes: The P/M polished aluminum rims didn't include the required label markings.
B-005 Y 6-9-19951995 S2 Fuel Cell Assembly
(Recall 0802)
Notes: In some cases, minor gasoline seepage may occur at the mold parting line or at
the area where the fuel supply valve attaches to the fuel cell.
B-006 Y 8-10-19951995 S2 Instrument Panel stabilizer
(Recall 0803)
Notes: Safety recall requires all vehicles to be inspected for cracked front fairing mounts.
B-007 Y 11-2-19951996 S2-T Handlebars
(Recall 0804)
Notes: The tall handlebars on certain S2-Ts may crack and could come loose.
B-008 Y 11-21-19951995-1996 S2/S2-T Quiksilver Carbs (Calif)
(Recall 0805)
Notes: The throttle cable wheel of the carb could move on it's shaft and come in contact
with the carburetor support bracket.
B-009 Y 1-26-19961996 S2-T Touring Handlebar
(Product Program BP2)
Notes: Rather than stop the shipment of S2-T motorcycles, they were shipped with short
handlebars in place of the tall touring bars subject to the recall. Buell is sending the
tall touring handlebars to replace the short bars ones.
B-010 Y 2-7-1997Early 1997 All models Anti Rattle Kit
(Product Program BP3)
Notes: This kit provides an additional flat washer for each front brake rotor drive pin.
B-011 Y 2-25-19971997 M2 Front Brake Line
Wire Guide
(Recall 0806)
Notes: The front brake line guide could cause the hose to kink during front brake operation.
B-012 Y 8-25-19971997 S2
(Europe models only)
Rear Fender
Reinforcement Update
(Product Program BP4)
Notes: Update to the rear fender reinforcement on certain models shipped to Europe.
B-013 Y 9-22-19971997-E1998 All Front Brake Rotor
Drive Pins
(Recall 0807)
Notes: The drive pin(s) used on the front brake rotor could move out of position and come
in contact with the front brake caliper.
B-014 Y 2-27-19981996-1998
All except
1996 S2/S2T)
Turn Signal Flasher
(Recall 0808)
Notes: Failure of one or more turn signal lamps would not be indicated to the rider.
B-015 Y 9-8-19981999 All Swingarm
(Recall 0809)
Notes: Certain 1999 models were built with swingarms that were manufactured out of specs.
B-016B Y 11-7-20001996-2000 All
(except S2/S2T)
Isolator Kit
(Product Program BP5)
Notes: The original isolator kit has been revised with improved rear isolators
B-017 Y 5-6-19991999 X1/S3 DDF Calibration
Remote Idler Adjuster
Notes: New calibration improves cold start idle quality and address engine stutter issues.
B-018 Y 5-13-19991997-1998
Front Isolator Mount
(Recall 0810)
Notes: Certain models built with an isolator mount system that could lose clamp load.
B-019 Y 5-17-19991996-1998 S1 Lightning
1998 S1 White Lightning
Negative Battery Cable
(Recall 0811)
Notes: Certain 1996-1998 models were built with a negative battery cable that could break.
B-020 Y 5-27-19991999 X1 Rear Brake Line
Positive Battery Cable
(Recall 0812)
Notes: All 1999 Buell X1 Lightnings were built with a rear brake line and rear brake
reservoir hose which may be susceptible to abrasion. Also, the positive
battery cable could contact the battery carrier.
B-021A Y 7-12-19991995-1996 S2/S2T
1996-1998 S1/S1W
1997-1999 M2
1997-1999 S3/S3T
Fuel Tank Retention
(Recall 0814)
Notes: Theses models were built with a fuel tank mount system that could allow the fuel tank
to become separated from the motorcycle in the event of a severe collision.
B-022 Y 6-11-19991995-1999 S1/M2/S2
Fuel Tank
Vent Valve Assem.
(Recall 0815)
Notes: A certain number of these models were built with a fuel tank vent valve assembly
that could become plugged.
B-023 Y 6-21-19991996-1999 S1/X1
Sidestand Switch
(Recall 0813)
Notes: Certain models were built with a sidestand switch that could become inoperative.


