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Tillotson Carb Identification

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Early 66 (1966 model), HD1A: diaphragm lever and fuel valve without fork. Fuel valve brought down by gravity only. 1)
Oct 1966 sheet (1967 model), HD1B: fork on diaphragm lever for positive opening and closing of fuel valve.
Sorted leaning out of mixture at high revs due to earlier design and vibrations (from Aug 10th, engine 66X***(*)10611)
Jan 1968 sheet, HD1BC or HD1C: added little ball valves in the plastic cover for accelerator pump circuit to improve action.
It does not rely anymore on just the little rubber valve flaps on the gasket.
Improved accelerator pump delivery. Also added economizer ball in main jet circuit for improved mileage The later version was HD1D.
Most Tillies out there, even if stamped with earlier numbers, possibly would have been modded to later specs if properly serviced at the dealers at the time.
These carbs will start the engine easier if they're flooded:
Attach a small nylon cable tie underneath carb from one of the cover screws.
You can then poke (tickle) the diaphragm up through the vent hole in the middle of the plastic cover to flood it. Or adapt a tickler from a GB Amal carb.


Tillotson HD1A

The Linkert cable bracket is correct for 66 as is the no drill point phenolic insulator (one year only). 3)
67 was 1st year for the over the top bracket and the drill point. The pn did not change for the drill point (all blocks made from 67 up are drilled).
Full choke closed detent in 66 shafts are not as 'positive' as 67-71. Also the “wraparound” cable bracket is 67-71.
As far as the phenolic block, 66 no-drill point, E67ch & 67-71H, 70-71 CH-drill point. L67-69CH block gets longer bottom stud for plug wire router.

4) 5) 6)

Tillotson HD1C


8) 9) 10)

This one is marked HD1C D:
Notice the 'D' wasn't stamped at the same time as the rest. Most likely a 'C' upgraded to a 'D'. The date code is E69.
11) 12) 13)

Tillotson HD1D

HD1D from a 1971 XLCH:

14) 15) 16)

17) 18) 19)

20) 21) 22)

23) 24) 25)

Andrews Super 45

The Andrews Super 45 is basically a Tillotson bored out to 45mm with a 45mm butterfly in it. 26)

27) 28) 29)

HD137B 548 (“C” version):
30) 31)

32) 33)

34) 35) 36)

Throttle Cable

Original P/N for a Sporty Tillotson repair parts kit 27147-66 40)
Original P/N for a Big Twin Tillotson repai parts kit 27137-66

Tillotson Carburetor repair/ refresh kit41)

14) , 16) , 17) , 18) , 23)
Pic courtesy of The Doctor71 of the XLFORUM http://xlforum.net/forums/showthread.php?t=1786621&page=2
15) , 19) , 20) , 21) , 22) , 24) , 25) , 41)
Pic courtesy of The Doctor71 of the XLFORUM
30) , 31) , 32) , 33) , 34) , 35) , 36)
photo by Magneto Sportster of the XLFORUM http://xlforum.net/forums/showthread.php?t=258048
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