Sportster Technical Menu

Below you can find a vast array of technical information about the
Sportster model motorcycle created by Harley-Davidson in 1957.

The information is divided into four sections:
Ironhead Models (1957-1985)
Evolution Models (1986-later)
Reference Material (All Years)
Misc Resources - Sportster Parts, Tech Bulletins, etc.

Click on a section above or simply scroll down the page to review the technical categories that are available.

Select the Ironhead or Evolution sections for year specific information. For general subjects pertaining to all Sportsters,
select the Reference section. Because there is some overlap in technical information between the Ironhead and
Evolution models, if you don't find what you are looking for in one section you might want to explore the equivalent
category in the other model section.

Select the Miscellaneous Resources for information about resources that can be helpful to servicing and maintaining your Sportster. You'll find parts sources, service bulletins, recalls, manuals, etc. in this section.

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Ironhead Engine Models ( 1957-1985 )

Ironhead Technical Categories

Evolution Technical Categories

Additional Troubleshooting & Information For All Years
Factory Tech Info, Charts, Lists, Shop Notes, Tools

Reference Technical Categories

Miscellaneous Resources
Parts Sources, Tech Bulletins, Recalls, Factory Manuals, etc.

Misc Resources

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