1995-1998 S1/M2
Revised Shock Eye
(Recall 0817)
Notes: Certain models were built with a rear shock absorber eye that could break.
B-025A Y 8-31-19991995-1998 S1/M2
(Recall 0816)
Notes: Certain of these models were built with a swingarm that could break.
B-026INT Y 10-6-19992000 X1/S3/T
(Japan only)
Notes: A certain number of these models were shipped to the Japanese market with the
incorrect fuel filter bracket.
B-027 Y 1-31-2000200 Blast P3 Body Panels
Care and Maintenance
Notes: Bulletin provides special care and maintenance instructions for molded-in-color
body panels
B-028 Y 1-31-20002000 Blast P3 Initial Care Program
Notes: Bulletin provides information on the Initial Care Program for the 2000 Buell Blast.
B-029 Y 3-15-20002000.5 All Carb, Ignition, Spark Plug
Notes: Model year running changes.
B-030 Y 3-9-20001999 S3 Rear Brake Line
(Recall 0818)
Notes: Certain models were built with a rear brake line located in a position that may cause
it to become damaged
B-031 Y 3-9-20001999 S3/X1 Fuel Filter
(Recall 0819)
Notes: Certain models were built with a fuel filter that could leak.
B-032 Y 7-27-20001995-2000 S1/S1W/M2
Retrofit Exhaust
Header Mount Kit
Notes: Upgrade to the exhaust header mounts currently in use.
B-033A Y 12-4-20001999 M2
2000 X1/M2/S3/S3T
New Shock Absorber
(Recall 0820)
Notes: Certain models were built with a rear shock absorber that could break.
B-034 Y 11-1-2000Buell Pro
Race System
Race Muffler Retention Kit
(Recall 0821)
Notes: Certain Buell Pro Series Race Systems contain a muffler that could break.
1995-2000 S1/S1W
Shock Absorber
Front Shock Mount
Notes: Upgrade kit to the shock absorbers currently in use.
B-036 Y 10-23-20002000 P3 Blast Blast Rear Sprocket
(Recall 0822)
Notes: Certain models were built with a rear sprocket that could break.
B-037 Y 11-20-20002001 X1/M2/M2L
(see notes also)
Rear Shock Locknut
Tightening Procedure
Notes: Revised torque specs and instructions. Also affected;
0817 Recall Kit (covered in Service Bulletin B-024A).
Service Kits (covered in Service Bulletin B-035).
B-038 Y 1-12-20011996-1998 S1
1997-1998 M2
Pro Series Handlebars
(Recall 0823)
Notes: Certain of these handlebar kits were manufactured with a handlebar that can break.
Includes all domestic and international Buell motorcycles equipped with Buell
Pro-Series Competition Handlebar Kits.
B-039 Y 5-15-2001Earley 2001 M2/M2L
M2/S3 Shift
Linkage Kit
Notes: Kit offers greater adjustment / reduced shift lever effort than stock shift assembly.
B-041 Y 7-10-20012000-2001 Blast P3 Blast TP Sensor
Notes: Updated TP sensor adjustment and troubleshooting instructions.
B-042 Y 8-30-20011999-E2001 M2/M2L Fuel Tank
Protection Kit
Notes: Kit offers increased protection to the surface finish of the fuel tank
B-043 Y 9-10-2001L2000-E2001 X1/M2
Engine Sprocket Nut
Notes: Some models were produced with incorrectly manufactured engine sprocket nuts.
B-044 Y 1-9-20022002 X1/M2
Shock Absorber Bracket
(Recall 0824)
Notes: Certain models were manufactured with a rear shock front mount which could
be cracked.
B-045 Y 4-10-20022003 XB9R Initial Care Program
Notes: Providing information on the Initial Care Program for 2003 XB9R motorcycles.
B-046 Y 6-11-2002XB9R Frame/Fuel Tank
Shipment Procedure
Notes: Bulletin provides instructions to prepare and ship frame/fuel tanks.
B-047 Y 8-20-20022003 XB9R Sidestand Leg
(Product Program BP8)
Notes: Buell has elected to replace all sidestand legs on XB9Rs manufactured through
July 9th, 2002.
B-048 Y 10-11-20022003 XB9R Sidestand Leg (Recall 0825)
Notes: There is a safety defect with the sidestand legs on certain models which causes
them to have the potential to bend or break without notice.
B-049 Y 10-21-20022003 XB9S Initial Care Program
Notes: Bulletin provides information on the Initial Care Program for 2003 XB9S models.
B-050 Y 2-14-2003All Critical Drive Belt
Handling Procedures
Notes: The bulletin is to assist dealer technicians in understanding how improper service
procedures impact drive belt durability on all Buell motorcycles.

Buell TSB 051-100

TSB_#PDF?DateModel(s)Title - Short Notes


2003 XB9R/XB9S Wheel Bearing Upgrade
(Product Program BP9)
Notes: Buell is providing a no cost wheel bearing upgrade to owners of some '03 XB9R and
XB9S. New bearing provides improved seal quality and grease retention.
B-052 Y 4-15-20032003 domestic XB9SL Sidestand Leg
(Recall 0826)
Notes: There is a safety defect with the sidestand legs on certain models which causes them
to have the potential to bend or break without notice.
B-053 Y 6-3-20022003 XB9R/XB9S Voltage Regulator
Information Update
Notes: Corrections to the Service Manuals.
B-054 Y 7-15-20032004 X12BR/S Initial Care Program
Notes: Providing information on the Initial Care Program for 2004 XB12R/S motorcycles.
B-055 Y 10-27-20032004 XB12R/S Driveabilty Diagnostics
Notes: The XB12R/S Initial Care Program has identified some driveability concerns on a
small population of motorcycles during the PDI.
B-056 Y 11-20-20031999 EFI X1/S3
2000 EFI X1/S3/S3T
Throttle Control System
(Recall 0827)
Notes: The idle control cable can become dislodged from the fuel injection system cable
guide due to improper adjustment of the throttle control system.
B-057 Y 12-19-20032004 XB9S/XB9SL/XB12S Horn Wire Routing
(Recall 0828)
Notes: The wire that provides power to the horn, due to mis-routing, can become frayed from
contact with the horn bracket mounting bolt.
B-058 Y 1-15-20042003 XB Fuse
Notes: A running change in manufacturing concerning certain fuses.
2004 XB parts and service manuals may not display the correct information.
B-059 Y 8-27-20042004 P3 Blast Fuel Vent
Rollover Valve
(Recall 0829)
Notes: Certain motorcycles have a fuel tank vent valve assembly that could malfunction.
B-060 Y 5-2-20052005 XB12R/XB12S/XB9SX Sidestand Pivot Bolt
(Recall 0830)
Notes: The sidestand may not retract 5° as designed when the bike is lifted off sidestand.
This bulletin is updated in bulletin #B-062A.
B-061 Y 7-23-20052006 XB Initial Care Program
Notes: Providing information on the Initial Care Program for all 2006 XB motorcycles.


2006 XB Throttle Body
Throttle Position Sensor
Notes: Update catalogs, manuals and personnel to address the incorrect information
concerning the Julian Date code. This bulletin revises bulletin B-062.


2006 XB12X Sidestand Replacement
(Recall 0832)
Notes: Either the pivot bolt for the sidestand leg or the mounting bracket bolts could break,
possibly without notice.
B-064 Y 8-16-20062006-2007 XB12X P&A Tall Windscreen
(Recall 0831)
Notes: The retention fasteners for the accessory tall windscreen could fail.
B-065 Y 8-22-20062006-2007 XB12X Service Literature
Notes: The orientation of the removable diode in the fuse block was shown incorrectly in
the owner’s and service manuals.
B-066 Y 2-12-20072006-2007 XB12X Bank Angle Sensor
(Recall 0833)
Notes: These vehicles may have a vibration at the mounting location of the bank angle sensor
which, if combined with the misrouting of various wires that impinge on the sensor or
it's pigtail, can compromise the isolation of the bank angle sensor.
B-070 Y 2-12-20082008 1125R Engine Oil Check
Notes: The oil check procedure and capacity information in the attachment supersedes all
other information published before the date of this bulletin.
B-071 Y 4-29-20082008 1125R Calibration and
Starter Solenoid
(Product Program 0502)
Notes: The updated ECM calibration provides improved cold and hot restart functionality and
improved throttle response. Bulletin also communicates an updated starter solenoid
fastener torque procedure to improve battery cable retention and circuit integrity.
B-073 Y 5-30-2008All XB12X/XB12XT Top and Side Case
Luggage Latches
Notes: Extended warranty coverage of XB12X and XB12XT top case and side case latches.
B-074 Y 6-13-20082008 1125R Throttle Position
Sensor Service
Notes: The throttle position sensor no longer serviced as a separate part on 1125R models.
B-075 Y 6-23-20082008 1125R Transmission Jet
(Recall 0834)
Notes: These vehicles can experience 5th gear galling on the clutch shaft due to lack of


2003-2006 XB9R/XB12R Headlights
(Product Program 0501)
Notes: Headlight assemblies on some 2003-2006 Firebolt models have a reflective material
which can potentially degrade and reduce light output.


2007-2009 Blast Fuel Tank
(Recall 0835)
Notes: Fuel tanks can experience some local deformation under high heat conditions that can
create contact between the fuel tank and cylinder head.


2009 1125CR Rear Cam
Chain Tensioner
(Recall 0836)
Notes: These models may experience a premature failure of the rear cylinder cam chain
tension guide causing plastic debris to block the oil pump screen.
B-086 Y 10-27-2008L2007-E2008 XB12XT/XB12XP Windshield Kit
(Recall 0837)
Notes: Windshields may become dislodged and distract or strike the rider at high speeds.


2008 1125R
2009 XB12R/XB12Scg
Brake Line
(Recall 0838)
Notes: The front brake line may contact the front tire.
B-096 Y 9-11-20092008-2010 1125 Head Bolt Installation
Notes: Adding a step to the cylinder head installation procedure.
B-097 Y 9-21-20092009 XB12Ss Brake Line
(Recall 0839)
Notes: The front brake line may contact the front tire.
B-099 Y 2-15-20102008-2010
Charging System Uprade
(Product Program 0507)
Notes: On certain models, the stator may operate at temperatures that exceed
the manufacturer’s recommendation when the vehicle is ridden in lower-rpm
(below 5,000 rpm) duty cycles.
B-100 Y 12-7-20092010 XB12X/XB12XT Footpeg Mount
(Recall 0840)
Notes: Some models may experience a condition where the footpeg is out of position.

Delco-Remy Bulletins

1G-150 Y 7-3-1961
Notes: Adjustments, tests and maintenance of DC generators.
1G-186 Y 7-1-1969
Notes: Bulletin is divided into two parts. DC generators and AC generators
including Delcotron.
1G-280 Y 1-2-1986
Notes: Delcotron Integral Charging System.
1MG-150 Y 1-15-1963
Notes: A guide for generator servicing and maintenance.
1MG-186 Y 4-1-1964
Notes: The specs. in this bulletin are for the purpose of testing the output
and performance of Delco‐Remy motor‐generators in use in the
service field and apply only when tests are conducted as
recommended in service bulletin 1MG‐150.
1R-111 Y 3-31-1953
Notes: Standard Current (circuit A) Voltage Regulators
1R-115 Y 7-26-1950
Notes: D-R 1118200 Type Two and Three Unit (circuit A) Regulators
1R-116 Y 2-27-1953
Notes: D-R standard Type Two and Three Unit (circuit A) Regulators
1R-116A Y 8-1-1960
Notes: D-R standard Type Three Unit Waterproof Regulators containing
an accelerator winding on the voltage regulator unit and having
a suffix letter “B” or “C” following the model number.
1R-118 Y 11-1-1955
Notes: D-R standard Type Three Unit Waterproof (circuit A) Regulators
1R-118A Y 9-1-1965
Notes: Standard waterproof post type regulators
1R-119A Y 7-1-1960
Notes: Standard waterproof regulators, double contact type
(1119600 series)
1R-180 Y 11-1-1965
Notes: Numerical Index - Generator output control and relay service test
specs. Refer to Bulletin 1R-185 for Test Specs.
1R-185 Y 11-1-1965
Notes: Generator Output Control and Relay Svc Test Specs.
Refer to Bulletin IR-180 jm Numerical Index to Test Specs.
1R-186 Y 3-1-1968
Notes: The specifications listed in this bulletin apply only when regulators
are tested under service conditions and according to the methods
recommended in the applicable service bulletin.
1R-187 Y 1-1-1970
Notes: The specifications listed in this bulletin apply only when regulators
are tested under service conditions and according to the methods
recommended in the applicable service bulletin.

HD Service Bulletin #458 dated January 12, 1962 pgs 1-6
HD Service Bulletin #M-801 dated November 14, 1980
HD original Service Bulletins as described herein
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